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15 Jun. 1952
The Haunted House
Minton Mooney and Max Millions operate a counterfeiting ring inside a phony "haunted" house that they've been using as a hideout.
22 Jun. 1952
Lonely Hearts
Fosdick crosses paths with a Latin Bluebeard who murders wealthy widows.
6 Jul. 1952
The Onion Ring
Fosdick must track down Allie Oom, the onion-headed leader of the diabolical, bank-robbing "Onion Ring".
13 Jul. 1952
Mr. Ditto
Fosdick matches wits with Mr. Ditto, a criminal master of disguise who's been committing crimes disguised as Fosdick.
20 Jul. 1952
Match Head
Fosdick must douse the title character, a nefarious pyromaniac who starts fires with his incendiary eyeballs.
27 Jul. 1952
Frank N. Stein
Fosdick creates a monster in his police lab who has springs for legs - and can leap over buildings, wreaking havoc.
3 Aug. 1952
The Frog Man
Fosdick is pitted against a pearl-stealing, criminal frog man.
10 Aug. 1952
Swenn Golly
Fosdick encounters the hypnotic title character, a parody of Svengali - featuring a mesmerized horse.
17 Aug. 1952
The Suit
Harris Tweed - an animate, disembodied suit - is killing off everyone on the ten best-dressed men's list, which includes Fosdick.
24 Aug. 1952
The Ice Man
Posing as a Good Humor man, Fosdick attempts to capture a cold-blooded fiend who uses icicles to stab his victims.
31 Aug. 1952
Evil-Eye Fleegle
Fosdick is pitted against the title character, who's trying to make his brother-in-law Herman the wrestling champion of Brooklyn by using his secret weapon - the dreaded "double whammy".
7 Sep. 1952
The Sleep Walker
Fosdick's adventures with a crazed insomniac named Noah Naps, who murders somnambulists.
14 Sep. 1952
Fearless Fosdick battles a criminal vampire bat who hangs upside-down and steals toupees.


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