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Soundtrack Credits 

Written by Keith Ruggiero
Performed by Soviet
Courtesy of Head Records
Published by KAR songs ASCAP
Too Far Under
Written by Jeffrey Ruff
Performed by Cody Bryant
Courtesy of Windsor Music
Published by Windsor Music Archives
Still Too Late
Written by Madeleine Peyroux, Ron Sunshine, Craig Dreyer and Dan Hovey
Performed by Ron Sunshine
Courtesy of Golden Bug Records
Published by Pennywell Publ. BMI, Golden Bug Publ. BMI, Mighty Toad Publ. ASCAP and Aquatone Publ. BMI
Written by Brian O'Hern
Performed by Brian O'Hern and Pizza
Published by Unhinged Music ASCAP
He's The One
Written by Rebecca Eggers-Gryder
Performed by Amantha Mill
Not Sabertoot
Written by Brian O'Hern
Performed by Brian O'Hern and the Model Citizens
Published by Unhinged Music ASCAP
Sing Ahh
Written by Jean-Paul DiFranco
Performed by The Fun
Published by City Island Music BMI
I Might Not Come Home At All
Written by Derek Dickerson
Performed by Derek Dickerson
Courtesy of Major Label Records
Published by Frantic Teen BMI
Enchiladas Rice and Beans
Written by Paul Greenstein
Performed by Radio Ranch Straight Shooters
Published by Fastmonkeymusic BMI
I Can't Believe You Don't Believe
Written by Bobby Horton
Performed by The Horton Brothers
Courtesy of Texas Jamboree
Written by Timur 'Taron' Baysal
Performed by Timur 'Taron' Baysal
Published by Fastmonkeymusic BMI
I've Been Looking
Written by Freedom and Wisdom Shabangu
Performed by The Dirty Twins
Courtesy of Bone-Marrow Productions
Published by Fastmonkeymusic BMI
Written by Trevor Jackson, Orfeo and Chtef
Performed by Trevor Jackson
Produced by Orfeo and Chtef
Courtesy of The Hardline
Published by Trevor's Music ASCAP
Help Me Out
Written by Stephan Angers
Performed by U-Phonik
Ghost Hack
Written by Adam Hill PRS
Performed by Adam Hill
Published by Fastmonkeymusic BMI
Last Song I Ever Wrote
Written by Chris Bucheit
Performed by Chris Bucheit Group
Courtesy of Chris Bucheit BMI
Smash Alley
Written by Tyler Bates and Paul Messina
Performed by Tyler Bates
Courtesy of Tyler Bates
Sex G
Written by Jimmy Hutchinson
Performed by Gazz
Courtesy of Razzberry Records
Smooth Sailing
Written by Troy Taroy
Performed by Troy Taroy
Courtesy of Hillybilly Woman Music (BMI)
Written by Kate Dwyer and Scott Johnson
Performed by The Savage Juliet
Funeral March
Written by Frédéric Chopin (as Frederick Chopin)
Performed by Daniel Barone
Mary Love
Written by TD Clark
Performed by TD Clark
Courtesy of Bison Music Records

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