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Delightful (and not-so-violent!) Christmas video

Author: Stephen J Cobert from Wichita, Kansas
13 March 2004

It's the Christmas season, and everyone in Townsville is looking forward to what Santa Claus has for them. But when Princess Morebucks gets the notion that she might just be on Santa's "Naughty" list, she makes a visit to the North Pole and almost ruins Christmas for everyone. This lighthearted holiday fare will entertain kids and adults alike. The animation is the simple TV-style, not the computer-enhanced style the theatrical movie used. Perhaps best of all, the violence that the series is so often criticized for is kept to a minimum. Some kids may not like the depiction of Santa as a grouchy old sourpuss, but who could blame his state of mind after having to deliver a lump of coal to almost every girl and boy on the planet?

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Real Piece of Work!

Author: aaron jentzsch from west jordan utah
24 July 2004

I loved the film. I follow Craig's, Tom's and especially Tara's work. It started as just watching something with my daughter, but when I realized the talent in

animation, I have grown to appreciate the work and dedication that goes into an episode...movie. direction was classic, wonderful, and I myself get a kick out of the characters as well as the voice talent behind the PowerPuffs! Even though I am partial to Tara's work, her career path thus far, you can never choose just one Puff, they are all cool, and I am not afraid to stand up as a fan of the Puffs! Go Craig! go Tom!, Go Tom! Go Tara! Go Cathy! Go Elizabeth! You all rock! Keep it up! Oh, and Genndy too! Producers are nice to have around too! lol!

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Great Powerpuff Girls Christmas Special

Author: mwcrunner
24 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the best Christmas specials ever. The Powerpuff Girls save Christmas by defeating that brat Princess Morbucks by switching back Santa's naughty and nice list. Now it also would've been something if Mojo Jojo would've been like the Grinch in this. lol. Powerpuff Girls are awesome and cute and they make great Christmas gifts as toys. Also you never want to mess with Santa cause you saw what she did to Princess Morbucks in this. Also if HIM would've been in this he would've been like Krampus. Also the Professor was funny at the end of this acting like a little kid. lol. Great Christmas special here. Enough said.

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Great for those Christmas Mood Viewers

Author: Omega_Z
10 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What will you get if you are Nice? What will you get if you are Naughty? What will you get if you are Permanently Naughty? That would be in this order.

1. Whatever You Want. 2. Coal? Maybe. 3. Lots of Coal or Nothing At All.

Father Christmas a.k.a. Santa Claus knows how you've been behaving so do not look down on Him. And when if his Head hurts, do not worry about not receiving your Birthday Gifts. Why? The Powerpuff Girls, our beloved little girls with great Powers will always be there for us. Especially when they realized that they got Coal.

Merry Christmas in Advance since it is not December 25... yet.

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Hey, hey, amusing for young 'uns and guilty pleasure for oldsters

Author: FrostyHornyPie from United States
20 December 2006

This is better than tolerable for adults who choose to watch this with the kids. Now, I didn't really cotton to the reinforcement of the idea kids already have, that Christmas is all about getting presents. Unfortunately, this is the age we live in, but I always look for a Christmas message and didn't really find one here. The reworking of the "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" poem is well done. And references to classics like A Christmas Story are nicely done. This won't likely ever be a classic in its own right, but I'm quite sure that it will be a perennial favorite for a few years. The animation as already noted by another reviewer is pretty standard TV type animation

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