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Absolutely Phenomenal!

Author: repeater575 from New York
3 May 2004

I actually stumbled upon this DVD accidentally. I am a huge fan of the Chili Peppers but somehow hadn't heard about this concert. I of course purchased it, and after watching it, was just blown away. I have never seen the Chili's live, but I can say after about a decade of going to live shows and concerts, this was the best live performance I have ever seen. Every song is right on point, even the covers are amazing (1 cover is Havana Affair by The Ramones). Some highlights are Parallel Universe and Throw away your Television. Both songs are extended, mostly by John Frusciante just absolutely shredding the stage apart with his guitar. I have never heard guitar playing like this before, it's almost extra terrestrial. The intro to Californication by John and Flea is one of the more beautiful moments I can recall in live music history. John's 3 band mates are of course nothing short of excellent. The energy they display throughout every song is unmatched by any live band in music today. And John's harmonizing vocals to Anthony's lead is just perfect. I really can't say enough, I have probably watched this concert 15 times in about 2 months. And playing to 80,000 fans, with Slane Castle in the backdrop, it just doesn't get much better. If you want to see music played to absolute perfection, just check out Venice Queen, which is the last song they play before the encore. Breathtaking!

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The Best!!!

Author: loubriccant from United States
20 October 2006

Best live rock performance on DVD, period! The energy, sound and for that matter, the entire production is first rate! High Def. cameras are used throughout. If you like the RHCP's, why don't you own this? If you're on the fence, you WON'T be disappointed!!! Flea is an animal!!! Chad is one of the best drummer's alive!!! John is the most underrated guitarists in the world. Even with all his dancing around, he NEVER messes up. You can't tell me that Anthony hasn't refined his craft, too!!! As far as I'm concerned, they are at the pinnacle, of their abilities! A perfect, recent example is that when they played 'Dani California' on SNL, it was so tight, flowing and funky! The sign of a great band is when they sound better live, then recorded. Do yourself a favor, check it out!!!

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The best concert DVD I have seen yet

Author: Renegade_of_Funk007 from Canada
27 August 2005

Before this DVD I was a casual Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. I own Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik and Californication but never really thought much of them. Then I got my hands on this wonderful DVD.

The first thing I noticed being a guitarist myself was John Frusciantes part in the band. His playing on this DVD is absolutely mind blowing. He is by no means the fastest or most technically skilled player but there is really something special about it. The feel. Every time I heard him go off into his own world and improvise some of the worlds greatest solo's I was just completely drawn in. His playing is like none other. Also his vocals are really improving. Great performance on his part.

Next I noticed how strong Anthony's voice has gotten over the years. Also the vocal melodies he is able to come up with really show just how creative this man really is. Also he is a great showman and really looks like he is enjoying himself up there.

Of course Flea completely stole the show in pure showmanship. His on stage persona is just as hilarious as ever. Constantly cracking off little jokes, playing some of the funkiest bass lines, and always interacting with the crowd in someway. A real showman and his bass playing as expected is the strongest I have seen it in sometime.

Now for Chad. Very solid drummer. Very accurate, well timed drummer. He also plays some very intricate, flashy, and funky beats and seems to pull them off with complete ease and a constant grin. Very good player.

The highlight of the night for me is Johns and Flea's improvised jam just before Californication. They show what can really be done when the band members are completely in sync with each other on a musical level. When they can literally feed off each other musically. It is one of the most beautiful moments in music that I have seen. In fact throughout this entire show the band plays as if they are one. They are all very aware of each other and only let it drive them more.

From a production point of view this DVD is very well made. The camera seems to focus on each member at the right time. When a certain member is really doing something spectacular, the camera is there. This is what has ruined concert DVD's in the past for me if not properly done.It also allows for 5.1 surround as well as DTS.

In closing this is the best concert DVD made so far.

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a fantastic performance captured on video

Author: Jessimaca (jessica@katfish.net.au) from Perth, Western Australia
10 January 2004

Red Hot Chili Peppers played in front of 80,000 people at Slane Castle on the 23rd of August 2003. They gave their heart and souls into that performance and it really shows on the dvd presentation of the event. Not only should the Chili Peppers be credited with the fact that their performance was fantastic, the camera work was great too - compared to their previous dvd 'Off the map' which show cased some shoddy camera work.

Performing 18 songs including "around the world", "scar tissue", "venice queen" and going back to the favourites "give it away", the classic "under the bridge" and also "power of equality", this dvd is recommended to anyone who is a chili peppers fan or a new fan, or even someone who has never been to a Chili Peppers' concert, this will show viewers what the Peppers are made of.

Anthony Kiedis, Flea and Chad Smith have more energy than any other 41 year old performers and John Frusciante plays his guitar with such passion that cannot be matched with other current guitarists. This video is worth your time and money.

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To all music-lovers, this is required viewing

Author: stjones01 from United States
29 March 2012

In the midst of eighty-thousand screaming people, the ruthless screech of John Frusciante's guitar swoons through the air. In response, Chad Smith attacks the drums with unrivaled ferocity, and pauses. John repeats his feral outcry, and Chad returns, this time with the familiar funk of Flea's bass, and the concert begins. Towards the end of the jam, Antwon the Swan himself storms up to the front of the stage, and starts into their latest hit, 'By The Way'. For those who aren't savvy on the history of the band, suffice it to say that these guys have been through it all. All of the struggles of self-discovery, all of the past blunders, all of the pain of losing their beloved Hillel Slovak (their first guitar player)--these experiences show in each note they play and sing. There's something for everyone in this concert, because the peppers sound varies from album to album. Their versatility demands respect and appreciation--they'll play an angst-ridden ballad in one moment, and follow it up with an up-beat funk number the next, and not skip a beat. But it's not what they play, so much as HOW they play it. Flea's bass-playing is so beautifully complex, yet he makes it look so simple. Watching him jump around, kicking his legs out at the audience with his bass at ankle-level, all the while maintaining a ridiculous bass riff.. what can I say? It's bad-ass. Meanwhile, Chad Smith slams his drums with the fierceness of a beast, and all the sensibility of a jazz drummer. The two of them together are a formidable rhythm section in the Rock and Roll world. Anthony's vocals, while they lack the polish of some other singers, are the best they've ever been. An important thing to keep in mind is that he began the band with the intention of being a rapper, more or less. Seeing how far he's come is definitely goose- bump-inducing. All the while, John Frusciante acts as the icing on the funk-rockin' cake. His less-is-more approach to guitar- playing sets him apart from the other instrumentalists, and his gorgeous falsetto has great chemistry with Anthony's melodies. Due to his hard drug use in the past, the mere fact that he's on stage with them at all is nothing short of a miracle. For my fellow Chili Pepper fans, obviously this concert will be a religious experience for you. For those of you who aren't sold on my favorite funksters yet, well, just try and refrain from head-banging... I dare you.

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Some sublime concert footage released on DVD!

Author: Electrified_Voltage from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
30 August 2008

I'm not one of those who can say I've been a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan since the beginning, due to the fact that their first couple albums came out before I was born. It wasn't until about eight years ago when I got a copy of their then-latest album, 1999's "Californication". After that, I started exploring their previous work, and have continued to follow them since then. Before getting this concert film on DVD, I had seen some Chili Peppers concert footage, but this was my first time seeing an entire concert film of theirs, and it didn't let me down.

"Red Hot Chili Peppers: Live at Slane Castle" features the California quartet (Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante, and Chad Smith) performing (as the title says) at Slane Castle in Ireland, in front of a crowd of 80000 people filling the field, on August 23, 2003! It shows them performing a set of songs from what were their last two albums at the time, "Californication" and "By The Way", as well as songs from their 1991 smash hit, "Blood Sugar Sex Magik". The set also includes interludes, brief solo performances from guitarist John Frusciante, and a ballad version of "Havana Affair", by the Ramones. Apparently, the band also played "Soul To Squeeze" (their contribution to the soundtrack for the 1993 film, "Coneheads") at the show, but it was cut out because a string on Frusciante's guitar broke during the song.

Slane Castle is definitely a good place to shoot a concert film. I usually find that concert films are better when they take place at outdoor venues with big crowds, and this is one of those. Also, the band who lured those tens of thousands of people to the venue to see them that day in 2003 definitely made it worthwhile for them! All the band members are in excellent form, playing so many great songs, and not failing to make them sound impressive live! They also know how to keep the audience enthused with their energy and charisma, and there is occasional humour in between some songs. The cinematography in "Red Hot Chili Peppers: Live at Slane Castle" isn't disappointing, either. As you would probably hope for in a concert film, this one shows multiple perspectives; from the stage, from various parts of the crowd, from overhead, etc. I've noticed some brief slow motion scenes around the beginning, which are unnecessary, but, no big deal.

Although I've been familiar with Red Hot Chili Peppers for many years now, I still haven't gotten the chance to attend any of their gigs, but certainly wouldn't mind doing so. In fact, I wouldn't have minded doing so years ago, and this "Live at Slane Castle" video, which I have now seen several times, certainly hasn't made me change my mind! This well-crafted 2003 concert film really doesn't have a lot, if anything, to disappoint fans of the distinctive California quartet! If you've ever been lucky enough to see the group's current lineup in concert, this will likely bring back memories. While I can't talk from a first-hand experience, I haven't found much criticism of this video from those who can, so I guess it does the band's live performances justice, pretty much at least. If you're like me, a fan who hasn't seen them in concert, "Live at Slane Castle" just might make you more determined to go and see them if you have the chance!

May 1, 2012 Update: A few days ago, I finally got to see the Chili Peppers in concert for the first time, and was not let down. It obviously wasn't QUITE the same without John Frusciante and with Josh Klinghoffer in his place, but all the members still managed to deliver, including him. Now that I can talk from a firsthand experience, I can say that the band sure knows how to put on a show, and "Live at Slane Castle" is a great representation of what their live shows are like!

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Red Hot in Top Form

Author: inrime from Singapore
21 February 2004

RHCP at Slane Castle is simply great. It starts out with a great jam - what do you expect from Flea and John? Plenty of awesome tracks in this video.

From By the Way to Californication to Power of Equality. RHCP are all about improvisations so every song has a certain new tune or solo to it. Check Don't Forget Me - the last two minutes of it is very melodic and reminiscing-quality tune. Or the customary intro into Californication is one of the best the Chili Peppers has managed. This video has several covers too. A full length Havana Affair to a shortened Maybe. This video has everything. It makes you jump to the bass-slapping, sit to the enigmatic Frusciante playing, hitting to Chad's drumbeats and sing to Kiedis's ever-improving singing. It is as good as being there! Check this out!

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Perhaps the best show on DVD of the peppers

Author: RainDogJr from Mexico City
14 March 2007

For me this concert is one the best of the peppers because contains all the classics song like under the bridge, the power of equality and give it away. I have only seen the red hot chili peppers once and it was the last Saturday March 10 of 2007 in the "foro sol", here in Mexico city and for me was one of the greatest shows ever. That show was fantastic but the only thing that i can say against that show in Mexico, was that the peppers don't play songs like the other side, under the bridge and around the world.........well but it was fantastic. What i want to say is that here in this DVD you can see and hear all the pepper's classics that maybe they don't play in the show that you see live. 9.5

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Can't Stop...

Author: losangeles32 (losangeles32@hotmail.com) from Spain
17 February 2004

Since i bought this DVD i have to admit i have been watching it once and again.You can't find any boring moment in this new RCHP concert. Songs such as Universally Speaking,Otherside or Don't forget me sounds even better than in their original releases.Frusciante's guitar is absolutely magic in Throw away your television or the now classic Give it away.Anthony Kiedis sings even better than the old days and Flea makes the humorous line adding his magical bass play too.The rhythm section by Mr Chad Smith is gorgeous too making one of the best faithful drummers in the RCHP history.People from all ages will find this DVD very entertained and showing one more time that rock and harmony has always been compatible.The Red Hot Chili Peppers are without a doubt the best band for me actually and this dvd can confirm it.One more thing...don't lose the intro by Flea and Frusciante in Californication...John Frusciante is by far the best guitarist in all music history along with Jimi Hendrix...of course it's only my opinion.

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