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A fine piece
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews12 May 2009
This is a feature-length documentary on the 2-Disc DVD of X2. This is perhaps said movie's version of the Production Scrapbook, on the first one(found on the 1.5 edition, not the original release), in that both come in at about an hour and are general, one-special-covers-all kind of behind the scenes. This does not adopt the candid tone of aforementioned, but rather goes about its objective in the traditional way, and hey, which way you prefer is completely up to the individual viewer. This consists of BTS footage, stills, interviews and film clips, some inter-cut with each other. The new faces in the cast aren't too bad to listen to, though Cumming doesn't come off as having a whole lot to say, here... Hu is perhaps the best of them(and Stanford is pretty good). The returning players are great, too, Marsden, for example, is funny. The writers and such are quite good, as is Singer. The themes, the extended freedom in making this one and what they wanted to do with the sequel, is gone into. The overall focus/tone of this is perhaps somewhat loose, which is not to say that the editing isn't tight(it is). A measure of material of the rehearsal and/or planning of stunts and effects is included. The entire thing is fairly nicely put together, and is informative. It holds serious spoilers, be mindful of that. I wouldn't call this memorable, but it's got a reasonable pace(59 minute running time and I was never bored), and it's worth watching for any fan and anyone who wants to know more about the title. I recommend this to anyone who fits into either or both groups. 6/10
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