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Calvin's Chevy Malibu
Xzibit and the guys at GAS shoot for the stars on Calvin's 77' Chevy Malibu. Sun beaten and rusted out, the guys decide to go where no man has gone before and turn this UFO believers car into a UDO, Unidentified Driving Object. The guys installed a holo-display screen, neon glowing seats, and a glow in the dark paint job.
Erin's VolksWagen Thing
X takes a dilapidated 1973 VW Thing and makes HISS-TORY with a serpentine makeover; including a pimped out terrarium, reptile seats, a safari lounge w/ a 30" monitor under the hood. A snakeskin paintjob really has this THING looking slick!
Monique's Mitsubishi Galant
Xzibit can't believe his eyes when he gets a hold 1995 Mitsubishi Galant that's lost its way. The guys at Gas make this ride a sight to behold by installing headlight monitors, suicide doors, a flip-flop trunk, a white fur chaise lounge, and a 15Â" laptop connected to a rear mounted projector.
Dante's Ford Econo Line Ice Truck
Xzibit gets his hands on an Ice Cream truck that should be going out of business. But, Mad Mike and the guys at GAS get the truck up and running with a touch screen ordering system, Satellite TV and a robotic arm to dispense ice cream. Screaming!
Jason's Toyota T100
Xzibit and the guys at GAS set their sights on a marine's 1990 Toyota T-100. With most parts missing in action, the guys turn this truck into the ultimate all terrain vehicle. Going above and beyond the call of duty, the guys installed a 50' plasma, night-vision scope, and a Doppler weather radar.
Shawna's Toyota Celica
Xzibit takes a 1990 Toyota Celica stuck in the 20th century and updates the ride with a sick computer setup and 2 terabytes of storage in her trunk. Taking flight the ride gets wings; Lamborghini doors that make it look like the Celica can fly.
Tad's '89 Land Rover Range Rover
In this episode of PMR, Xzibit and the guys at GAS track down John's 68 Mercury Cougar. Trashed and thrashed, the guys decide to make this Cougar king of the asphalt jungle by turning it into a classic racing car, John's dream ride. The guys install a brand new racing engine, fiberglass monitor, the largest viewing screen ever attached to a car, etc.
Gerald's '78 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
In this episode of PMR, Xzibit and the guys at GAS find themselves involved in a blast from the past with Gerald's 78' Monte Carlo. Broken and spent the guys take this car up the charts by turning it into a rolling recording studio, Gerald's passion in life. The guys installed a drum pad, keyboard, lightbrite, money booth, 24' rims, etc.
Ellyn's '96 Ford Contour
In this episode of PMR, Xzibit and the guys at GAS hunt down Ellen's 1996 Ford Contour. Ransacked by a hungry bear, the guys decide to turn this car into the ultimate camping mobile, Ellen's favorite pastime. The guys installed an automatic hammock, salmon skin seats, GPS walkie Talkies, Salmon Cannon, etc.
Xilomen's '95 Ford Probe
Xzibit gets his hands on a 1995 Probe that's one part Ford and three parts junkyard. The guys at GAS turn this piece into a rolling piece of art with a one of a kind urban spray-paint job, light up plexiglass art boxes that rise up on actuators, a light and sound dream machine, Aztec style seats, a 21" draw-on Cintiq art tablet, a mac mini, eight 7" monitor art gallery and paint guns in the wheel wells so this car can paint by tires!
Tyler's '65 Chevrolet El Camino
In this episode of Pimp My Ride, Xzibit meets a kid named Tyler with passion for tailgating and a 1973 Chevy El Camino. Check it out, as the guys at GAS exchange his George Forman (BBQ grill) for the ultimate grilling station including a condiment dispenser, and a cutting board with a 7" monitor in it. And, so he won't miss any games... A satellite, 6 monitors, and a 5,000 watt amplifier will keep Tyler from missing any of the action!
Tenita's Ford Thunderbird
Xzibit and the guys at GAS take Tenita's beat-down 1965 Ford Thunderbird and put the thunder back in it.
Mike's '78 Bread Truck
Xzibit finds an old Wonder Bread truck from the seventies and creates the loudest vehicle in Pimp My Ride history.
Robert's Vegas Van
Xzibit and the guys find a kid named David who owns a mobile doggie grooming company.

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