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mbrlr-126 May 2007
I'm baffled the ratings aren't uniformly high. This is classic stuff and very, very funny. It's in the tradition of the great Catskills comedy circuit, of Your Show of Shows, of both the earlier and later works of both Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, and it's just plain funny. I first heard the material from Brooks and Reiner 30 years ago when the films Brooks directed were beginning to take off and I've never stopped listening or appreciating them.never stopped listening to it again and again. It's actually fairly pointed satire in many places and indicates how comics in that period were able to find their way around the edges of the limits placed on television or recording artists.
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If Only He Could REMEMBER
Max A. Lebow15 March 2006
Carl Reiner, as the interviewer, sets the scene, saying, "A plane landed at Idlewild." So, the sound track was probably taken from the recording released in 1961. JFK was still alive; his family were not naming things after him yet. So, the airport was still Idlewild, not Kennedy.

According to sources who have asked to remain nameless, citing their need to keep their real ages a secret, Mel Brooks, the 2000 Year Old Man himself, and Carl Reiner performed this little interview throughout the 1950s, but never recorded it.

I seem to remember reading somewhere, perhaps in The New Yorker Magazine, that the first recording took place at Reiner's home, sometime in the late 1950s. After dinner, Reiner turned on the tape recorder, walked the microphone over to Brooks – a dear friend and guest – and set the scene. Then he asked the first question...

I had the impression that the challenge was a new one for Brooks, but if my sources are correct, and they did predict that there would be no weapons of mass destruction, Brooks and Reiner had been through the routine many times before that fateful night.

Now, I have to ask, was that tape transcribed onto the record, or did the duo do it again for vinyl? I suspect they recorded it a few times. The reason is in a detail. In the review that appeared in The New York Times in 1975, when the animation on this video was first broadcast on the CBS television network, there is a quote: "I have 25,000 children...and not one of them ever writes!" In the video the quote is "I have 42,000 children ... and does even one of them ever come over to visit?" So, perhaps by the time Media Home Entertainment picked up the animation and marketed the version I have, in 1984, something changed. Who knows? Both versions of the joke are funny, unless you are sitting at home, in the dark, waiting for your kids to call or come over, in which case neither version is funny.

But seriously, "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you don't look where you are going, fall in a hole, and die." Now, that's funny.
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great way to show these mens talents
dsdsmith9121 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am a big fan of Mel Brooks, I'm trying to collect any film with him, when i found out their 2000 year old man albums (i never listened to them) was a animated special i just had to buy this off of ebay. basically all this is Carl reiner as an interviewer interviewing the 2000 year old man voiced by Mel brooks. this has great lines such as "transportation was fear, a lion would growl and you would run 2 miles in a minute" and "42,000 children, none visit me" and "let em all go to hell, except cave 76!". i recommend to Mel brooks fans only (other comedy fans would just walk away). as of now i am searching for the book and new CD! may the Schwartz be with you!
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The best there is, honest, really.
DrTeeth00726 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have the CDs of all the 2000 year old man audio ever released. After reading that this animated offering is "the soundtrack is the original 1961 recording made by Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks" as stated in the goof section, I feel I can authoritatively review this.

These sketches are absolutely amazing, especially the more so when one realises that the vast majority of the audio is, in fact, ad-libbed.

The only complaint that I have is that jock-straps are not offered at a discount with the recording, as chaps will laugh their balls off. I know I did. I would also STRONGLY advise against eating or (especially) drinking whilst listening; as one will cough, splutter and make a mess expelling fluids via ones' noses in equal measure. This is really messy comedy.

This stuff is also great if one is having a really bad day, the type that is just one step away from medical depression. It WILL blow the blues away.

This is worth a lot more than 10/10. In fact that vote is an insult of epic proportions.
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