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Dallas Observer
An entertainment success, a triple threat of fresh writing, inspired directing, and, yes, good acting.
In essence, British director Nigel Cole has brought a breezy arthouse sensibility to this tale of fated love.
Here's a pleasant little romantic comedy that doesn't try too hard and has the virtue of doing a few things differently.
The A.V. Club
Kutcher and Peet are a low-wattage pair, with little of the verbal riffing that counts as seduction in most romantic comedies, but they have real chemistry together, and A Lot Like Love happily indulges their silly, juvenile one-upmanship.
L.A. Weekly
Peet is triumphant as the beguiling object of desire with wounded-bird eyes and devilish smile -- sexy and tart, then, in the space of a breath, totally, tenderly tragic. Like Oliver, we'd happily follow her anywhere.
Village Voice
Interjections from perennial second bananas Kathryn Hahn (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) and Kal Penn (winning even when not conjuring vivified bags of pot) generate the only sparks.
Entertainment Weekly
A Lot Like Love is a lot like a romantic comedy, except that all that's keeping these two kids apart is the trivially insufferable movie they're in.
Rolling Stone
As the film stopped counting back in years and switched to months, I panicked that it would slog on to weeks, hours and seconds before reaching its inevitable end. I was wrong. About A Lot Like Love leaving you wanting a lot less, I am right.
Enjoyable and funny enough.
Chicago Tribune
A poor man's "When Harry Met Sally."

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