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Great story and shooting
brygates25 April 2005
Great family-friendly movie for people who aren't generally drawn to family-friendly movies. Movie follows the developing relationship between a modern rancher and his granddaughter who comes to live with him. Initially gruff and grouchy grandfather tries to make up for the mistakes he made in not being involved in his daughter's early years. Shows the plight of the modern rancher through low cattle prices and high feed costs. Great acting by Buck Taylor as Harry Dobbs, the grandfather. Great supporting cast even in minor parts. Outstanding scenery and music. Obviously was a labor of love for Taylor and director Matthew Marconi.
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A wholesome film
rwk-324 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Truce is a wholesome movie that any family can see without excessive violence or profanity. It portrays the modern American rancher in an authentic manner. In the story, Harry Dodds played by the great Buck Taylor(Gunsmoke, Tombstone) struggles to hold onto his modest Northern California cattle ranch and raise the granddaughter, Samantha Droke, that he hardly knows. Buck Taylor gives a nuanced and layered performance that taps into the human condition. Samantha Droke is equally good as Jenny. Their relationship evolves throughout the film as they deal with personal tragedy and hardship. Truce has an excellent supporting cast that includes Barry Tubb(Top Gun, Grand Champion), Brad Johnson(The Rough Riders) and Academy Award Winner, George Kennedy. The cinematography is stunning as it reflects the landscape as another character in the film. The music is original and it falls right into place with the story and characters. This film will hold the audience's interest from start to finish.
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Wonderful film
sbcme27 July 2005
What a refreshing look at ranch life and family relationships. Buck Taylor is great in his portrayal of an aging rancher trying his best to come to grips with his past, while at the same time caring for his granddaughter and his land, both of which he loves dearly. Beautifully written and directed by Matthew Marconi, "Truce" is a well-told story of determination, forgiveness, and perseverance. The story unfolds gradually, drawing the viewer in to the lives of Harry Dodds and his granddaughter, Jenny, with interesting flashbacks giving insight into Harry's current struggles and dilemmas. Beautifully shot and edited, "Truce" speaks to our basic human desire for community and home, and the need we have for self-acceptance and hope.
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A wonderful story of a CA rancher's fight to keep his ranch and his loyalty to raise his granddaughter.
ltreas14 July 2008
I found this movie to be a heart warming and sensitive story. I come from an agricultural community myself, and can identify with the struggles that many small ranchers and farmers go through to survive. The strength of the rancher, Buck Taylor, to keep his ranch against difficult odds gave him a realistic portrayal of the grit of these people. Also, his devotion to his granddaughter touched my heart, and put family at the top of priorities. The cinematography authentically captured the essence of this film. In addition, the cattle drive scene, with the downpour, reflected the endurance, dedication and magnitude that ranchers must face to survive.
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Beautiful Movie!
Patti-Lynne Drake8 July 2008
Before seeing the movie Truce, I had been told by a friend that I would truly enjoy it and that I would relate to the story line as I am a grandmother to four. My friend's comments were an understatement! While watching Truce, I was drawn to Buck Taylor's character from the beginning to the end. Watching Taylor work through the pain of previous mistakes, trying to make better choices with his granddaughter is something that most can relate. Touching scenes, Taylor as he works through his broken heart and as he fights to save his land, brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. Truce is not a fast-paced western; the story unfolds beautifully under the direction of Matt Marconi. Truce is a film of dedication, passion, forgiveness, and love. I would recommend this film as a wonderful family film.
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