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"When I wrote 120 Malay Movies I tried to watch all of the 34 movies that P Ramlee directed. I almost succeeded." Amir Muhammad (The Last Communist, Malaysian Gods) would eventually see 33; Sitora Harimau Jadian (1964) seems to have been lost. He tells us the story of how he came upon what amounts to P Ramlee's own novelization of Sitora Harimau Jadian, "describing what happens in his movie, scene by scene. The book is slim, only 124 pages, and I'm glad it was also fleshed out with pictures from the movie (which might be the only chance we will ever get to 'see' it)." He gives us a sample and then announces that he's republishing the book, which will be out next month and already has a fan page.

Another book. Today's review of Geoff Dyer's Zona comes from Nathan Rogers-Hancock at Cinespect.

Reading. Alex Ross Perry (The Color Wheel) once managed a
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6 docus land at Sundance Channel

6 docus land at Sundance Channel
Sundance Channel said Tuesday that it has acquired pay TV rights to six documentary films from the international docu sales company Films Transit International Inc. The films are Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott's The Corporation, Dane Elon's Another Road Home, Oren Seidler's Bruce and Me, Andrew Douglas' Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, John Appel's The Last Victory and Carey Schonegevel's Original Child Bomb. The films will make their U.S. television premieres on Sundance Channel late this year and early next.

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