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Season 1

4 Apr. 1985
Arrival in Letterland
Debbie enters a toy shop and finds a valuable game for which the rules have been lost. Before she knows it, she's entered the game and is looking for missing letters to help unlock a mysterious chest.
11 Apr. 1985
Debbie in the Land of B
Debbie and the Gardener are looking for the golden B, but T.Bag and T.Shirt are doing everything in their power to stop them. Further more, T.Bag's big brawny bully won't let them pass unless they guess his name.
18 Apr. 1985
Debbie in the Land of S
Debbie and Skipper McKipper travel under the sea to look for the golden letter S. T.Bag tells Seraphina the Seasprite to keep hold of the letter or she will lose her looks.
25 Apr. 1985
Debbie in the Land of I
Teaming up with Indiana Inkspot, Debbie looks for the golden ink-stamp of the Inca's as well as the golden letter I. However, T. Bag puts Indiana under her spell and tell him to work against Debbie.
2 May 1985
Debbie in the Land of P
When T.Bag tries to stop Debbie and Polar Pete from getting their hands on the golden letter P, Pete distracts the witch by painting her portrait. Debbie goes out to play in the snow with T.Shirt and teaches him the value of letters.
9 May 1985
Debbie in the Land of R
Rascally Roger of the good ship Rubarb takes the golden letters collected by Debbie and makes her his cabin boy. T.Bag has caught a cold, so it's up to T.Shirt to fetch the letters from Roger.
16 May 1985
Debbie in the Land of V
In the land of V, Debbie meets fang-less Vic Vampire and the wise, vegetarian Vulture. T-Shirt finds the golden V for her, but falls asleep on the job thanks to some violets.
23 May 1985
Debbie in the Land of O
Fife 'O Clock needs a new assistant to keep the clock of the land of O running. When Debbie arrives at his doorstep, he sets her to work immediately.
30 May 1985
Debbie in the Land of E
The Emperor of the land of E hasn't laughed in years. Debbie and T-Bag both enter a competition to make the Emperor chuckle.
6 Jun. 1985
Back to Square One
T. Bag is losing her powers and has to chase Debbie and T. Shirt all the way back to square one on foot.

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