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Season 1

9 Jan. 2004
Cybertron City
Unicron, running out of energy, sends its slave robots to attack Earth and find more energon. This seriously jeopardizes the peace between the victorious Autobots and Decepticons who were forced to give up their evil ways.
16 Jan. 2004
Energon Stars
Terrorcons attack energon mines on Mars and earth's moon: Optimus' team respond, but are too late to help Mars and fail on the moon. Believing earth to be next, Alexis orders the evacuation of Ocean City.
23 Jan. 2004
The Quintesson Alpha Q revives Scorponok, who abducts TidalWave to help steal Autobot energon in order to resurrect Megatron, currently in stasis inside the destroyed Unicron's head. Earth's Desert City is attacked this time.
30 Jan. 2004
Megatron's Sword
Alpha Q gives Scorponok the Star Sabre, pulled from Megatron's body, as a reward for stealing the energon from the Autobots' Mars City mine. Three minicons from Mars can combine to form the Energon Sabre to combat its power.
6 Feb. 2004
The New Cybertron City
Kicker the human energon detector finds an energon point in snowy mountains. From Cybertron, his father sends Cybertron City through a space bridge to settle over the point, crushing the attacking terrorcons in the process.
13 Feb. 2004
Megatron Resurrected
New, improved Autobot defences have stopped the terrorcons from stealing energon, and Alpha Q is getting desperate. Scorponok drives the Star Sabre into Megatron's spark, intending to kill him, but resurrecting him instead.
20 Feb. 2004
Megatron Raid
Megatron plans to steal all the energon, reanimate Unicron, and make him do all the work of conquering the universe. Alpha Q resurrects Starscream to foil Magatron's plans. The battle begins on earth.
27 Feb. 2004
Starscream the Mysterious Mercenary
Starscream - invisible and incorporeal, incompletely resurrected due to insufficient energon - hunts for Optimus through Ocean City. Prime leads him through a space bridge to the moon, where battle continues until Megatron arrives.
5 Mar. 2004
Battle of the Asteroid Belt
Starscream heads for Asteroid City, followed by the Autobots. The Decepticons attack Lunar City, believing the 'Bots to be there. Prime learns of Alpha Q's ultimate plan. Dr Jones reveals his plan for an invincible energon net over earth.
12 Mar. 2004
Energon Tower
With stolen Martian energon Megatron creates a mobile fortress and heads to earth. Alpha Q sends terrorcons for more energon for Unicron. At Ocean City, the newly-built energon tower deploys a 'shockwave assault', driving off the enemy.
19 Mar. 2004
The Legend of Rodimus
Kicker learns of the legendary Rodimus. More energon towers are installed. Megatron tortures and enslaves the amnesiac Starscream. Scorponok follows his own agenda, but is challenged on Mars.
26 Mar. 2004
Crisis in Jungle City
As the latest energon tower is raised in Jungle City, Alpha Q's terrorcons attack, closely followed by the Decepticons. The tower is destroyed, but Optimus prevents the mine being looted by taking drastic action.
2 Apr. 2004
Kicker Beware!
Megatron discovers Kicker's ability and plans to abduct him, but is foiled by Rodimus. The first lunar energon tower is installed in the ruins of Lunar City.
9 Apr. 2004
Energon Grid
Megatron sends three artificial comets to devastate earth so he can steal its energon. The final energon tower, needed to fire up the energon grid that will prevent the disaster, is malfunctioning: Kicker goes to fix it.
16 Apr. 2004
Rodimus Friend or Foe?
Earth's energon grid is working well. Hot Shot is summoned to Mars, where he discovers Rodimus's shocking agenda. Megatron punishes Scorponok for 'betraying' him.
23 Apr. 2004
Go for Unicron!
Rodimus attempts to rescue Scorponok. Dr Jones (Kicker's father) reveals his latest invention, the Miranda 2, a huge interstellar-capable starship: on her maiden voyage she runs into the Decpticons.
30 Apr. 2004
The Return of Demolishor
The Miranda 2 spacebridges to a frozen, blizzard-swept but energon-rich world, where it wedges between two ice sheets. Inferno and Misha's attempts to dislodge it are hampered by the Decepticons and Alpha Q's new terrorcons.
7 May 2004
A Tale of Two Heros
Rodimus asks Prime not to destroy Unicron: under the right control he can restore the planets he destroyed. Ironhide stows away on Rodimus' ship and ends up being taken before Alpha Q.
14 May 2004
Battle Stations
Prime's plan to use the Miranda 2's energon grid to destroy Unicron's body from within fails: instead, they lure it through a warp gate to Cybertron, where the planet's newly-constructed energon grid severely damages it.
21 May 2004
Alpha Q: Identity
Kicker and Misha learn that Alpha Q destroyed his own homeworld in order to knock Unicron into stasis and stop him from devouring more planets. Meanwhile, on Cybertron, the vicious Shockblast breaks free from his prison.
3 Jul. 2004
Shockblast: Rampage
Shockblast disables Cybertron's energon grid by shooting two of the towers, allowing the Decepticons to rescue him and regroup to prepare to attack. Unicron's head warps to Cybertron and Prime and Rodimus go to speak with Alpha Q.
4 Jun. 2004
Survival Instincts
Decpticons fleeing Cybertron join Megatron and are almost immediately spiked and their energon sucked to feed Unicron's body. Before the same thing can happen in Unicron's head, Prime returns with Arcee, who leads the Omnicrons to feed him.
11 Jun. 2004
Each One Fights...
While the Decepticons attempt to destroy Cybertron's energon towers and the Autobots fight to defend them, Misha tries to talk Alpha Q into helping the good guys.
18 Jun. 2004
Unicron Unleashed
Megatron sends terrorcons to steal energon from Primus himself, deep in the core of Cybertron, to reanimate Unicron's body. Alpha Q crashes Unicron's head into his body to allow the Autobots to reach Megatron.
25 Jun. 2004
Open Fire!
Megatron badly damages Prime as the Autobots head deeper into Unicron's body. Dr Jones sends all of earth's energon to Unicron, leaving earth defenceless but energising both Unicron's head and Prime.
2 Jul. 2004
Ripped Up Space
Megatron releases the energon from Unicron's body: Alpha Q also releases the energon from Unicron's head. The two react and form a rift in space, which sucks in all of Unicron. Megatron, Prime and the Miranda 2 follow.
9 Jul. 2004
Team Optimus Prime
Flashback episode: the story so far.
16 Jul. 2004
On the other side of the rift, the planets Unicron devoured have been resurrected and are absorbing energon into their cores. Scorponok, now under Megatron's control, arrives with his terrorcons to steal it.
23 Jul. 2004
Imprisoned Inferno
Inferno guards the chained Shockblast on Iron Planet: Megatron eventually arrives and frees him to capture his erstwhile guard. Once caught, the autobot is tortured by Megatron. Meanwhile the Miranda 2 lands on a beautiful pristine world.
30 Jul. 2004
Jungle Planet
The Omnicons discover Jungle Planet's sun can produce energon. While Inferno struggles to overcome Megatron's programming and remain an Autobot, the Decepticons arrive to steal the planet's energon, and the battle continues.
6 Aug. 2004
Scorponok and his terrorcons remove all the energon from Iron Planet, causing the planet's destruction. The only way to save Jungle Planet from the same fate is to install an energon tower - but can the Autobots get it there in time?
13 Aug. 2004
Farewell Inferno
Energon towers are installed on Rock, Blizzard and Ocean Planets, but Mirage damages the Ocean Planet one. As the Decepticons attack, Inferno, still struggling with Megatron's programming, acts as decoy to allow time for it to be replaced.
27 Aug. 2004
Crash Course
Rodimus authorises some Autobot r'n'r on a planet consisting entirely of race track. Ironhide's self-confidence improves. Meanwhile, Unicron is growing stronger as the Decepticons continue feeding him stolen energon.
3 Sep. 2004
Omega Supreme
Deep within Cybertron, Dr Jones witnesses the reactivation of Omega Supreme, ancient guardian of energon. Using the energon released with the destruction of one of Alpha Q's planets, Unicron's body is almost ready for action.
10 Sep. 2004
A Heroic Battle
With Megatron urging him on, Unicron's body retrieves its head as the Autobots battle to prevent it happening. Whole again, Unicron pauses to recover, while Optimus learns he can powerlinx with Omega Supreme.
17 Sep. 2004
The Power of Unicron
Shockblast tries to take over control of Unicron from Megatron, but the power is too much for him to handle. Rodimus retrieves Kicker and Alpha Q's lifeless husk from within Unicron.
24 Sep. 2004
Optimus Supreme
With Megatron now effectively under his control, Unicron destroys Blizzard Planet to gain more energon then turns to Circuit Planet. The Autobots fight but are defeated until an energy pulse from Primus re-energises them.
1 Oct. 2004
Unicron Perishes
Powered up and now the same size as Unicron thanks to Primus' energy blast, Optimus Supreme battles the god, backed up by the re-energised Autobots. But with Megatron sharing Unicron's mind, can he truly be destroyed?
8 Oct. 2004
With Unicron's body destroyed and the war, seemingly, over, the Autobots start repairs on Cybertron. But Megatron survived, and follows a voice in his head to a vast pool of energon deep within the planet, watched over by ancient guardians.
15 Oct. 2004
Against the guardians' advice, Megatron immerses himself in the pool of super energon, transforming himself into Galvatron. As the Decepticons battle to take over Cybertron, Galvatron invites Starscream to prove his loyalty and also bathe.
22 Oct. 2004
Galvatron uses the super energon to set Cybertron in motion, heading for Alpha Q's planet. Kicker, Arcee and the Omnicons, who are immune to the energon gas, land on the planet to seal the breach in the gas line so the Autobots can return.
29 Oct. 2004
Break Through
Kicker and the Omnicons manage to plug the energon gas leak - temporarily, at least - allowing the Autobots to land on Cybertron and continue the battle.
3 Nov. 2004
In a virtual training exercise pitching everyone against everyone else, even allies on the same sides, the action consists mainly of powerlinking and transforming, with a little actual fighting in between.
5 Nov. 2004
The Omega Train
Autobots and Decepticons continue to battle as Megatron guides Unicron towards the warp gate. And Ironhide has a fan club.
12 Nov. 2004
Decepticon Army
Kicker heads off underground to find his family, while Cybertron travels through space. Decepticons and Autobots continue fighting. Snow Cat and Demolishor plan to bathe in the super energon pool.
19 Nov. 2004
Ironhide Team
As Cybertron approaches the warp gate, the battle continues, now with hordes of super-energon-enhanced terrorcons in the way. Primus aids Optimus, who combines with Omega Supreme and reveals a new ability, blowing Galvatron away.
26 Nov. 2004
Cybertron exits the warp gate, destroying planets as it goes. The Autobots try to stop the planet heading for Plains Planet. Prime realises Unicron is still in play: Primus helps him stop Cybertron, but at what cost?
3 Dec. 2004
Galvatron Terror
Galvatron bathes in the super energon pool again, becoming even larger and more powerful. As Prime and his team head back to Cybertron, Sally and Miranda leave for Ocean Planet.
10 Dec. 2004
Destructive Power
Increasing in size and power even further, attempting to become Unicron, Galvatron tows Cybertron behind him, heading into space. Kicker and the Omnicons sever the energon bands holding the two together.
17 Dec. 2004
While Prime and Galvatron, now both grown to immense size and power thanks to Unicron's influence, fight their final battle in space and then on Jungle Planet, the Omnicons fuel Primus and Kicker, sensing Unicron, searches for his spark.
24 Dec. 2004
The Sun
The Autobots donate their sparks to Prime, to give him the power to fight the Unicron-possessed Galvatron. Primus forms the super energon into the basis for a sun which, with Galvatron's help, brings life to all of Alpha Q's planets.

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