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DVD extra
petershelleyau19 March 2004
This making of documentary features footage from the film, stills (including those of the aborted original opening sequence), and interviews.

It's never explained fully why Louis B Mayer found the film so distasteful, though it is interesting that William Holden is described as much as a hasbeen as Gloria Swanson was when he was cast. We get the usual divided opinions about Sunset's Academy Award losses in favor of All About Eve, but also Nancy Olson (as the only surviving cast member) tells a funny story of how Holden's wife yelled "Cut. Dammit, cut" at the long take Wilder used for the balcony scene embrace. We also get Glenn Close commenting on the later Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.
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Worth seeing but nothing really new here
preppy-316 March 2008
This is included with 2002 DVD release of "Sunset Blvd". It's basically a VERY short (25 minutes) documentary of the making of the classic. There's nothing here that I really didn't know already but there are a few interesting bits here and there. It does go into the fact that Louis Mayer HATED the film when he saw it. He went to director Bill Wilder and told him off and Wilder responded . That's interesting but we're never told WHY Mayer hated the film and what Wilder's response was! The most interesting bits here are of Nancy Olson (the only surviving cast member) talking about making the film. She's full of life, kids her wholesome image and has a few little interesting stories. Glenn Close (who was in the musical version of "Sunset") also pops up with a few comments. I love Close but really--she's not needed. She really has nothing to add about the movie itself. So this isn't an in depth expose on the movie but a mildly interesting little documentary about the making of it.
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seemed to be too much filler
movieman_kev18 December 2004
Sure there's a few tidbits that can be learned from watching this little puff piece on a great movie (such as how the shot of the swimming pool from below was pulled off), but for the most part it seems lacking in substance, the worst offender is without a doubt Glenn Close, as she seems to add nothing to the featurette, absolutely nothing. And for the life of me, I truly can't see why she was even in it, except maybe to pad out the running time. And yes I know she was in the Andrew Llyod Weber musical, but i absolutely LOATHE Weber. This 25-minute featurette can be found as an extra on the Special Edition DVD of "Sunset Blvd."

My Grade: C-
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