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Character error 

When Eben is about to inject himself with Billy's blood, he says that Riis and Carter were bitten, but they were actually scratched. Riis was scratched during his struggle with the vampires; the mark on Carter's face is clearly a scratch rather than a bite. Also, Billy was changing right after being bitten by Arvin, which implies Eben was wrong about the bitten being able to retain their humanity for a while longer.
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The color of Stella's eyebrows changes throughout the movie.
In the first scene where Eben walks into the sheriff's office and takes off his hat, his hair goes from sticking up to well combed to sticking up again.
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Toward the end, when Jake looks out the window, blood from the first few days of vampire attacks is still visible on the ground, despite several days of snowfall.
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Josh Hartnett grows facial hair over the course of the movie, but no one else does, including his 15-year-old brother.
When John Riis is sitting at his table, and the camera pans to his wife Ally in the kitchen. Snow falls past the window behind her, but none falls past the window behind him.

Errors in geography 

Barrow, Alaska is exactly 201 miles from the Alaskan Pipeline.
After Barrow, Alaska's, winter darkness, the sun rises in the south. At the end of the movie, the sun rises over the Arctic Ocean, which is to the north.

Factual errors 

In the film, Barrow is bright and sunny one day, then completely dark for the next 67 days. In reality, the days get shorter and shorter until the sun no longer appears over the horizon. Twilight appears every day, between noon and 4:00 pm, until the sun once again peeks over the horizon.
Alaska has no sheriffs; all law enforcement is handled by municipal police, borough police, and the Alaska State Police. The North Slope Borough Police Department handles law enforcement in Barrow.
Everyone is eager to get the "last flight out" before the airport closes down for 30 days. The airport may close for occasional storms, but it never shuts down for 30 days. Alaska Airlines flies to Barrow at least once a day all year.
The sign for Barrow lists a population of 563. The town actually has more than 4,000 people.
The satellite dishes on the communications building are pointed slightly up. Satellites orbit near the equator, so satellite dishes in Alaska point horizontally, or slightly down. For that reason, it's not likely that the characters would have satellite phones.
UV rays are harmful to plants, so grow lamps don't emit any more UV light than regular fluorescent lights. Either the light should've killed the plants, or the vampires should've suffered burns from normal lighting.
In the diner, Lucy tells the stranger that no alcohol is allowed during the 30 day break. Barrow is a "damp" town all year; alcohol sales are not legal, but consumption and import are.
When Browser drops the lit road flare into the box of flares it explodes violently. Road flares will not readily ignite and if they did the size of the flame would not fill a room.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Most indoor and street scenes are well-lit, despite having no sunlight or electricity. Most buildings have generators, including the sheriff station and the diner.

Revealing mistakes 

The Bald headed vampire that dies in the factory can be seen with the mass of vampires after his death.
It's winter in Alaska, but the actors' breath is not visible in most scenes.
The bag of marijuana at the jail is actually filled with black pipe cleaners.
Some vehicles do not have license plates.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Factual errors 

The entire town is on fire near the end, but the snow does not melt.

Plot holes 

The vampires set the town on fire so nobody will know what happened. However, the flipped cars, the heads on pikes, and the fact that most of the town's residents obviously didn't die in the fire would seem very strange to anyone investigating the fire.

Revealing mistakes 

During the blizzard, when the group is moving from the attic to the general store, the wind is raging, yet the power lines are not moving. No ice has accumulated on the lines, so they aren't frozen solid.

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