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The Devil's Rejects is not always an easy film to watch
boy_in_red2 September 2006
The Devil's Rejects is not always an easy film to watch. It has a genuine savagery that makes recent films such as Hostel or Saw II, non spectacular though they were, appear rather tame.

I think part of the reason the film is such uncomfortable viewing is through Rob Zombie's creation of a strong sense of ambiguity as to who we are supposed to sympathise with- who are the antagonists and the protagonists? Initially things seem quite clean cut- psychopathic killers= evil, Sheriff on a vigilante mission = good, but then the lines blur. The Sheriff turns nasty, yet we the audience take joy in his sadism- are we as bad as these killers? And at the same time we the audience feel flashes of sympathy for the killers too- through glimpses of their own, warped domestic bliss. This is interesting and

one that gets under your skin and disturbs.

I have to mention the humour also- which is also a nice contrast to darkness, though some of the humour is very close to the edge- you DO need those moments of light relief, to prevent the proceedings becoming completely grimy and depressing.

The only main downside of this film is it does at times feel overly long, almost deliberately drawn out,and that can distract from the intensity of things.

Personally this film marks a huge improvement for Rob Zombie after the debacle that was House Of 1000 Corpses, a masturbatory fan boy effort which had an okay build up but quickly descended into cartoony drivel. With The Devil's Rejects Rob Zombie seems to have shifted focus from being a kid with a film camera and a budget, and shifted focus on telling a story, and making the audience FEEL something, and he actually does a pretty good job of it too.

Special mention has to go to Sheri Moon. A real delight to watch. I can't help but smile when I see her on screen- I wouldn't be at all surprised if she finds herself with a huge gay following. A lovely mixture of sassiness, innocence and an edge of something slightly darker. I like her a lot- well at least when she's not making racist playground chants fashionable again.

I'm actually excited now about Zombie's remake/ reinvention/ prequel of Halloween. Okay so the term "remake/ reinvention/ prequel" fills me with an underlying sense of dread, but I'm going to breathe out and try trust Rob Zombie on this one. If nothing else, I know it'll be anything but bland.
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Zombie gets it right!
Rhad Davis (INCESSANT)7 August 2005
I went to this movie having seen 1000 Corpses which I thought was a great retro B style horror in the Texas Chainsaw massacre genre.

This movie FAR exceeded any expectation I had. Zombie NAILED it in this one. Classic Freeze frames, awesome soundtrack(used with purpose)-Just enough gore with out going over the top.. the essential random nudity shots that we B fans have come to expect. Suspenseful through-out.

I realize that what makes all of these components work:

A- This movie (Unlike 99% of all B Horros) is not predictable. You do not know what is going to happen next.

B- Zombie builds characters. You learn history and connections, and see things from their view.

C- Slight comedic aspect added.


in the words of my horror loving awe-struck friend "This is hands down the best B horror I have ever seen!"
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A depraved, sick and brutal film.
sidewinder57222 July 2005
Alright, I never bothered with "House of 1,000 Corpses." Mainly due to the poor reviews and the fact it looked like a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" rip off. As a matter of fact I wasn't that interested in this movie at first. But the early buzz raised my interest and I went out and saw it.

"The Devil's Rejects" is a sick, ruthless, grab you by the throat and don't let go horror movie. Which is exactly what it sets out to do and it succeeds brilliantly. While the movie is sadistic and violent, the characters are extremely well developed and the movie is extremely well written. I've always felt that Rob Zombie would make a good horror director and while "Corpses" wasn't so well received it was only his first film. This is something else altogether.

A genre masterpiece and the best movie I've seen all year. If Zombie keeps this up he will become a force to be reckoned with in the horror genre
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A solid movie NOT FOR EVERYONE!!! (but great if you like this stuff)
slikrx29 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I went into a screening of this movie completely blind. I hadn't seen 1000 Deaths, and I haven't even seen any of Rob Zombie's videos. (I do like his music,BTW) I had essentially no idea what to expect.This movie is what "Natural Born Killers" *TRIED* to be. It's "Kill Bill" without the nod and wink that this is campy/funny. This movie is intense, violent, gory, gritty, harsh chilling and creepy. The only movie/scene that can compare the intensity to is "Saving Private Ryan", particularly the scene where Mellish is slowly stabbed by a German near the end of "Ryan". This movie can/will take your breath away.

That being said, if you like this sort of thing, the movie is VERY well written, directed and acted. The casting was beautiful. Captain Spaulding, Otis, Lady Firefly are brilliant. Others were also great.

I saw this at a private screening with a Q&A with Rob Zombie afterward. The audience experience was odd. Sometimes there would be cheers, only to have them choked off by the next few seconds. This movie kept you on the edge of your seat. There were moments of funniness, and well done comic bits, but this is NOT a comedy.

During the Q&A, a gentleman (who said he liked 1000 corpses) described the movie as "the worst, most violent depraved movie I have ever seen. It glorifies violence..." This comment received some cheers. Rob replied VERY professionally (quote/paraphrase) " I think you might have had the perfect response. ...if you want truly depraved, see Cannibal Holocaust or Man Bites Dog... this movies does not glorify the violence, it shows how ugly and nasty it is... I don't want people to cheer the bad guys..."

Bottom line? This movie makes you uncomfortable. It is absolutely, positively NOT FOR EVERYONE!!! It takes a long, hard, ugly look at the exploits of some truly horrible human beings and their affect on their surroundings. It was also done extremely well. If you like this genre, it gets a solid 9. However, due to its general limited appeal, I have to drop it to a 7 overall.
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Bloody brilliant. The definitive film of the genre--Cheap, gory low-budget campy Serial Slashers
abyoussef19 March 2007
by Dane Youssef

Rob Zombie is without a doubt one of the most versatile and true-to-his-genre artists out there. "The Devil's Rejects" is the kind of movie uptight censors and worried parents always warned you was gonna get made some day.

A movie where the leads are psychopathic murderers, the violence is excess and the gore is so voluminous, that you have to ask: "Does this movie satirize this kind of sadism... or celebrate it? Is it a fun campy parody... or a sign that we may have gone too far with our ultra-violent-based entertainment?" This movie actually defines the term "overkill." Three of the more interesting deranged killers from "House Of 1000 Corpses" get their own spin-off in the "Frasier" or "Jeffersons" tradition. The three, who are a family, actually (a father and his son and daughter) go on a mass killing spree and are racing out of the country to legal freedom on the other side of the border. They seem to echo the Manson Family.

Their sense of humor is the kind of acquired taste like the movie itself has. It stems from the experience you'd get from... watching slasher movies throughout a lot of your life. Like lime green Jell-O, anchovies, fish eggs and black licorice, this is not for all tastes.

The movie is actually a lot smarter and more complex than you might imagine, if you're unfamiliar with what Zombie's movies are about. It's akin to films like "From Dusk 'Til Dawn," "Vulgar," "Desperado" and "Freaked." If you like these types of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Friday the 13th" re-vamping in the video-geek traditions, here is a movie you may hold up as one for the history books. The dialogue is written a twisted brilliant way and the direction has a real retro-'70's homey-quality to it. In a way that doesn't feel contrived.

Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon are all so perfectly demented in their roles, you have to wonder what they're like in real life. You pray they're nothing like they are here... and hope you never come across anyone remotely like this either.

Sheri Moon, wife of director Zombie, looks more like a typical American model-actress than the degenerate rank-skank she plays here. Moseley is real-life, was actually a columnist and Heig often played scuzzy thugs, but played the judge in Tarantino's "Jackie Brown."

I find it incredibly strange that some people seem to be COMPLAINING that the pursuing cop character (the sheriff, John Quincy Wydell) is as sadistic and mentally unbalanced as the family killers themselves. Why?

Yes, he is. But... why?

Why is that a bad thing? In any way at all?

Look, if there's anything history and government have taught us, it's that it takes one to catch one. Not just in the movies, but in life. And not just in real life, but in movies as well. You see, it's not just an opinion. It's a fact. It's the way of the world.

People... do we all not remember Tommy Lee Jones in "The Fugitive"? His I-Will-Catch-him-By-Any-Means-Nessicary-Law Enforcer way was one of the true milestones in the movie, and it got him an Oscar. Would we want any of the other major characters to be far less interesting than the leads?

When you eat a meal of any kind, you don't just want a rich main course and the side dishes to be as tasteless as styraphone. You want a whole meal you can taste.

And the stuff with the sheriff and the rest of the cops IS something to see. Why? Because he isn't any kind of undeveloped character. Zombie made him (and everything else) just as big, broad, colorful and energetic as the '70's genre that this one stems from.

There's some humor with the Kentucky-Fried Sheriff and the rest of his "Good Ol' Boys" in Blue. It goes without saying that in a small town, the cops are all red-necked. The way the stereotype of the small-town cop in a campy-slasher pic is handled with more laughs than usual. And there's a great moment where they call in a specialist, a film historian (see: uber film geek) to help them with the investigation and this film critic.... well, suffice to say, he insults the name of God in the house of the Lord and that's all I'm gonna say.

We all know Zombie is a neo-talent outside of the music biz. He did the LSD effect in "Beavis & Butthead Do America."

The end may justify the means, in this case. The hick cops and the colorful killers... in the end, it's an ending we all knew we deserved.

Speaking of Zombie, his film debut "House of 1000 Corpses," was a film I found to be embarrassingly bad. I'm a fan of those types of rock-horror camp movies in the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "House Of Wax" vein. SEVERED vein, in this case. But everything was played out so campy, so cheaply, so maudlin, so without suspense... that Zombie, I felt, made a movie that seems to be an insult, rather than a tribute to those horror-show camp classics.

But he's redeemed himself with this one. He's working without a net and it all could have gone horribly, pathetically wrong. So I give him props. BIG, BIG PROPS.

As I'm writing this now, he's currently re-making "Halloween." Though I wish he wouldn't, really. Why re-paint the Mona Lisa? Give it eyebrows, what? Will that REALLY be an improvement?

Brace yourself. Not for all tastes. Procceed with caution. Use extreme care.


by Dane Youssef
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Great movie for the true horror fan
barbie8007 May 2006
Only certain people can appreciate a movie like this. This was better than Rob's "House of 1000 Corpes". It was sleazy, gruesome, and actually funny at times. Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding really do make this movie. The crazy thing is that I was actually rooting for them in the end. Maybe this is sick but this is how the movie portrayed them. Come on, Baby likes tooty fruity ice cream. You can't help but to root for her. This movie also had the feeling to it that it was filmed in the 70's. It's hard to explain but it had that Texas Chainsaw, Friday the 13th, The Hills Have Eyes feel to it. All around a great flick for the horror fan who can appreciate it.
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Vile, ugly and pointless
khan-1611 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I am a horror fan. There is something about a stylish thriller that I think we all enjoy. However, anyone that appreciates a good thriller appreciates the style, suspense and craft that goes into a worthwhile film. I checked this film out on IMDb before I rented because I hated "House of 1000 corpses". Now that I have seen it I am stunned that it got a 7.0. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? This is simply an exercise in sadism. There is nothing enjoyable or suspenseful about cruel, nasty material done in an ugly way. I almost turned the "movie" off after the sickening humiliation of Priscilla Barnes, but I figured if I was going to express an opinion I should see the entire movie. What a mistake that was! Everyone involved in this sickening, vile mess should be deeply ashamed. Please...Someone tell me the point of this repugnant pile of self-serving crap! How does this get made??? How does this get financed??? And REALLY, how do you people find anything entertaining about this nasty exercise in brutality??? This "film" wallows in its own grotesque ugliness. There is no point, no art, no entertainment, no craft, no suspense and no reason. Rob Zombie has now assembled two of the most pointless, nasty, ugly, vile excuses for a movie ever made. I seriously don't want to be in a room with anyone who really enjoyed this rancid, pathetic piece of trash. There is real craft out there. Seek it out. This is the kind of thing that makes me lose all faith in people. This speaks volumes about how the rest of the world sees us in this country. It is my hope that Rob Zombie will never again have the finances at his disposal to construct another affront to the sensibilities of everyone but the criminally insane. If you are a real fan of horror stay clear of Mr. Zombie's sick masturbatory daydreams and seek out some masters of the craft. I suggest some Dario Argento. I sincerely hope that my comments don't make someone want to see this trash. I can imagine someone thinking "If it's that bad I have to see what all the fuss is about". Don't bother. You will just feel like you are covered in a thick slimy film that can't be washed off.
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Great follow up
jamie_likeskylie22 July 2005
This movie has some classic ingredients for a great horror movie. Interesting characters, some really vile gore scenes, bad language, unnecessary nudity, and some familiar faces; Leslie Easterbrook (from the Police Academy movies), Ken Foree (the original Dawn Of The Dead), 80's pop singer/actress E.G. Daily and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) provide more than enough nostalgia for retro junkies, like myself.

The story isn't overly fast paced but the gore can be thick and pretty relentless and is at times implied rather than shown which I think adds to the experience. I really enjoyed Leslie Easterbrook as Mother Firefly (replacing Karen Black who was in the first movie, House Of 1000 Corpses). She does some wonderful overacting in her scenes, it's a shame she wasn't in it more, same goes for E.G. Daily who plays a sassy hooker. In fact everyone was great in their parts, let's face it this is not Shakespeare - this is a horror movie, I for one demand hammy over the top performances and a bit of camp! I don't want to give anything away but I will say my favourite scenes involved Mother Firefly and the sheriff, and Captain Spaulding and a mother and child. If you enjoyed House Of 1000 Corpses, this is a superior sequel in my mind and you wont be disappointed. If your idea of horror is a glossy PG-13 rated remake you might want to try weaning yourself onto this kind of movie with something a little less extreme.
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Perfect 70's Style Killing Spree!
fireheart41221 July 2005
I had the pleasure of previewing this movie a few days before its official release. While I enjoyed "House of 1,000 Corpses" I think this follow-up sequel was far better. "House of 1,000 Corpses" was more like a carnival freak show with supernatural and unbelievable scenarios, whereas "The Devil's Rejects" was quite realistic and very brutal.

This film is in the vein of "Helter Skelter", and 'Otis' pays homage to Charles Manson, even hauntingly resembling him. "The Devil's Rejects" is full of bloody carnage, perversion, filthiness, vulgarity, and the characters are sadistic and relentless serial killers. It is not for the feint of heart or the squeamish. There are some clever and quite humorous lines in the movie, along with some very disturbing ones as well. Sherri Moon Zombie gives a stellar performance as 'Baby' that is quite unforgettable. It was great to see P.J. Soles (Halloween) in this film, still looking beautiful as ever. Leslie Easterland, 'Mama Firefly', really gives an excellent performance as the perverted and disgusting mother of the clan. All of the actors did an amazing job in this movie and were very convincing as their characters.

The cinematography of this film was really brilliant, and uses the 'swipe' and 'freeze-frame' methods, sometimes resembling a comic book adventure. The music was classic seventies rock, and fits well with the road trip theme. The gore was spectacular and realistic, and sometimes even disgusted me at times, which is hard to accomplish. I gave this movie a "10 out of 10" because it is full of spectacular, clever, and gruesome horror-movie fun! It contains scenes which seriously make the viewer cringe and feel sympathy for the victims, while hating the serial killers. I've never felt so much hatred and disgust towards the villains as I did during this film, and that goes to show you how convincing this movie really is! If you like Rob Zombie, seventies slashers, and a good horror movie plot, with edge of your seat/nail-biting scenes, then this is the movie for you! Check it out, its jaw-droppingly great!
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The Devil's Re-treads
vvalenscu14 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK. I saw "House of 1000 Corpses" and thought it an utterly useless, TCM rip-off. But I heard better things about this one, so I went in with an open mind. Unlike Rob Zombie, who does not seem to have an original, or even fresh thought in his head. Otis the crackhead psycho from "House" becomes a Charlie Manson wannabe in this one, and Sheri Moon is the least convincing "bad" girl I have ever seen.

This film first rips off "Last house on the left" with the humiliation/rape/murder scene in the Hotel, with the vapid Sheri Moon ordering one of the female captives to hit the other in the face, hard. Lady, you ain't no David Hess. You are not fit to lace up Jeramie Rain's Keds, for that matter.

We meander to an out of the way bordello, so that we may crib from "From Dusk til Dawn". The film tries to marry '70's grind to films such as "Natural born Killers", with flat attempts to mimic Tarantino-esquire witty repartee. Bill Mosely might have been up to that task, but remember, he's channeling Charlie, and has proclaimed himself the Devil. I guess he's too hardcore for humour.

We have a sheriff who seems to be a direct rip-off from the cop gone bad from NBK, and the Dennis Hopper religious, insane Texas Ranger from the funny TCM sequel (Forget which one, hope you get the point.) We also get a Pimp, a "Bandito", and other stock Tarantino characters.

Finally, this crap ends in a "Bonnie and Clyde" style shootout. Sheri Moon is also no Faye Dunaway.

Every thing Zombie did in his two movies was ripping off every thing you have seen before. Some call it homage. I call it complete lack of talent.

There's a good deal of gore, and of course violence, but Zombie tries to paint his villains as anti-heros, and fails utterly, so the grind is all for naught. Oh, and Rob? Thanks for ruining "Freebird" for me.

Zombie's movies seem like an excuse to give his old lady some work. I grew weary of seeing her posterior. Sheri Moon, you ain't no Tiffany Minx, but porn is surely where you belong.

Caveat Emptor on this one.
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