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A well-paced and entertaining horror debut.
It loses some of its bite by film's end, but 30 Days of Night manages to do for the vampire genre what "28 Days Later" did for the zombie flick: give age-old monsters a modern-day makeover.
It's a bloodsucker's paradise.
Works on its own terms, which is more than can be said of most horror films these days. If this is the kind of movie you're looking for, it delivers.
It is well-made, well-photographed and plausibly acted, and is better than it needs to be.
Miami Herald
Based on a graphic novel, 30 Days of Night opens with a premise so promising it seems almost impossible to screw up.
Mark Boone Jr. makes a vivid impression as eccentric loner Beau Brower, and Danny Huston is mesmerizing as the leader of the shrieking, slashing, wallowing-in-gore bloodsuckers. They effortlessly eclipse the rest of the cast.
A proficient, atmospheric fangfest that does nothing you haven't seen before but still does it passably well.
The Hollywood Reporter
Dramatically, the film is a shambles, with whiplash-inducing lurches in tone and pacing that make it seem as if portions were edited out of sequence.
Lighter on horror than it is on inadvertent humor.
You can expect a lot of shredding and gurgling. 30 Days of Night is relentless, but it's also relentlessly one-note.

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