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Actually very good!

Author: meowthew from USA
16 January 2004

This was a surprisingly good Disney Channel movie, despite the highly implausible storyline. For once, the characters actually have some depth and deal with serious relational issues. This is also the first Disney Channel movie in several years where the main characters are older than middle-school age (Roscoe actually drives!), which may be part of the reason for the unusual depth of the material.

Credit goes to Ricky Ullman for his excellent performance as Roscoe, a kid with serious fantasy/reality distinguishing problems. The character could have come across as either disturbingly weird or just plain silly, but Ullman approaches the role with a realness and sincerity that you just don't see a lot of in this sort of production.

The movie's depictions of being inside the Internet and the human brain are imaginative, inspired, and really rather thought-provoking. The visual-effects experience of director Mark Dippe really comes through very well in this.

The songs throughout the movie are fun and frothy, but don't be fooled -- there's a serious, emotional, raw undercurrent to the entire film that really sets it apart from most Disney Channel fare. A very good movie indeed.

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One of Disney's best

Author: papergirl725 from USA
8 May 2004

This movie, to say the least, was one of the best I've seen the Disney channel make in a long time. It's a relief after all the "never-before-seen" episodes of That's So Raven and Lizzie McGuire we've all had to watch over and over. It's refreshing to see someone new. I'll admit, the flips Loretta did when she sang were very fake looking, but the whole story line was well communicated to the viewers. The makers of the film managed to get actors and actresses who weren't over-exposed, but still did quality work. Ricky Ullman did a spectacular job playing the scientific but cute and lovable Roscoe, and Leah Pipes displayed acting ability beyond anything I've ever seen from Disney Channel before. The emotion her character showed really did a lot for the movie. Overall grade: A

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A great surprise!

Author: MyOwnWorld13 from USA
16 January 2004

When I first heard about this movie, I was sort of into it. It seemed ok, but I wasn't sure if I'd watch it. Then I saw a music video for Notice Me, and I really wanted to see the romance in this movie, so I decided to watch it. So I watched it and I liked it, but then it got to the end when Loretta, the holigram, goes into Sam's mind after Sam falls off the stage. I love every single scene after this moment. I was just so into it and so excited and I loved how they did Sam's imagination and everything and how lorreta goes into Sam's body so she can feel everything, and I just love it. I also love all the emotions that everyone goes through. I like some of the music too. I done like the beginning of Nothing's Wrong With Me, but it's allright. I hope to get the soundtrack.

Overall, I love this movie, the beginning is ok, but i get mostly into it towards the end. It's a great movie though.

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A great movie

Author: purplegrundo from Philippines
27 September 2005

When I saw the commercial for Pixel Perfect, I just thought, "Ok...why not watch it?" Good thing I did, because I found it to be a great movie!

The songs were really good (and that includes the instrument music, too) and I did not get annoyed with the music videos, unlike some songs where you'd feel "oh god not again" when seeing the videos. Notice Me and Nothing's Wrong with me were really good. :D

She's not a really main part and all but my favorite character was Cindy, played by Tania Gunadi. Not a very important role, but well played.

The dances were not extremely good. And like another user mentioned, Loretta's flips were obviously fake.

Many Disney movies are like you totally know what's gonna happen, but here, even though it WAS predictable, it was not entirely as I guessed.

Overall, it was a great movie and the actors/actresses in the movie were really good. Cool, you should watch it!

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Emotional,a tear jerker

Author: Ian Salter
17 January 2004

This,along with Color of Friendship and Tru Calling,is a tear jerker,a lot of people on the forum said they didn't have high expectations for this movie,to be honest,neither did I,then I saw it,I was crying all the way to the end,all the cast do a suburb job of bringing their characters to full vivid life,even Ricky Ullman as Roscoe,and the songs were beautiful,people really need to get the message of the movie,it's our flaws that make us human,perfection describes machines and programs(Like Loretta),so take my advise,watch this movie

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Just Enjoy It!

Author: Mitche
3 February 2004

This is just a fun movie to watch. Forget that Loretta could never exist (at least not for a LONG time) and just lose yourself in the story of a young couple realizing what they mean to each other and in overcoming obstacles in realizing their dreams. It's also about a girl (hologram, actually) coming to terms with her existence, sacrificing herself to save another and making the best she can with what life dealt her. I enjoyed it a lot!

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Fun to watch with your child

Author: chris_behanna ( from Pennsylvania
19 January 2004

For the detractors, as MST3K has always advocated, "Repeat to yourself, 'It's just a show, I should really just *relax*.'

I enjoyed this movie, especially with my five-year-old son, who really likes the songs (he sings them while walking around the house). Of course, the typical five-year-old's penchant for watching a new movie meant that I watched this movie four times this past weekend, but I digress.

I concur that this movie is better than the typical Disney-TV-movie-a-tron fare. It's not groundbreaking cinema, but it does tell a story with a decent moral (albeit the moral is laid on thick, like mortar with a trowel), and yes, the acting is good.

I *loved* the search engine, as well as the depiction of being in Samantha's brain.

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The Best diseny film for tv

Author: jmcgee-1 from united states
17 January 2004

Disney has made a lot of made for t.v. films.Some of them are good and some of them are annoying as heck(Cheatah Girls)being one.And this one is good.

There's something special about this one.It has great acting,a some-what original story,and good special effects.The girl who plays Rosetta is hot and so is the other girls.It was the perfect movie to hit this year and had a diffent stlye to the other disney movies.It's probaly showing us what's next to come of diseny channel movies.When I first seen the trailer to this I wasn't that excited.Now after finally seeing it,I wish I can hit myself for saying that.I was also shock to find out that the same guy who made this made Spawn.

If you like this,you'll enjoy these disney channel movies:The Jett Jackson Movie,Genius,Smart House,and Simone(not a disney movie,but Pixel sorta copied this in a way)

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Pixel Perfect (2004)(Disney)

Author: Puppyangelz11 from united States
17 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a great Disney Channel movie. I recommend it to all children 8 and up. Even grown -ups might like this movie. this may include spoilers:

Roscoe, is a computer guy. (LOL)He makes hollographic cats, and now he will make the best thing you can make out of hollograms..... a person. you see , Samantha,Roscoe's friend,has a band. The band needed a new memeber to be in it to sing. Roscoe came up with this brilliant idea to make a computerized, or hollographic girl. He controlled everything she did with his computer, and everything she knew came right off the internet. Roscoe falls in love with her because he created her and he made her his "perfect girl". Now,Sam likes Roscoe to! Which will Roscoe pick ...... Reality or Fantasy??

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The Dreamer And The Dream

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
25 January 2009

Pixel Perfect finds genius science kid creating something that was in the Star Trek - Next Generation future. Ricky Ullman was no doubt channeling his Phil Of The Future character for this endeavor.

The science genes come from his father Brett Cullen who is working on holograph technology. Ricky's already created a holograph cat which disappears once it leaves the confines of the holograph projection space and goes into the great outdoors.

Ricky's girlfriend Leah Pipes leads an all girl rock band and she writes the band material. But she doesn't have that charisma in putting over the vocals. But our science genius Ullman solves the problem by creating a holographic Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson etc. type lead singer in the nonperson of Spencer Redford.

Spencer's character is best compared to the doctor on Star Trek Voyager which is at least 500 years in the future. As you remember Robert Picardo was constantly challenging the limits put on him as a holograph projections. As Spencer develops a self awareness and Leah develops jealousy you can see what problems are created especially after the band becomes a hit.

Pixel Perfect though absolutely technologically impossible now does ask some interesting questions on the very meaning of life and creativity. I wish it had not been done by the Disney Studio and had been aimed at a higher audience than what they draw. The Magic Kingdom just isn't equipped for these kind of issues.

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