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Rated Episodes

# Episode User

5.504  Shadows and Lies/A Death in the Desert/The Women's Kingdom 9.9 16
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.9/10 X  
Weight of the World 9.9 16
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.9/10 X  
The Woman's Kingdom 9.9 12
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.9/10 X  
China: The Women's Kingdom 9.9 14
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.9/10 X  
Afghanistan: The Other War 9.4 8
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.4/10 X  
3.304  The Sex Workers/A Death in the Desert/Shanghai Nights 9.2 16
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.2/10 X  
Samurai Surfers 8.4 17
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.4/10 X  
3.2  Forbidden Iran/The Lawless Sea/The Exile's Song 2.5 8
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2.5/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.101  Gunrunners/Living with Terror/The Last Place
1.102  Pol Pot's Shadow/My Old Haunts/Hole in the Wall
1.103  Truth and Lies in Bagdad/Pipeline War
2.104  Suspicious Minds/The Road North/The Future of Sound
2.201  In the Line of Fire/Suspicious Minds/Hole in the Wall
2.202  Party of God/Coffee Country/Dreams of Chomolongma
2.203  The Road to Kirkuk/Looking for Home/Play It Again, Maurice
2.204  Islands Under Siege/In the Line of Fire/The Last Place
2.205  A Nation on Edge/Starring Osama Bin Laden/Chasing the Virus
2.301  A House for Haji Baba/Rich in Russia
3.3  On a Razor's Edge/The Kidnapped Bride/Run, Lornah, Run
4.1  Reporting the War/Sudan: The Quick and the Terrible/Silenced
4.2  The Earthquake/No More War
4.3  Going Nuclear/Kidnapped Bride/The Ballad of Juan Quezada
4.4  The Curse of Inca Gold/A Murder in Kiev
5.501  Saddam's Road to Hell/Jewel of the Amazon
5.502  The Unexpected Candidate/The Men Who Got Away
5.503  Inside Hamas/Chopin's Heart
5.601  State of Fear/A Little Goes a Long Way/Out od the Shadow
6.602  The Cell Next Door/Moscow's Sex and the City/Play Pump
6.604  The Other War/A Little Goes a Long Way/Sounds of the Earth
6.605  After the Wave/A Message from the Sea/Hero Rats/The 99
7.6  Mexico: The Business of Saving Trees
8.1  Italy: Taking on the Mafia
8.2  Children of the Taliban
8.3  Pakistan Under Siege
30,000 Feet: Frequent Flyer
Afghanistan, a House for Haji Baba
Afghanistan: A Cry for Help
Afghanistan: A Hard Fight
Afghanistan: A Stolen Election?
Afghanistan: After an Airstrike
Afghanistan: Fight for the Korengal Valley
Afghanistan: Law & Order
Afghanistan: Without Warlords
Albania: Getting out of Gitmo
Asia and Africa: Living on the Edge
Bangladesh: The Blowback of Corruption
Bangladesh: The Mystery of a Mutiny
Bangladesh: Where Corruption Flows
Belize: The Exile's Song
Bhutan, the Last Place
Bolivia: On the Road with Evo
Bosnia: Divided We Stand
Bosnia: The Men Who Got Away
Brazil, Curitiba's Urban Experiment
Brazil: Curitiba's Urban Experiment
Brazil: Cutting the Wire
Brazil: Hired Guns
Brazil: Jewel of the Amazon
Brazil: The Money Tree
Brazil: The Obama Samba
Burma: Inside the Saffron Revolution
Burma: One Year After the Deadly Storm
Burma: State of Fear
California: The Immigration Dilemma
Cambodia, Pol Pot's Shadow
Cambodia: Care and Comfort
Cambodia: The Silk Grandmothers
Cameroon: Pipeline to Prosperity?
Canada: The Cell Next Door
Chicago: Little Mexico
Chile: Karina's Story
Chile: The House Pedro Built
Chile: The New Nazis
China: Green Dreams
China: Kung Fu English
China: Shanghai Nights
China: Silenced
China: The New Wave
China: Undermined
China: Wall Scholar
Colombia, the Pipeline War
Colombia: The Coca-Cola Controversy
Colombia: This Little Old Town
Congo: Hope on the Ballot
Congo: On the Trail of an AK-47
Copenhagen: Coverage from the Climate Summit
Cote d'Ivoire: Up in Smoke
Covering Conflict Zones: A Media Symposium
Cuba: The Art Revolution
Darfur: Genocide in Slow Motion
Dark Shadows
Dubai: Night Secrets
Ecuador: Country Doctors
Ecuador: Dreamtown
Ecuador: Flower Power
Egypt, Inside Cairo's Living Room
Egypt: Extraordinary Rendition
Egypt: Inside Cairo's Living Room
Egypt: Middle East, Inc.
Europe: The Re-Orient Express
Faroe Islands: A Message from the Sea
France: Outlawing Ana
France: Play It Again, Maurice
France: Soundtrack to a Riot
France: The Precarious Generation
Germany: Heart of Berlin
Ghana: Baseball Dreams
Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground
Guatemala/Mexico, Coffee Country
Guatemala: In the Shadow of the Raid
Guatemala: The Secret Files
Guatemala: Toward Justice
Guinea Bissau: A Narco State in Africa
Haiti: Belo's Song of Peace
Haiti: The Struggle for Water
Honduras: Standoff at the Embassy
Hong Kong, Chasing the Virus
Iceland, the Future of Sound
India, Hole in the Wall
India, Starring Osama Bin Laden
India: A New Life
India: A Pound of Flesh
India: A Second Opinion
India: Calcutta Calling
India: Design Like You Give a Damn
India: The Cost of Yellowcake
India: The Missing Girls
India: The Sex Workers
Indonesia: After the Wave
Indonesia: Wham! Bam! Islam!
Interview with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinnoy
Iran: Forbidden Iran
Iran: Going Nuclear
Iran: The Stem Cell Fatwa
Iraq, Truth and Lies in Baghdad
Iraq: Law and Disorder
Iraq: Living in Hiding
Iraq: Reporting the War
Iraq: Saddam's Road to Hell
Iraq: The Alcohol Smugglers
Iraq: The Fight Over Kirkuk's Oil
Iraq: The Road to Kirkuk
Israel, Tracing Borders
Israel/Palestinian Territories, in the Line of Fire
Israel: The Unexpected Candidate
Italy: One-Way Ticket to Europe
Jailed in Iran
Jamaica: Girls on Track
Jamaica: The Alpha Boys
Japan and China: The Unforgotten War
Japan: The Slow Life
Jesus in China
Kashmir: A Troubled Paradise
Kashmir: The Road to Peace?
Kenya: Run, Lornah, Run
Kuwait: The 99
Kyrgyzstan: The Kidnapped Bride
Lebanon, Party of God
Lebanon: The Earthquake
Leeward Islands: A Voyage of Healing
Liberia: Give Peace a Chance
Liberia: No More War
Libya: Out of the Shadow
Mexico, the Deadly Standoff
Mexico: A Death in the Desert
Mexico: Crimes at the Border
Mexico: The Ballad of Juan Quezada
Mexico: Tortillanomics: Food or Fuel?
Mongolia: Land Without Fences
Moscow, Rich in Russia
Mozambique: Guitar Hero
Murder in St. Petersburg
Nepal, Dreams of Chomolongma
Nepal: A Girl's Life
Nepal: Caught in the People's War
Nigeria, the Road North
Nigeria: God's Country
North Korea, Suspicious Minds
North Korea: In Black and White
Northern Ireland: Uneasy Peace
Norway: Reindeer Men
Occupied Minds
On the Edge of the Crescent
Pakistan: A Death in Swat
Pakistan: Cold Comfort
Pakistan: Disappeared
Pakistan: Karachi's Invisible Enemy
Pakistan: Letter from Karachi
Pakistan: On a Razor's Edge
Pakistan: State of Emergency
Pakistan: The Lost Generation
Pakistan: This Is Your Wife
Palestinian Territories: Inside Hamas
Panama: The Last Medicine Woman
Paraguay: Sounds of Hope
Peru, a Gamble in the Jungle
Peru: Kiva's Web-based Microfinance Growing Up
Peru: The Curse of Inca Gold
Philippines: Have Degree, Will Travel
Philippines: Islands Under Siege
Philippines: The Black Stain of Oil
Poland: Chopin's Heart
Posithiv: Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa
Putin vs. NGOs
Romania, My Old Haunts
Russia: Island on the Edge
Russia: Moscow's Sex and the City
Russia: Putin's Plan
Rwanda, After the Genocide
Rwanda: After the Genocide
Rwanda: Millennium Village
Seeds of Suicide
Sicily: A Bridge Too Far?
Sierra Leone, Gunrunners
Sierra Leone: Yeabu's Homecoming
Somalia: A Reporter's Search for Al Qaeda
South Africa: An Everyday Crime
South Africa: Inside the Cycle of Rape
South Africa: The Play Pump
South Korea: Everyone's a Journalist
South Korea: The Most Wired Place on Earth
Southern Africa: Troubled Water
Spain: The Lawless Sea
Sri Lanka, Living with Terror
Sri Lanka: A Terrorist in the Family
Sudan: The Quick and the Terrible
Swaziland: The King and the Web
Tanzania: Hero Rats
Thailand: Women for Peace
The Business of Bribes
The Carbon Hunters
The Curse of Inca Gold
This Land Is Ours
Tibet: Eye Camp
Trading Trees
Turkey: A Family Erased
Tuvalu: That Sinking Feeling
Uganda: A Little Goes a Long Way
Uganda: Out of the Wild
Uganda: The Condom Controversy
Uganda: The Return
Ukraine: A Murder in Kiev
Vacation from War
Venezuela, a Critical Turning Point
Venezuela, a Nation on Edge
Vietnam: Looking for Home
Vietnam: Wheels of Change
Virtual Gitmo: Human Rights in Second Life
War of Ideas
War of Ideas/Requiem
West Papua: The Clever One
Zimbabwe: A Harsh Reality
Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies