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Darger made art as if the lives of his subjects depended on it. That's how Yu has made her movie.
Absorbing and exquisite.
Entertainment Weekly
A singular and haunting experience.
One need not necessarily appreciate Darger's art to enjoy Yu's sympathetic, intimate, and often breathtaking journey into the workings of his mind.
The Hollywood Reporter
A fascinating examination of a mysterious life and the truly bizarre art that it spawned.
The result is an astonishingly complex, striking original portrait of an artist whose deeply personal art, intended for no one but God and himself, demands to be treated on its own terms.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Has an odd magic about it - the magic of Darger's singularly peculiar dreamworld.
New York Post
Yu presents a compelling, somewhat disturbing portrait of the artist, who in 2000 was the subject of a major exhibit that toured the world.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The film, like its subject, is more adroit with pictures than with words.
New York Daily News
Even without much in the way of hard facts, Yu makes intuitive leaps, using animated segments to bring to life Darger's work, and therefore the man - or as much of him as it is possible to fathom.
Chicago Tribune
If this documentary were about a serious painter, it would be judged a travesty not unlike commercials that goose up the couple in "American Gothic" or show the Mona Lisa laughing.

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