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accidentally good
lastknown27 October 2006
"Wildboyz" is accidentally good. It's a far more comprehensive "cultural exploration" than any offered up by usual travel programs – television docs enhancing typifications of a city's carnality, or the snobbish drivel you find on the Outdoor Life Network.

I'd recommend "Wildboyz" to those inquiring what life is "really like" in Thailand, Africa, or wherever. Steve-O and company may not outline any ethos entirely (who could?), but they don't construe the matter to satisfy predominate interpretations like "life outside American is always in squalor and suicidal." And to the other side: Life outside America isn't whimsical; there are no fairy tales for your keepsake.

People, everywhere, are living and breathing, sometimes smiling, sometimes crying. The wildboyz get it.
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An incredible and laugh out loud, hilarious TV series
OriginalMovieBuff2126 September 2004
Wildboyz is such a funny TV series. I haven't missed one episode and Steve-O and Chris Pontius are fabulous especially Chris, he's so damn funny. Wilboyz is by far the funniest show I have ever seen, ever! There so stupid, they could get killed. I was like watching this series and all I was thinking was if they were ever going to get seriously injured or killed in one of there dangerous stunts with the animals, like when they were jumping in the ocean with the great white sharks or skating with the alligators, lol. I also love how they run naked back and forth through the lands with animals. This is an hilarious TV show and I haven't missed one episode either. I'm waiting for the 3rd season.

Hedeen's outlook: 10/10 **** A+
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Not as good as "Jackass", but as close to "Jackass" as fans like myself are likely to get
Christopher Smith11 July 2005
When "Jackass" was canceled in 2002, I was quite disappointed. The show was unlike anything I had ever seen. Part of what made it so enjoyable to me was Steve-O and Chris Pontius, also known as Party Boy. Apparently others agreed since just a year after "Jackass" left the air, MTV premiered "Wildboyz", a "Jackass"-style nature show. Part "Jackass" and part Discovery Chanel, "Wildboyz" follows Steve-O and Chris Pontius as they explore various locations around the world and perform the kind of stunts that made them popular on "Jackass". Just like "Jackass", the humor is juvenile, stupid, and totally hilarious. The show is also quite educational as Steve-O and Chris Pontius tell us a little bit about the animals they encounter. Both of them prove to be great nature hosts and just as entertaining as they were on "Jackass" if not more so. Although I still miss "Jackass", "Wildboyz" is an excellent substitute for its absence. "Wildboyz" is as close to "Jackass" as fans like myself are likely to get. I give it 9/10.
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Nature meets Jackass
maartendc18 September 2006
If you look at Wildboyz and expect to see a Jackass type program, you will be disappointed, because it does not live up to those expectations. However, when you look at Wildboyz like a nature program meets jackass, then you understand what its really about, and you appreciate it for what it is.

After watching multiple episodes, I must say I'm impressed. Its not brainless, the guys really do take a more or less professional approach to the animals (with the help of wildlife experts to prevent Steve O and Chris Pontius from being eaten alive), and you can learn something about the animals while watching. At the same time, its so darn funny to hear the boys' stupid remarks, and watch them get bit and scared by these wild animals.

Also, the show is made with respect for the animals. They take responsibility for getting bit, and never hurt the animals. Thats something I can surely appreciate.
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Is being immature so wrong?
adamo-yeah27 December 2005
OK, so they are a little juvenile, but whats so wrong with that. Jackass was good and so is Wildboyz. It is a different twist on the jackass humor, incorporating animals and a variety of different locations into the show. The chemistry between Chris Pontius And Steve-O is undeniable, they work well, the play well, and most of all they make a funny, interesting and all together brilliant show. I love this show and recommend it to anyone who finds the particular brand of jackass humor funny. So what if they are immature. Its still funny. Its still fresh, and it will be around longer than jackass was, of that I am sure.
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Funny and charming
Ed_lover1 October 2004
It took me some time to warm up on Wildboyz. In the beginning the show was pretty mediocre, but it got better and better as it went along. An important reason for this is that Steve-O and Pontius seemed to become more comfortable in front of the camera, and their chemistry improved. In fact their chemistry is now one of the greatest strengths of the show.

This is a quirky and funny TV-series, and all the cute animals are a good, added bonus. It's also nice to seem some primitive cultures in the program from time to time, in fact I would like too see more of them. The interaction with the natives is often just as funny and bizarre as it is with the animals. Maybe even more so.

The show is pretty graphic at times and it's mostly low-brow humor, but if you dig that kind of thing (Like I do), then Wildboyz delivers in a big way.
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The show is almost a spin-off to the hit show "Jackass". It stars some of "Jackass's" more popular stunt men, Steve-O and Chris Pontius. GREAT SHOW!!
nightlover126925 July 2005
The boys go to different lands, encountering exotic animals and different cultures.the show is hilarious and i highly highly recommend it. While Steve-O still puts things up his butt for animals to eat, or his butt being bitten repeatedly through out the series, while Chris remains his same personality from "Jackass" doing stunts with accents, voices, or as the opposite sex. They make education hilarious and interesting.

i absolutely love the show. Of course i began watching "Jackass" first, but since tragically it had to come to an end, the not meant to be but seem like they are spin offs of the show are just as good. The only thing the show is missing is Johnny Knoxville n he even guests stars a lot. I loved "jackass" and i love "wildboyz".
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Very Funny!
danielle archer19 January 2006
When Wildboyz first came on I didn't watch it because I thought it was a imitator Jackass show. When Viva La Bam came on I watched that because I loved Bam from Jackass. And now Viva La Bam is one of my favorite shows. Then my brother said if I liked Viva La Bam I would love this show. So then I watched it and I loved it.

I can not stop laughing when I watch this show. Steve-o is my favorite on the show. He is by far the funniest and I love him. The wildboyz travel all over the world and do stunts with animals or with the people from that place. They also always eat the food and throw it up. My brother said that is why they are so skinny.

So you should definitely watch this show. Viva La Bam and Wildboyz are currently my top 2 favorite shows. You will not stop laughing when you watch this show.
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It's like Animal Planet - Jackass style!
xtrn_maac20 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say when I first heard about Wildboyz I was excited as I was already an avid Jackass fan. The series follows Jackass's Steve-O and Chris Pontius as they travel around the world in search of many wild animals, cultures and anything that may be related to Jackass. Mostly this show is quite amusing showing segments with the boys doing many hilarious things. Be warned though, if you are easily offended and have a weak stomach then this show may not be for you. Some things may disgust such as Steve-O sucking eggs from fish, and the boys throwing up at every opportunity they get. In summary, Wildboyz may not be as entertaining as its predecessor Jackass, but still worth a look at. It can be educational as well.
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