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Gave me a new perspective on movies

Author: coolf07 from Los Angleles, CA
9 February 2004

Not being into independent drama films that tend to not make sense, I was a little hesitent to watch the film. But the story is extremely facinating and I really felt the emotion as I went from scene to scene with the main character. As explained at the dinner table scene in reference to Brody's book, this movie is more about the feeling and the journey of emotions that you take throughout the movie. I realized at that point that this movie was doing exactly what it promised. Most importantly, it incorporated a very unique story as a way to convey these different emotions. Definitely worth checking out - It may just give you a new perspective on movies.

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The most thought-provoking movie I have ever seen!

Author: rastafar_ian from Bayville, NJ
31 May 2005

How do you know when a film is good? When, seeing it nearly a year ago, I am still talking about it.

Ghosts of Hamilton Street is what David Lynch is trying to write. This movie keeps you thinking, wondering and excited to figure out what is happening, just as David Lynch does. The difference is, rather than sitting with a blank stare over the end credits as I did with Lost Highway, I was excited about how original and daring the ending of Ghosts of Hamilton Street was.

This movie is just a lot of fun to watch and really fun to discuss. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy so I can see it again! I'd also like to comment on Scott Graham's acting. He really did a wonderful job.

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A beautiful and intriguing film about "losing" the people who really matter.

Author: tbran1960 from Moorhead, minn
25 January 2004

"Ghosts of Hamilton Street" is a beautiful and intriguing film about "losing" the people who really matter. Director Mike Flanagan has crafted a fine feature (his 3rd... and to date... his best) dealing with the confused life of Brody Campbell, a man who is literally losing ALL of the people who make-up his daily existence. As bad as his life is, it doesn't get really scary until the morning after the wedding of his ex-wife when people LITERALLY start to disappear. Not disappear in a "serial murder" sense... disappear in a "now you see them... now you don't" sense. It's sad and un-nerving to watch Brody desperately trying to keep track of the "lost" and figure how to make it stop. This is the main drive of the film and we (the audience) can't help but feel empathy for Brody as he struggles to make his way through this cosmic nightmare. The acting in "Ghosts" is fantastic, not one weak performance... and that's saying ALOT for a low-budget feature. The cinematography is also superb. The camera and lighting crews deserve a big piece of the credit for making this film as beautiful as it is. My congratulations go out to the production crew and ALL of the people who made "Ghosts" a reality. Having seen this wonderful film several times now I can definately say without hesitation that "I do indeed believe in "Ghosts"! You will too.

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A second chance. Or, much more. The torments, the pleasures of storytelling.

Author: bobfoxhollow
7 March 2004

See this film! A good story. I liked this food for the soul, finding a way embrace faith...inviting a peek at life, loss and redemption.

Also, a writer's torment struck me overall. I enjoyed this story for its glance at the process of storytelling - the intrigue, the wonders, the torments, the pleasures that may challenge a storyteller. And to forget not our moments; some unfold unnoticed like the blink of an eye, some oh so rich, each an opportunity, a collective perception waiting to be molded into colorful, ever-fluid puzzles.

The sometimes tormenting processes in turning our collections of moments into alter visions with the ability to let go your creation and move on.

I disliked only the pace during the first half or so, in combination with some minor clutter or excess as we "meet" the film's characters throughout the introductory wedding party scenes (of 'Ghosts of Hamilton Street').

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Like a great Twilight Zone episode

Author: openeyes from B-Town
21 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

******WARNING: SPOILERS**********

Brody Campbell, a well-meaning misfit who can't seem to hold onto a job or be a dependable father to his baby daughter, finds his life coming apart after attending the wedding of the mother of his child. People start disappearing from his life. They just don't leave. It is as if they never existed. He's the only one who even remembers them. He soon figures out that the people are disappearing in the reverse order of when he met them, and the disappearances change his life in the process; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

This intriguing film boldly defies categorization. It's part mystery. Part relationship drama. Part horror movie -- but without any violence or gore. I can best describe it as a great Twilight Zone episode stretched to feature length. This is a film which could easily fall between the genre cracks, but I hope it doesn't. Usually I can guess within a few minutes how a film will turn out. Not the case here. I was hooked, and I had no idea where it was going. Ultimately, as in the case of the fabulous "Groundhog's Day," no explanation is given for the phenomenon. However, by the end, no explanation is really needed. The process itself gives Brody the improved self-awareness he needs to take that final step into the unknown.

I usually cut low-budget independent films a little slack, and look beyond some technical flaws and inadequate performances. Fortunately, there were few flaws to overlook in this polished DV production. My complaints are few. The film does feel a little long, especially in the first act, and some of the actors seem too young for the roles they are given, but that should not stop anyone from seeing this film. I caught it at the Annapolis Reel Cinema Festival. I think it will progress beyond the festival circuit into general release. Catch it when it does.

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