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Around one hundred digital effects shots appear in the film, mostly to create gore. The scenes involving objects coming into direct contact with skin (like throat slitting, people getting shot in the head or neck, or stabbings) were created digitally. The violence that didn't involve direct skin contact (like people getting shot in areas covered by clothing) were achieved practically. Rob Zombie originally intended to create all of the special effects using only techniques available in the 1970s, but time constraints prevented this.
Sheri Moon Zombie's brother has a cameo as a police officer in the opening shootout scene. He was originally only on the set as a visitor, but director Rob Zombie put him in the scene because he knew how to handle firearms well.
Karen Black demanded a higher salary to reprise her role as Mother Firefly. Director Rob Zombie could not afford to increase her pay and decided to replace her with veteran actress Leslie Easterbrook.
The film originally had a subplot involving scenes with Dr. Satan. In an interview, Rob Zombie said that he cut these scenes because seeing Dr. Satan in this film would be like seeing Chewbacca in Bonnie and Clyde (1967). Zombie then went on to explain that all the Dr. Satan scenes would be restored in the "deleted scenes" section of the the DVD.
The shoot out at the beginning of the film is very reminiscent of Australian bush-ranger Ned Kelly and his gang's last stand at Glenrowan. The armor, and the scene's presentation, are very similar to other film representations of Ned Kelly's tragic final defense.
The blue van's plate spells AKU, which means 'evil' in Japanese.
The anchorman is named Derek Sanderson after the NHL player of the same name who played for the Boston Bruins during the '70s. Director Rob Zombie has mentioned during multiple interviews his affinity for the Bruins as a child growing up in Massachusetts.
Bill Moseley (Otis) actually shaved his head so his lace wig would fit properly.
Rosario Dawson originally had a small part as a nurse in the film. Her character was cut out of the theatrical release for Rob Zombie's decision of not having any Dr. Satan in the film. Her character was killed off within forty seconds of her debut to the film.
Rob Zombie told William Forsythe to base Sheriff Wydell on a combination of actors Lee Marvin and Robert Shaw.
The Family Media Guide claims the word "fuck" and its variations are used 224 times in this film, however other sources list the count at 560 which, until the release of Fuck (2005) was a record (the previous holder was Nil by Mouth (1997) which had a count of 470).
Won Most Vile Villain(s) (for The Firefly Family) and Best Horror Movie at The 2006 Scream Awards.
Matthew McGrory (Tiny Firefly) hurt his ankle before shooting. The crew had to find a stunt double to replace him during his scenes where his face was covered with the burlap sack. When the actor takes off the sack, it is Matthew McGrory.
The name Charlie Altamont was inspired by The Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter (1970) - where a Hell's Angels member brutally stabbed a youth to death at Altamont Speedway in Northern California. In the film, Charlie Altamont "gives shelter" to the Firefly family.
Farm house at Sable Ranch in Santa Clarita,California that was used as Firefly house in this film was also used as the Sawyer family house in Leatherface:Texas Chainsaw Massacre III(1990),both Sawyers and Fireflys are demented family of serial killers,necrophiliacs and cannibals,both families have deformed mutants in their family,Fireflys have Earl the Prof. and Sawyers have Leatherface,both families are living in Texas,but both films were filmed in California at the same location(in the same house).Farmhouse was built back in 1989 for the filming of Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.
Natasha Lyonne was originally slated to play Candy, but was replaced by Elizabeth Daily.
Bela Lugosi can be seen on TV pulling a lever. This is a scene from Edward D. Wood Jr.'s Bride of the Monster (1955).
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Took 30 days to film, in the hot California sun.
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David Hess auditioned for one of the roles of the bounty hunters.
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