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The coin trick that Henry Winkler does in the movie is something he does in real life. During public appearances, he will often do the trick for children.
Adam Sandler, and the film's producer's were almost sued for plagiarism by scholastic inc when the film's plot was revealed and well known. The reason being because in 1995 11 years prior to this film the popular author R.L. Stine wrote a very similar story in his "tales to give you goosebumps" with almost the exact same plot and setup as this film...even down to both being titled Click, no legal action was ever taken as both agreed to the whole thing being a coincidence - which is ironic since both can easily be based on the old French tale of The Magic Thread where a boy is able to pull a thread to speed up the parts of his life he doesn't like and quickly finds himself an old man before being given a second chance.
As an in-joke, the names of some of the crew members are visible on a few headstones at the graveyard scene near the end of the film.
As of 2010, this is Adam Sandler's highest grossing film at the worldwide box office.
The little girl at the lakeside during young Michael's flashback is Kate Beckinsale's daughter, Lily Mo Sheen.
Christopher Walken dances in the film, as is his trademark.
The neighbors in the film are named the O'Doyles which is also the name of the family of bully's who always say O'Doyle Rules in Adam Sandlers earlier film Billy Madison.
In the "first kiss flashback", Jennifer Coolidge's character is seen wearing a Simpsons shirt. Julie Kavner (Trudy Newman, Michael's mom) provides the voice for Marge Simpson in "The Simpsons" franchise.
Michael passes on a favor from Mr. Ammer, to which Mr. Ammer replies, "I'll put Swardson on it." Nick Swardson is a friend of Adam Sandler, appearing on Sandler's most recent comedy album, "Shh... Don't Tell" (2004). Swardson is also the Bed, Bath & Beyond Guy who asks Michael to be his friend.
The futuristic car that Michael Newman drives to his house when he first realizes he is CEO of the Company, is the Cadillac Sixteen, a concept car that was unveiled in 2003.
In the lake scene, Adam Sandler's character reminisces his childhood at Lake Winnipesaukee. Winnipesaukee is approximately 50 miles north of Manchester, New Hampshire; where Sandler grew up.
Lauren Graham and Drew Barrymore turned down the part of Donna Newman.
Several future world events are mentioned by radio in the film as Michael fast-forwards through his life. Two of these include Michael Jackson becoming the first human to clone himself and Britney Spears having her 23rd baby. The dates the film is set in the future span from 2017 to 2030.
In the DVD Audio commentary, director Frank Coraci states that the scene set in the past where Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale's characters kiss for the first time was deliberately over light to look like a late 80s/early 90s film.
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Michael Newman's (Adam Sandler) home (when he seems himself in the future) is the same building used as Mel's (Jon Lovitz) home in The Benchwarmers (2006).
The film's premise was originated from a joke by writer Steve Koren. It was only upon a suggestion of turning into a feature, by the girlfriend of co-writer Mark O'Keefe, that the project got started off the ground.
The person Eric Lamansoff is mentioned in this film. He is also the name of Kevin James' character in Grown Ups 1&2 which both have Adam Sandler in
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When Michael presses the menu button on the remote, you see a flashback of his life and various theme songs from TV and gameshows play in the background, including Match Game 73 (1973), S.W.A.T. (1975), The $10,000 Pyramid (1973), The Benny Hill Show (1969), The Price Is Right (1972), Wheel of Fortune (1983), and Win, Lose or Draw (1987).
Alan Silvestri was attached as the film's composer, but he left the project in late March 2006 due to "creative differences".
When Michael visits Ben's office, the water that Ben gives Michael is VOSS sparkling artesian water from Norway.
Panavision Inc. listed this feature as the second official feature to use the Genesis Digital Camera System after Superman Returns (2006). Dean Semler would use this system in his subsequent features Apocalypto (2006) and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007).
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Since Henry Winkler and Julie Kavner appeared on The Simpsons episode "Take My Wife, Sleaze".
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Adam Sandler plays Michael Newman in this film, along with David Hasselhoff as John Ammer. In _Knight Rider (1982)_, Hasselhoff plays Michael Knight.
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Dolores O'Riordan, The Cranberries: the singer who sings "Linger" at the wedding towards the end.

Director Cameo 

Frank Coraci: the male nurse who attempts to sedate Michael in the hospital but sedates himself instead.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Christopher Walken's character Morty is revealed to be the angel of death. Mortis is the Latin word for death (and is the basis for such words as mortician, rigor mortis, mortality, etc.)
At Ben's wedding in the future, the Freedom Tower can be seen in the NYC skyline (except there are two towers) where the World Trade Center once stood.

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