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Jackson has the usual big speeches assigned to all coaches in all sports movies, and delivers on them, big time. His passion makes familiar scenes feel new.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's fair to say that Coach Carter is more an education film than it is a sports movie.
New York Daily News
By turns funny, touching and genuinely inspiring.
Chicago Tribune
A true story, feel-good parable and a respectable, uplifting descendent of "To Sir, With Love" and "Lean On Me."
Miami Herald
Descended from a long and healthy line of high school-sports and academic-achievement films, a hip-hop "Hoosiers" bolstered by a generous helping of "Stand and Deliver" and "Lean On Me."
Wall Street Journal
A smart entertainment that trades on Mr. Jackson's forceful presence, a cast of extremely likable young actors and lots of basketball action.
The Hollywood Reporter
Thanks mainly to his (Jackson) considerable presence, Coach Carter works more effectively than expected.
Entertainment Weekly
Jackson, though, does lend this earnest formula flick a core of conviction.
So, while the movie at times warmed my own middle-class, private school-educated cockles to a toasty complacency, there's an undercurrent of friendly fascism running through it like a nasty draft.
San Francisco Chronicle
Features bursts of humor and electrifying energy offset by speechifying and a dud of a subplot.
2-1/4 hours of MTV-produced tough love, with a dance break and pool party to relieve -- momentarily -- a series of motivational rants from lead Samuel L. Jackson.
This afternoon-TV special trying to pass as a real movie earns an extra half star solely for Samuel L. Jackson, who brings his usual fire to the role.

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