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Sex & Nudity

  • Not Rated, but would probably be Rated:
  • R- Strong Crude Humor and Sexual Content, including Graphic Dialogue, Pervasive Language, Some Drug Use and Violence
  • Multiple scenes of Melissa Cherry music videos which feature two scenes of simulated clothed fellatio and a scene of simulated clothed sex, along with seductive dancing and lyrics.
  • An animated terrorist instruction video which features sex, fellatio, male masturbation, and multiple fully nude women.
  • A gay cruise line ad that features anal sex - repeated three times, fellatio, a handjob, and erect penises through clothing.
  • A man attempts to use a library book chute for masturbation.
  • An erect penis is shown through clothing in a different skit.
  • Two shots of a nude male bottom.

Violence & Gore

  • Multiple assaults and explosions, three fights, three instances of criminal threatening, two acts of gun violence, and one act of hatchet (?) violence.
  • One decapitation (not bloody and clearly with a dummy head).
  • One person commits mild self abuse.
  • An audio CD of a simulated rape is played.
  • A person is crushed to death (with fake looking gore/blood).
  • Multiple acts of ice hockey violence against wheelchair bound player.
  • A wheelchair bound person is thrown off a horse.
  • A slightly bloody corpse is shown.
  • Animal abuse against a kitten.


  • Near constant instances of hard and soft profanity.
  • Multiple instances of hard religious profanity and one instance of mild religious profanity.
  • Multiple instances of "bitch". Two instances of "whore". One instance of "girlie".
  • Multiple instances of "negro". One instance each of "darkie" and "n----r".
  • Two instances of "gaywad" and one instance of "f-g".
  • Multiple instances of "cock"and "balls". One instance each of "dick" and "nutsack".
  • Three instances of "piss".
  • One instance of the middle finger in a potentially offensive manner.
  • One instance of "cum shot".
  • One instance each of "douchebag" and "fool".
  • Most of the storyline of the movie is centered around a man named "Cockpuncher"
  • Fuck is used about 80 times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Multiple instances of cigarette smoking. Three instances of cigar smoking. Two instances of marijuana smoking. Two instances of bong smoking.
  • Three bags of marijuana are shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the humor in this film is intentionally offensive.
  • Suitable for 14+
  • Contains strong sex references, language, moderate violence and drug references.

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