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The budget for the entire film was around $7000. Most of the money was spent on film stock.
Abe goes back in time and ends up regretting it. His surname is Terger, or 'Regret going backwards.'
One scene that did not make the final cut showed that Abe was diabetic. The shot, which showed him taking time out of a conversation because he needed to give himself an insulin injection, was intended to establish that the circumstances of Abe's life have taught him to be careful and methodical.
Shane Carruth stated that at most an 80-minute movie could be made from the footage; the film ended up being 78 minutes long. He stated that the shooting ratio was 2:1.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the scene in which Abe-2 knocks out Abe-1 with nitrous oxide, the container he is holding is actually a rice cooker. Also, we see sleeping Abe's profile, but not standing Abe, because the latter was Shane Carruth standing in for David Sullivan.
Rules to Follow to Evade Causality Paradoxes or Generally Screwing Your Life Up: 1. Do not disturb the box after you exit it. You or your double is in it. 2. When re-experiencing time, stay away from your double until he/she has started his/her journey backwards. 3. Worry about yourself first. Now is the only moment that has to make sense. 4. Don't be too curious about your surroundings.
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