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Chicago Sun-Times
Campbell's performance is carnal, verbally facile, physically uninhibited and charged with intelligence.
The movie morphs into a deconstructed remake of "Indecent Exposure" and it's downright riveting, with Campbell doing her best acting to date.
Chicago Tribune
Campbell and her character are willing to take chances. But Toback's tangled noirish plot, with Vera as a post-feminist femme fatale, isn't particularly clever or original.
Entertainment Weekly
A ripe psychosexual compost heap of a drama that emits a provocative scent of rot and nonsense.
Another art film that's more pretentious than it needs to be.
The Hollywood Reporter
A slim idea for a pulp-fiction short story padded out to 81 minutes with random encounters and celebrity sightings.
New York Daily News
Toback is a smart guy with kinky tastes who has nothing left but to tempt actors into performing in his sex fantasies.
Though once capable of writing distinct characters, Toback now populates his pictures with one-dimensional conceits who all talk like undereducated hustlers, from college professors to bottom feeders and international lions of business.
Something in Toback's approach to the subject of sex, somehow both lecherous and detached, makes it tough to get a handle on the film.
New York Post
When Will I Be Loved would rate no stars except for Campbell's brave, totally committed performance -- which deserves a far better movie than this.
Most atrocious movies build into their badness, as lacks of talent, ideas, self-confidence, or a total hatred of an audience, are revealed. This one gets it out of the way up front and never looks back.

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