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naileddotnet28 July 2004
this show is pretty cool. its good to see an "alternative" show that doesn't use its "alternativeness" as the only catch. it has some pretty good tips. lots of easy tips to follow if you are on a budget or like vintage/retro furniture and looks.

it has a really odd underlying humor (not anything sexual) that makes it very compelling to watch. something strangely appealing (again not sexual) about this one.

it has the same numbing glowing quality as the teletubbies. i don't know what makes a show like this, but it definitely is. so turn it on, glaze over, and lose track of time.
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Whoa! Martha ala 70s!
campbekm29 May 2004
This show really confused me at first! I turned it on and saw that this really...70s chick was doing a sewing project. Oooh, new home show. Ha ha ha not sooooo much. After watching for 5 minutes, I couldn't help but think how manly this woman was, and how cheesy this show was. And then I learn it is a spoof at that. It could be funny at times, but for the most part, it does give you some good tips, in between all the silly ones! But really, why does it have to be so retro?! I think the concept for the show is great, especially with all the annoying home shows these days. I hope that this show sticks around, but maybe is "jazzed up" a bit, as Brini would say!
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Retro homemaking tips from the "other" side!
progrock30 April 2004
My wife actually turned me onto this show. When she first described it as a transvestite doing homemaking tips, I pictured Divine in an apron. When I finally saw it, I realized it was a surreal-retro journey with quite a unique sense of humor. Brini Maxwell (aka Ben Sander)started this show on a New York public access channel which crosses Martha Stewart with John Waters, and even add a dash of Mr. Rodgers and gives us serious (and not so serious) homemaking tips to better our lifestyle. Each episode features a "theme" (making a home office, throwing a party, traveling, etc.) but the real magic happens when Brini makes a sort of "field trip" segment where she will interview someone relating to the topic of the episode. Most interviewees appear to be seriously holding back from just breaking down and laughing hysterically during the interview. Several times Brini will always add a certain humorous twist or comment and the inuendos start flying left and right. One of my favorites was when Brini was interviewing a drinks expert, in preperation for her (his?) party. The recipe called for the drink to be shaken so the woman bartending flipped the shaker and started going at it. In typical Brini fashion, Brini looks at the camera and comments "Ooh, how athletic!". Some of Brini's homemaking tips are pratical and useful, but some others are just whacked like making an art sculpture out of pills to display in your bathroom! I seriously think Brini is bound for stardom in the near future, so keep a lookout for her, err.. I mean him, errr.....WHATEVER!
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