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One of the year's most significant films.
About the search for common ground, among journalists on all sides of the conflict and, through them, between viewers in America and the Arab world. Only within that common ground, Noujaim believes, can something like a workable, personal truth be found.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's strong stuff.
A riveting new documentary about the Arab-run Al Jazeera network, reminds us that news programming can vary so widely from place to place that journalistic myths of "objectivity" and "impartiality" seem more naive than ever.
Miami Herald
Control Room may not seem all that compelling 10 years down the road. But right now, at this very moment, it is essential, imperative viewing.
Charlotte Observer
Control Room ends by acknowledging that independence, accuracy and even truth itself may be illusory.
Wall Street Journal
News management is the main issue. Control Room shows how coverage is tailored to fit the audience, both by al-Jazeera and its Western counterparts.
New York Daily News
If her (Noujaim's) movie teaches us anything, it's that no reality remains unspun.
Chicago Sun-Times
The film's buried message is that there is a reservoir of admiration and affection for America, at least among the educated classes in the Arab world, and they do not equate the current administration with America.
The Hollywood Reporter
Scenes of dark humor abound as well, like the episode in which the gathered journalists react in fury when they are not provided with pictures of the infamous deck of playing cards depicting the "50 Most Wanted" Iraqi figures.
Entertainment Weekly
Anxiety-provoking documentary.

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