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Timepass movie...
toddplayner24 January 2007
I have always admire Mr. Jackie Shroff and his charisma. As I sat down to watch this movie I didn't have much expectations in mind because the movie wasn't a very great success when it was released. However it was noticed.

This movie is just like any other Bollywood fare. It has a huge list of villains in it. Jackie Shroff may seem a bit out of place as the village boy but he makes up for it with his intense look. Aruna Irani cries throughout the movie. Revenge is the backbone of this movie. If you are the kind of person who likes normal Bollywood fare with snakes attached then this movie isn't a bad choice.

If you are looking for Jackie movies I would advise you to also go for movies like Parinda, Ram Lakhan, Gardish, Hero, Tridev, Karma, Kaash,Angaar, Khalnayak, Rangeela,etc etc
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Hindi classic
nikhils10 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
the mother, Aruna Irani actually feeds milk from her breast to a snake. this is a classic Hindi film characteristic. man it's funny. all u guys must watch this if u find awful Hindi films funny. because this is up there in the faeces pile . or down there . suit yourself.

so the snake saves the mother's son, Shroff. when he grows up and repays his KARZ (debt) to his mother. apart from that the movie is run of the mill. if u like bad films then u will surely like this one.

its one for all the mothers' days that u have missed. watch it repay your debt to your mother . or that cow which fed u milk. Aruna Irani plays the legendary mother, still spoken of in Hindi film circles for her role in this movie. and also for her other exploits in b grade films. Jackie Shroff the man who grew up in a slum in Bombay plays the mother's son. get cozy with your popcorn and drink some milk and u will surely like this. because i did.
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non sensical, complete waste of time
kshitiz_bajracharya10 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It had a typical 70s lost and found ("brothers version") plot, which usually featured Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor/Vinod Khanna/Rishi Kapoor/almost everyone. The defect, here, are :

1. It was not a 70s Bollywood movie, it was a 90s Bollywood movie.

2. Instead of Amitabh, there was Jacky Shroff and instead of any actor as his "brother", there was ..... (drumrolls) a snake. A FREAKING SNAKE!!!

The story was very goofy. The story has same old Thakur killing an innocent guy, and the guy's son taking the revenge, falling in love with the villain's daughter, as the story proceeds. This time, the revenge is taken by the lead and the protocol (or, whatever) son, the snake with the help of his real son Jackie Shroff, and instead of the snake, Jackie falls in love with the villain's daughter. The lost and found thing happens when the sapera's wife (technically) lactates the snake owned by her husband (I can't believe I just said that) and lets him go away in the forest ... the lost part is complete ... and after the villains intimade Jackie he sings a song to call him and kill the villains ... the found part is complete ... and, the questions about how the snake knew it was Jackie and where Jackie was and how he recognized Jackie after all these years and what he is supposed to do is right out of the window, because the ones who came out with the concept of this movie is a psycho biologist who likes to fantasize that snakes are more intelligent than humans. Finally, the last action scene is the worst I have ever seen. The male lead (the snake) and a bunch of his friends (also, snakes) jump and crawl around the villains to kill them. The movie had Sadashiv Amrapukar as the main villain. I don't mind such a decision, but it had better ones like Prem Chopra and Amrish Puri as secondary villains.

Every human actor have given a mediocre performance. The main lead, the snake, has done an awesome job. For a creature who can only crawl, jumping and flying from one wall to the other is an plausible thing. He looks more intimidating than many of his friends who feature in Animal planet, National Geographic, Discovery, etc.

Overall, awful and trashy. Purest form of unadulterated garbage. Not even a Nagin movie, with snakes transforming into humans and all. Purely a "snaky" movie. Also, one of those garbages in which Jackie plays a supporting role, the lead role being that of an animal.

Score : 1.1/10.

Grade : F
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