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Chicago Tribune
A master of atmosphere, Japanese director Takashi Shimizu leads his audience along on a celluloid leash to his pitch-black attic of horror, inviting each hair on the back of your neck to stand up.
The only character with any personality in The Grudge is a Tokyo house, but not to worry - it's got enough mean in it to keep any horror movie afloat.
The Hollywood Reporter
Slightly less frightening than the original, but it's still a scary psycho-horror that effectively replicates its bleak and crisp shocks.
Miami Herald
This is an eerie, inventively mounted movie: It's a shivery fun time, filled with dark corners, deserted hallways and sudden apparitions. But it never manages to genuinely rattle you.
Entertainment Weekly
A horror film that consists of virtually nothing but don't-go-in-the-attic suspense scenes strung together with a reasonable degree of brooding mood and a minimum of logic.
At least the horror premise here has a hook - a house can spread its curse like a plague to adversely affect all who enter.
San Francisco Chronicle
Shimizu can't quite pull everything together, trying to get off easy with a bargain-bin twist ending that most of the audience will see coming by the time the pile of corpses reaches double digits.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It isn't frightening. Sometimes, in fact, it's laughable.
New York Daily News
Like a good horror movie, the images, jolts and artistically directed disorientation will keep your stomach clenched...Like a bad one, it doesn't make a lick of sense.
New York Post
The Grudge offers a bit more exposition than did "Ju-On," but the plot is still wispy.
Takes a leaf from the "Psycho" handbook and abandons its star for stretches here and there.

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