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The chuckles here come from the leads' interplay, crying on each other's shoulders and cheering each other up.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Though I liked Love's unhurried pace and oddball digressions, its obligatory romantic-comedy resolution seemed too schematic for what had preceded it.
Miami Herald
Survives its surface annoyances because Lynch's script also has ambition, heart and something to say other than love conquers all.
Here's a pleasant little romantic comedy that doesn't try too hard and has the virtue of doing a few things differently.
While it's certainly too derivative to be a great movie, it's too goodhearted and modest in its aspirations to be denied.
The Hollywood Reporter
This is a hand-me-(dumbed)-down chick flick that is counting on Kutcher's tabloid popularity and Peet's unmistakable though here underutilized talents to cover up for rote characterizations, tired plot devices and a general lack of inspiration.
Entertainment Weekly
A Lot Like Love is a lot like a romantic comedy, except that all that's keeping these two kids apart is the trivially insufferable movie they're in.
As the film stopped counting back in years and switched to months, I panicked that it would slog on to weeks, hours and seconds before reaching its inevitable end. I was wrong. About A Lot Like Love leaving you wanting a lot less, I am right.
An unfortunate casting decision, however, comes close to sabotaging a witty script.
New York Daily News
In A Lot Like Love, there is no doubt - nor suspense, nor depth.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Too often, the script collapses into what feels like improvisation, in which the characters find a kind of common ground: Infantilism.

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