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Sex & Nudity

Very mild

Some kissing between children

One camper is seen "practicing" looking through a hole in the girls cabin, saying that he knows more about it since his parents let him watch R rated movies

A camper asks one character to refer to the object he is using his psychic powers on as acorns instead of nuts

Violence & Gore

Frequent Violence, but most of it is pretty mild

You are able to punch, kick, throw, shoot and set fire to items and enemies throughout the game all with your psychic powers

When an enemy dies they explode without any blood or gore

The bullfight at the end of "Black Velvetopia" requires you to kill the bull by throwing spears into its back, not gory but the spears stay stuck in its back

Suicide rats explode and cover you with confusion gas, no blood

You throw tacks into a lungfish's mouth

The antagonist is removing psychic children's brains and putting them in psychic tanks to take over the world

Multiple people have their brains removed (by sneezing them out)

The butcher in the "Meat Circus" level has a lot of blood on his knives and shirt, as well as bloody bones over his body


A few uses of damn, hell and ass

All of the profanity is said by children

The coach says he is going to kick a child's "ASS-tral Projection" out of his mind

Sasha is almost always smoking a cigarette

A paranoid man tells a child to get an item out of the refrigerator that would help him "See as I see" to which the child replies he does not drink before noon, however there is a psychic power in there instead.

Many aspects of this game could be considered frightening

There is a gaint "monster" that comes out of a lake and kidnapps children

One child has the ability to make people's heads explode, this is discussed

A child says his family is cursed to die in water

The atmosphere in the camp at night is intense, as it is dark and empty, and there are animals that attack you

Many of the hidden vaults are saddening or frightening

The lungfish has a frightening appearance

Dr. Loboto is quite frightening

The whole level in the Asylum is frightening as it is crazy and destroyed, there are damaged beds and wheelchairs all over, writing on the walls, and you see a head poking around every corner, but moves away when you look at it

Many of the characters are insane, and can display frightening behavior

A building is blown up with people inside it

The "Milkman Conspiracy" level is very creepy, as everything watches you

You can find a room in the happy level "Milla's Dance Party" that is filled with children's toys and has a vault that is disturbing, and if you open the toy box you go into a room filled with nightmares that try and attack you and whisper creepily

A nightmare attacks you unexpectedly in "The Milkman Conspiracy"

The brain tumbler experiment is creepy, as you are in a dark forest with a lot of weird creatures and giant meat

The "Meat Circus" level is the creepiest part of the game, as it is a circus made out of meat, and you have to fight off giant zombie bunnies from attacking a kid, there are giant armless men who throw swords at you, and the whole level is set up in a crazy way

The butcher is disturbing, as well as the "Mega Butcher" as it is two people mashed together

It is mention that a boy believes his father was trying to work him to death in punishment for his psychic powers

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