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The vampires speak a completely original language. It was created for the film with the help of a linguistics professor at a New Zealand university.
Most of the night shots were shot during the day, using the day-for-night process.
Steve Niles originally conceived the story as a film. After years of rejection by studios, it was reworked into a comic book. Eventually, a studio that rejected the original screenplay went for the comic version.
Josh Hartnett did his own stunts.Melissa George did most of Stella's driving.
The little girl vampire has arm tattoos that are visible for a few frames. The stick figure-like tattoo on her right arm is the logo of German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten.
All of the vampires have names; they're not mentioned until the end credits.
Shot in New Zealand. Nearly half of the cast is Kiwi or Australian.
A picture of Steve Niles, who wrote the original comic book, hangs in the attic hideout.
Filmed in 70 days.
According to the DVD commentary, Josh Hartnett was sick with mono for two weeks of filming. During that period, he had to fly to Venice, London, New York, and Los Angeles for premiers of The Black Dahlia (2006).
According to David Slade, veteran director Sam Raimi was slated to direct the film when the script was in its earliest stages; then Raimi opted to produce instead.
WILHELM SCREAM: Heard after man is thrown off metal roof by vampire during the initial attacks on Barrow.
Prints were shipped to some theaters under the fake title "Red Impression".
Rey-Phillip Santos was originally cast as the vampire Arvin.
On its first run past the Australian censors, the film received a restricted R18+ classification. Wanting a less hard rating, distributor icon Films appealed the decision, and the film was given a lighter MA15+ rating.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

This film is not the first time Mark Boone Junior has played a vampire killer who meets his end at the hands of the head vampire. The same thing happened in John Carpenter's Vampires (1998).
The Stranger and the grandmother were killed in the original script. The scenes where Eben and Stella find The Stranger in the station, and when Marlow comes back to him, were written during production and squeezed into the shooting schedule with the understanding that they would probably not be used.

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