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MPAA Rated R for sci-fi violence and gore

Sex & Nudity

  • None, a woman takes her bra off but her breasts are obsured and no frontal nudity is seen.

Violence & Gore

  • Even though there is a lot of blood splatter in Larva it is not a particuarly graphic film. None of the parasite attacks are graphic, parasites simply grab hold of their victims and wrap themselves around them.
  • There is a shot of a dead cow, it's stomach starts to pulsate and ripple before it splits open and blood splashes over the camera lens and it fades to the opening titles.
  • Dr. Elis Rudkus (Vincent Ventresca) examines the dead cow, there is a shot of the cow on the ground with it's intestines hanging out and laying on the ground, the cow is shown from a distance and the shot isn't that graphic.
  • Dr. Rudkus injects a cow, there is a shot of him stabbing the cow with the syringe & it entering the cows body.
  • Dr. Rudkus cuts his finger on a broken glass beaker, blood is sen on his finger and several spots drip onto a table. A small worm like parasite is seen moving towards the spot of blood and then drinking it.
  • There is a shot of a dead dog, it's body mutilated. this is a quick shot and it just looks like a slab of meat with fur rather than a dog.
  • There is a shot of a dead dog/rabbit (not sure which) in a stream, there is a close-up of it and it has a large neck wound.
  • There is a breif shot of another cow with it's stomach split open, nothing too graphic is shown.
  • Jacob Long (William Forsythe) shoots a large mutant parasite with a shotgun twice and kills it.
  • A man in a shower starts to have a nose bleed, his eyes start to bleed, there is a very breif shot of his chest/back starting to pulsate and ripple, there is a shot of his feet which are covered in blood which also shows blood draining away down the plug hole. There is a shot of him from above which shows him lying dead on the shower floor covered in blood.
  • Patrick (Nicholas Coleman) is seen coughing up blood while in a hospital bed, his stomach begins to expand and eventually explodes. This is not show on screen but a huge spray of blood coating doctors in the room in blood is seen. Patrick is seen lying in bed with a large bloody stomach wound, the room and doctors are seen covered in blood before a mutant parasite attacks and kills a woman, she is seen with a bloody head wound. Rudkus shoots the parasite and it leaves a trail of blood as it bursts through the air vent cover.
  • While looking for the parasite Jacob comes across a long blood trail on the floor, a janitor's legs are seen surrounded by puddles of blood.
  • A patthologist (George Cron) is seen wearing a blood stained apron and gloves, he is attacked and killed by the parasite before Rudkus shoots it dead.
  • A man is attacked by a parasite in a car, blood splatters over the wind shield.
  • A fat cop falls to the ground in pain, he starts to foam at the mouth, a parasite starts to emerge from under his shirt, it is shot dead.
  • A man is attacked in his car by a parasite, blodd splatters over the window.
  • As Fletcher Odermatt (David Selby) drives to his house he sees a parasite feeding on a dead cow in a field. Once home Fletcher follows a blood trail to his dead wife's body. He grabs a shotgun and shoots a parasite before other's come and kill him.
  • Both Rudkus and Jacob shoot and kill various parasites as they try to set a trap for them in the sewers, during this sequence the Sheriff (Robert Miano) is attacked and killed.


  • Once, in the sewer system at the end Jacob Long (William Forsythe) says 'right this way you slimy bastards'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Various character's are attacked and killed by giant parasitic creatures and some scenes are deliberately shot to be scary.

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