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This super-duper deluxe nature documentary clearly aims to recruit young viewers as conservationists.
Whereas the TV series rarely flinched when it came to showing the animal world as it is, Earth always pulls back at the last second. It shows a cheetah pulling down a gazelle, but not the feast that follows.
Earth eloquently shows the struggle, life doing what it must to sustain life. The spectacle is stirring.
The ascribing of emotions to these critters can get a little Lion King-ripe at times. But the filmmakers have filled in around their "family" narratives with footage that is breathtaking enough on a towering screen -- and you should find the biggest one possible -- that it is hard to object too strenuously.
A wide-screen wildlife documentary in which the cycles of birth and death, migrations and seasons, are captured in stunning - absolutely stunning - ways.
Filled with unexpected facts.
Earth, you had me at baby polar bears.
The Hollywood Reporter
Although Earth falls short of its potential, it still contains enough glorious photography to please its target audience.
If you've watched the BBC series "Planet Earth," then Earth will seem like a familiar, if stunning, global rewarming.
As a virtual tour of what Earth Day is about, kids ought to be entranced. If it helps them get greener, even better.
For adults, Earth misses the mark of riveting storytelling. Earth crams in the dramatic adventures of several species (including penguins) - with the result that it comes up short on telling one really good story.

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