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Season: 1
Year: 1977

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Ghost of Venice

11 June 1977
In Venice in the 1800's, a British gentlemen befriends a mysterious woman whose presence seems almost other worldly to him.

Robert Hardy ... Adrian Gall

Sinéad Cusack ... Leonora

Isabel Dean ... Charlotte Gall

Elizabeth Seal ... Stella / Regina
Lee Montague ... Prefect of Police
Anthony Nash ... Chairman

Season 1, Episode 2: Countess Ilona

18 June 1977
The Countess Ilona has invited four gentlemen to her castle. Distracted by her beauty, they do not expect the punishment she ha planned for them.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Werewolf Reunion

25 June 1977
The surviving admirers of the implacable Countess Ilona realize that there is no escape from her isolated castle - and night is falling.

Season 1, Episode 4: Mr. Nightingale

2 July 1977
A prim 35-year-old Englishman, Nightingale, goes to Hamburg for business reasons and finds that a mysterious double is haunting him.

Jeremy Brett ... Mr. Nightingale

Lesley-Anne Down ... Felizitas
Susan Maudslay ... Elyse
Bruce Purchase ... Herr Steekebeck
Mary Law ... Frau Steekeback
Donald Eccles ... Frau Steekeback's Father

Sylvia Coleridge ... Herr Steekeback's Mother
Andre Van Gyseghem ... Sir Francis

Season 1, Episode 5: Lady Sybil

9 July 1977
Who is the "Phantom" Lady Sybil is so frightened of? Does the ghost of her dead husband haunt the grounds.

Cathleen Nesbitt ... Lady Sybil Manners

Denholm Elliott ... Geoffrey Manners
John Osborne ... Edward Manners
Norma West ... Madge
Roger Sloman ... Sergeant Cosley
Andre Van Gyseghem ... Sir Francis
Leslie French ... Mr. Medina
Cheryl Murray ... Arabella
Colin Higgins ... Matt Johnson
Marina McConnell ... Mrs. Lowell
Una Brandon-Jones ... Miranda

Season 1, Episode 6: Viktoria

16 July 1977
After her mother's suspicious death and her father's re-marriage, a young girl becomes obsessed by her unusual new doll, which she seems to think is a reincarnation of her mother.

Judy Cornwell ... Margaret

Lewis Fiander ... Paul

Catherine Schell ... Theresa

Esmond Knight ... Sir Charles
Mia Nadasi ... Elizabeth / Viktoria
Norman Eshley ... Edward
Susan Richards ... Kati
Genevieve West ... Young Viktoria
Gilda Cohen ... Rosa

Season 1, Episode 7: Night of the Marionettes

30 July 1977
When a noted English literary writer visit's the castle in Switzerland where the novel "Frankenstein was written, he begins to wonder whether the inspiration for the novel may have come from Mary Shelley's imagination, or possible been inspired by something much more real.

Gordon Jackson ... Howard Lawrence

Kathleen Byron ... Elsbeth Lawrence

Vladek Sheybal ... Herr Hubert

Pauline Moran ... Mary Lawrence
Sydney Bromley ... Otto
Norma Shebbeare ... Minna
Andre Van Gyseghem ... Sir Francis
Frederick Radley ... Old Man
Ian Bamforth ... Hans
Linda Roberts ... Eva
Alan Starkey ... Black Murderer Marionette
Joyce Graeme ... White Princess Marionette
Arthur Sweet ... Magician Marionette

Season 1, Episode 8: Dorabella

6 August 1977
A handsome young man tells the story of his escape from a female vampire in Eastern Europe.
Jeremy Clyde ... Walter Von Lamont

David Robb ... Philip Hambleton

Ania Marson ... Dorabella

John Justin ... Dorabella's Father

Esmond Knight ... Sir Charles

Jonathan Hyde ... Amadeus
Nicholas McArdle ... Landlord
Sara Mason ... The Young Girl
Sheila Gill ... The Young Girl's Mother
Michael Miller ... The Young Girl's Father
Katy Allan ... Serving Wench
Maggy Maxwell ... Old Crone

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