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This is what an anime fan should call home.
fanis-gav4 September 2013
Looking at the IMDb reviews it seemed rather strange to me that most of them(the top ones at least)were quite outdated,written in 2005-2006 actually or the reviewers had not seen more than 50 or 100 episodes.Having said that please note that i have seen 610 episodes and 2 movies(strong world,film z) as of the day I'm writing this review.I hope my review will provide you with valuable insight to the series or even convince you to watch it.I will try to be as spoiler free as possible.

It's been about a year since i started watching anime regularly and that is something I have yet to regret.I mostly enjoy short anime with less than 50 episodes that have good plot and well made characters,anime like cowboy bebop(my favorite),mushishi,ergo proxy,code geass etc.I knew about anime like OP,Naruto,Bleach even before I started watching anime but kept avoiding them even when I had seen about 50(I must have seen over 100 now XD) other anime mainly because I thought to myself 'how can they be any good when they have that many episodes? Aren't they out of ideas yet?'.Well I might be right about Naruto and Bleach but when it comes to One Piece I couldn't be more wrong.One piece is so good, so enjoyable and it never ends which is something everyone who is watching it wants.

Talk about long introduction huh?Anyways onto the actual review now.It will be divided into 4 sectors: story,characters,art and sound,enjoyment.

STORY: Now the story at first might seem very simple and straightforward,a young boy Monkey D. Luffy(17 years old)setting out on sea on a great journey to become the Pirate King and find One Piece the biggest and greatest treasure in the OP world that was left in 'that' place by the former Pirate King,Gol D. Roger.Before Roger was executed publicly by the marines-world government he told everyone that if they wanted OP they had to look for it and that it was all left in 'that' place and that ignited the great age of pirates.The series is divided into arcs,each featuring its very own story and setting,each island,each place the straw hat pirates(Luffy and his crew)visit is a whole different adventure with new people to meet and new circumstances.And that's one of the best things of OP,you never get bored.You are fascinated by the huge and diverse OP world and you just can't let go of it.Everything is interesting and everything is fun,Luffy and his crew never chose the easy path but they strive for adventure and excitement and they almost pass their feelings to us the viewers.Thats something very rare especially in anime and OP handles that expertly.Once you have seen enough episodes you will realize that the main characters of the series,especially Luffy,don't really care about their destination,hell most of the times they don't even know where they are going at all.All that matters is that they are going somewhere interesting where they will learn new things,get stronger,meet new people and face powerful foes.Another thing worth mentioning is that the series has very few fillers(episodes that did not exist in the original story-source material-manga) unlike some other mainstream anime series(Naruto,Bleach anyone?).Also the fillers are actually not that bad,sure they are not good but many of them are OK.And thats a huge plus for an anime series.

CHARACTERS:This is where OP really shines.Each character is presented with great detail,they are all quite unique.Everyone has their own backstory explained thoroughly and we get to see why they are who they are,why each one of them has their very own ambitions and dreams.Due to their different experiences they have very different personalities and through good character development we see how they interact with each other and how they get closer to each other.We see how they become comrades and everyone is looking for each other,they become something very close to a family.That's the kind of bonds they make.Furthermore we not only see the history and personality of the straw hats but many others too like members of the marines.We see why they make the kind of choices they make.Nobody is entirely evil and nobody is purely good.Everyone has a good reason behind what they are doing and they strongly believe in their own cause,in their own justice and in their own dreams.

ART AND SOUND:One Piece also excels in this sector with beautiful and vivid animation.The sceneries look alive and all different from each other with their very own characteristics.The characters are illustrated masterfully and each character looks a lot different from each other(that's a huge plus in anime).The sound department also did a great job especially with the voice actors,I'm always talking about the original Japanese(don't you dare see the English dub),who fit really well into their respective characters.The music,for me at least,is very catchy and actually really well made.However that depends on personal taste,if you are not really into this kind of karaoke-Japanese style of music you might not like it.Nevertheless OP really has some of the greatest music themes I have heard in an anime.

OVERALL ENJOYMENT:One Piece is one of the most,if not the most enjoyable and diverse anime series you can find.It really excels in pretty much every field there is.It is the only anime series,or any series,I have seen with that many episodes and yet manages to stay that good(and believe me,have I seen a lot).I recommend OP to anyone with enough time and hunger for adventure.If you have not decided whether to watch it or not just watch 10 episodes and see for yourself if you want continue or not(oh you will want to continue).Trust me and you won't regret it,just like I did.

And yep that's the end of it fellas.If you enjoyed my review and found it useful please upvote so others can see it.
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incredible epic ride
derbling6 July 2005
It is difficult to sum up the story of a series with hundreds of episodes, TV specials and movies, so I'd rather just try to tell you what it is about and why it is so incredibly good.

The series starts off with a guy named Luffy whose ultimate goal it is to become the one and only "King of all Pirates" and to find the greatest treasure in the world. The first episodes introduce him and some characters and make a lovely start that is entertaining and makes one want more. On his way Luffy meets a lot of very interesting characters who become his crew members and friends - each of them with an intense and captivating background story. Every character in this series - be it friend or foe - is either adorable, tragic, despicable or interesting at the least... no boring characters anywhere. Later on in the series, important events and story twists are often visualized or supported by huge appearances in the fabulous and unreal environments that our crew travels. This is perfectly done and helps the already epic feel of the story. I have seen 150 episodes, four movies and two specials so far and there were moments that made me cry, laugh, think and re-watch some episodes (especially 85-90) at least 30 times. You might come to the false conclusion of having a kids show here due to the presentation, but that is definitely wrong. People sometimes say about a movie or series that it is "not a life changer, but entertaining". That is definitely not the case here! I know it sounds nerdy, but this series has broadened my horizon in many ways and I recommend anyone to take the admittedly long time to get into this epic adventure. The best way to do so will be to watch the fan-subs which are as close to the original as a non Japanese will get (explanations of puns and traditions). There are of course some filler episodes in a huge project like this which won't blow you away, but that is only natural with hundreds of episodes and helps developing the characters. This show is an easy 10/10
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Straw Hat Pirates, I Wanna Be Your Nakama..!
Girish Gowda10 April 2010
Let me start by saying, I don't understand Japanese and I'm a huge fan of Naruto, Shippuuden and Bleach (of course, all original Japanese versions). One Piece was shown on Cartoon Network when I was 13/14 & I thought it was lame. Now, I see why it was lame, it was 4kids English version which was pretty horrible.

Monkey. D. Luffy is the captain of a small group of pirates, famous as the Straw Hat Pirates. He recruits a small and diverse group of people who will be his nakama on the journey. He is more interested in food and nakamas than in gold & money as normal pirate would be. He is a comedian more than a captain, but he rises to the occasion when needed and he's a good role model. He wants to get to One Piece & become the King Of Pirates. He gets Roronoa Zoro on board first. He is a highly skilled swordsman & is known as the pirate hunter Zoro. He uses three katanas & its his ambition to become the best swordsman in the world. Then Nami comes aboard as the skilled navigator. Its her dream to draw the map of the whole world. After that, Usopp the storyteller (i.e he's a great liar) becomes their nakama.

Next Sanji becomes their cook. His dream is to prove that All-Blue exists and he's an awesome kicker along with being a highly skilled cook. But, he loses it whenever he sees a beautiful lady. Then comes Chopper, a reindeer (you heard me right!). He becomes their doctor and he's very good at it. Then Nico Robin hops on aboard. Her dream is to find out about the ultimate Poneglyph, Rio Poneglyph. She has a power and a troubled past.

This story is about taking the initiative to go for your dreams. Take the awesome adventures with Luffy and his nakama and you'll fall in love with them. There is comedy, spirit, love and an awe-inspiring factor in the anime. Even the animation which feels weird at first grows on you so much that you'll like this kind of animation more than the others.

Now, I have just finished seeing the Sky Island episodes where Enel is fighting Luffy (200th episode). I have to say I am hooked to this show. This is definitely a show not for meant for kids. Even if you hate hearing the Japanese language, try seeing it for some episodes and you'll get hooked. I can't recommend this series enough. See it, believe it, enjoy it. This is my all time favourite anime, above Bleach & Naruto. This is miles above those anime. Anyone who has seen all three anime will agree with me!

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We are, we are on the cruise, WE ARE!
angelus_24114 October 2006
I watch a lot of fan subbed anime and occasionally watch some dubbed anime if there is nothing else good on TV. Well one day while watching Toonami in the UK i stumbled across show called one piece. It wasn't amazingly good, there were obvious problems with the dub, but it was enjoyable none the less. After i'd watched few episodes i started to become curious about the characters and the origins of the story. I did a little bit of research on the web and found out that the version of One Piece i was watching had been butchered from its original format. There were A lot of sources that all said the same thing, that the original One Piece was brilliant and that the dub was nothing in comparison. I liked the show and wanted to see what Uncut One Piece was like. After a little more searching i found some fantastic fansubs and my real One Piece experience started. What can i say, Japanese One Piece is one of the best stories ever told and is by far my favourite show to watch. I look forward everyweek to watching the next episode when the fansub is released. 280 episodes into the series and its still as great as it was when it first started.

A poor dub led me to discover my favourite show, and so if nothing else, the dub will let new fans like me discover One Piece.

Lets all hope this adventure continues for a long time.
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If you believe in your nakama, anything goes!
Tina29 September 2006
On first glance, One Piece is not too different from other Anime series. It has hilarious, roll on the floor from laughing humor and so much action it makes you wonder if the crew ever gets tired.

But in its core, One Piece is about something else: it's about nakama. Nakama, a Japanese term generally referring to comrades, receives a completely new feeling in One Piece. Stand by your nakama, believe in them no matter what happens, no matter what anyone does or says about them. Help them in any situation, even if it means putting your own life on the line. With you nakama, you can do anything. And it is this extreme sense of comradry that makes you fall in love with the characters and wish you could be a part of the strange little group.

It also teaches how humans are allowed to have flaws; in fact, all people do: seemingly perfect Swordsman and first mate Roronoa Zoro has no sense of direction whatsoever and can easily get himself lost on any one way street, navigator Nami is absolutely crazy for money, cook Sanji loses his mind once he sees a lady.. and the list goes on and on. But despite these flaws, they continue fighting. For each other and with each other. If one crewmember can't do it, somebody else will be right there for support.

If you're looking for a funny, action-filled series whose main characters easily grow to your heart and feel like family: go for One Piece. You will not regret it!
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Words cannot describe it....
simonximenes27 January 2010
I don't know what to say...I'm totally in love with One Piece. Years ago, my friend once told me that the top three best anime in the world were Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. Since I have watched Bleach and Naruto, I totally agreed that Bleach and Naruto were the best. But One Piece??? I was very doubtful at that time. Why? Because there's no way an anime that is childishly drawn could be at the same level as Bleach and Naruto. But my friend keep persuading me to watch One Piece and one fateful day, I tried to watch it continuously for one whole day. Oh my God!!! I was completely stunt! This anime is beyond my expectation. What an epic. For me, it was better than Bleach and Naruto. Luffy and the Strawhat Crews have their own unique characters that can be related to most of us in our daily life. The supporting characters and villains also have characteristics that will stuck in you mind for ages. I think that's why One Piece is the best. Most of us 'feel' for each of the characters in many ways...may it be in laughter, agony, suffering and so much more. Kudos to the One Piece's production team especially the amazing creator, Eiichiro Oda; for creating a world that is beyond ordinary but still can amuse ordinary people like me and you.

A must see anime before you die...
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best anime ever
william liang14 May 2005
This anime is so cool. It's probably the best anime I've ever watched so far. The main character Luffy in this anime has taught me a meaningful lesson in life. He taught me that if you decide to accomplish something, you should put everything on it and fight for your goal till the last moment of your life. This anime is awesome, hilarious, and touching. It brings me a lot of laughing from the funny parts, and tears from the touching moments (yes, I really did shatter my tears). It's really an awesome anime, I've been watching from episode 1 - 144 so far, and I never found even a second of the anime boring. I highly recommend every one to watch this excellence anime.
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sapphiresword624 September 2006
One Piece is an excellent show. It's exceedingly funny and I guarantee that you will laugh. The main characters are so weird and insane that you immediately love them.

First there's Monkey D. Luffy, who is this optimistic boy that can stretch his body thanks to a Gum-Gum fruit he ate as a child. He's the captain.

Then there's the sarcastic sword master, Roronoa Zolo, who practices santoryu, which means he uses three swords at once. He is the first mate.

Nami is the third member to join the crew. She's a thief who hates almost all pirates with a passion, but adores money. She's the navigator.

Usopp is the fourth crew member. He's a total scaredy-cat and always tells lies. He's the crew's sharpshooter.

The fifth crewman is Sanji, who's a serious ladies' man. He is the cook.

And then there's Tony Tony Chopper, who is...a reindeer. He's just a tad shy. He's the crew's doctor.

There might be more crew members, but I don't know of any others. They're all really interesting, but the enemies are just absurd. Every time you see a new one you have to stare at it for a minute or so just to figure out whether he's wearing a wig, or if that's REALLY his outfit. The storyline is great and the music makes me smile. Even if you don't obsess over pirates like I do, you will love this show.
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Watch the Japanese dub if you can
IonicBadger28 December 2007
Well after watching this show for quite a while i noticed one thing. The English dub is horrible and all the scenes of the so called violence are cut out.

I actually watched the first five episodes again in Japanese after seeing the English dub and it so much better. Apparently this show has been cut extensively to suit it for all ages witch does not do this show justice i think its quite friendly to children.

Take my word for it watch one episode of One Piece on English. And then watch the Japanese version you will see the difference. This show is great and deserve so much more.
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One of the most excellent adventure series to date. But the U.S. dub almost ruins it.
rdatsun4 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I believe I don't need to tell you that anime has hit like a brick in the U.S.'s pop culture and quite frankly I couldn't be happier. Mainly cause it nice to see animation that aren't afraid of leaving the kiddy realm and that they can be taken seriously (a fact most of the older generation down here just won't accept). Of course its also nice to see a story that caters to both sides and is always worth coming back to, case in point say hello to One Piece. May look childish but it is the most complex story I've ever had the joy of least in graphic novel form when it retains their original shape. Sadly once again political correctness reared it ugly head down here when it came time to see the animated version. You know what that means anime lovers, KID...FRIENDLY...DUB!

Premise: The story follows the massive adventure of Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy for short) as he seeks the titled treasure to become the king of pirates, even though he cursed from eating a Devil Fruit that gives him rubber powers but prohibits him from swimming forever. Soon gaining a crew with their own unique quirks and goals and sailing the dangerous yet wondrous Grand Line in their quest.

So far the U.S is still in it starting chapters of this series (as of this writing) but One Piece has shown an very interesting take at storytelling, what may seem obvious to the viewer and the characters could actually have another deeper meaning to really stun you when it revealed and its these little twists that keep you coming back for more of the story. Of course the main characters are a charming lot too with their faults and strengths. And as overused as it is in cartoons, a bond of a very tight friendship that help them threw their battles.

Speaking of which, talk about a bunch of creative rumbles. Be it against other devil fruit users, major weapons, martial arts, sword play or against the elements themselves. Luffy and his crew take on all comers and the viewers are definitely in for a show once everything hits the fans.

Animation wise, its not bad. Some of the attacks lose a bit of their impacts from the comic but it still very cool to see everything unfolding with movement and color. The downside to this is the dreaded DBZ syndrome where a couple of episodes are dedicated to the back and forth struggle of the fights. Still if you're a fan of the series, you might stay for the long run.

Alas a company called 4Kids has picked this up on the United States behalf and if the name is any indication, its going to be edited the crap out of. Now, unlike most anime viewers, I have nothing against dubs. Yes they may not match the quality of the originals but they do try their best. But with 4Kids its another story. I know they can't show blood, obscene gestures, and the like and thats fine with me. But seriously do they have to, HAVE TO, edit silly little tibits like guns the way they do (they turn them into water guns and hammer gizmos for crying out loud, surly they can do better then that. Calling them blasters or boomsticks would've at least been a little better.)

Much worse however is the changes to the story lines, what so bad about the word death and any reference to it. Kids learn about it eventually, heck DBZ didn't even try to ignore it. So what the point of covering it up by having characters "in a coma" or "been taken away"? I mean they don't have to show the death, but don't act like it didn't happen, thats insulting the series material. And for quality sake, I wish they stop adding ad-libs to scenes that don't need them.

Voice wise, its somewhat decent. Let get the good out of the way and say that Zoro (or Zolo though I don't care which name hes called), Nami, and at least most of the villains sound their roles. But Luffy, ugh way too young for a TEENAGER and screechy. Ussop, well it kinda fits him but it needs to be a little more solidified to suit the character. And Sanji? If it didn't sound like a pillow was stuck down his throat it would've been all right.

Music is also not bad though I am curious what the original track sounds like and I will commend 4Kids for the intro (yes I…LIKED…IT). Very catchy after a couple of viewings though of course it doesn't hold a candle to the original material. Kinda wish they used the 2nd opening with English lyrics but good job on the intro nonetheless.

Still though 4Kids does stay a bit faithful to the manga and retain some of the scenes and dialogue which am happy about, but if they really wanna please the fans their gonna have to step it up on the content level and stop with what they think the animation needs besides lack of the offensive (blood, gore, and cursing).

Overall I love the story, characters, situations and the grand scale of the adventure of the series in general. But am going to have to hang my head down on the dub which barely does the series justice. Still if you don't care much for how good a dub is done or have never heard of the series then the One Piece dub may be worth viewing (though for the latter, I recommend reading the manga for a better experience.). Everyone else, wait for the uncut DVD version which 4Kids have graciously decided to release or check out a fansub (the original Japanese version with subtitles). It might be better then what us yanks tried to make of the show.
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Best Anime EVER!!
Sascha Crombach15 September 2012
I used to watch One Piece as a kid occasionally when I came home from school, but stopped watching at a point, because it was too much of a "kids thing" for me. In the last years a lot of people told me it is worth watching even known it is animated, because the story makes the series perfect! So last year I started watching it from the beginning and I already can't stop! The whole story gave me moments to laugh and moments to cry but all in one it really makes me happy to watch the adventures around the straw hat crew. If you ever have the time to even watch one episode.. give it a try!!! Maybe there are sometimes fillers and episodes that are focusing on the wrong things for too long, but there always follows an episode that is sooo amazing that you can't even think about stopping!

Best Anime ever! 10/10
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Unforgettable anime!!
wardaip24 April 2013
I have watched a lot of anime, however one piece is one of a kind, after watching all the episodes, I'm finding it really difficult to enjoy any other anime, I wish there is another anime similar to one piece, because I just cannot forget it. The arcs, the characters, feels like I am on a journey with Luffy to find one piece and to become the Pirate King!

I have stayed up many a night watching episode after episode of this great anime, addicted to it.

Really fantastic,entertaining, hilarious, emotional, thrilling, exciting, super character developments.

I would recommend to watch the Japanese subbed version instead of the dubbed. One Piece is quite possible one of the best anime, if not the best anime in animation history!
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One Piece Greatness!
Luffy Monkey D.1 March 2014
One Piece is The Greatest Shonen Anime/Manga of all time.

It features a grand adventure full of colourful and developed characters, each with their own unique goals and dreams. The narrative is extremely well-paced and intriguing with great writing and presentation; the Animation and Music are both incredibly top-notch. They give each Arc/Location it's own style of atmosphere which makes the series very innovative. This coincides with the genius storytelling that balances badass action scenes and hilarious comedic moments. One Piece is also a very memorable show with gorgeous imagery and designs. An example of this brilliance is in the backstory for the Punk Hazard Arc where a character with a Fire-type ability battles an Ice-type character for a long time in one location, an island. This results in a contrast of settings and characters because half the island is covered in Ice while the other half is engulfed by Fire, so different variations and ideas are explored in just one Arc!

Finally, the series just knows how to have fun and not be overly-dramatic like many other Animes. This in turn, makes the few brilliant dramatic episodes all the more impactful!

One Piece is a True Classic.
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One of the best shows out there
Cdiddyyy3 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It tops every other show I've seen. watch the funimation dub though, the 4kids is terrible in comparison. Every character has great chemistry with one another. It has a great action to comedy ratio. There are many twists you never see coming. It takes place during 'the great pirate era' and everybody is searching for the legendary one piece which is rumored to rest at the end of the grand line, the most treacherous sea in the world. It is the best show i believe I've ever seen and I'm not even one for anime. If only they aired the uncut dub on television I guarantee it would have been as big, if not bigger, than dragon ball z. Its not just a show for people who like anime but for everyone. One day it will hopefully be televised.
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One of the Greatest Animes Ever
desando312 November 2005
Monkey D. Luffy has the ability to stretch like rubber, but he can't swim. A big problem for someone who wants to be pirate king! But he has gathered a crew of Zolo, a lazy swordsman who uses three swords, Nami, a redhead thieving navigator, Usopp, a lying and cowardly marksman, Sanji, a kicking (literally)cook, and Tony Tony Chopper, a reindeer doctor. (Unfortunately, Luffy is a real knuckle head, his crew even mocks him sometimes. However, when someone touches his straw hat, or hurts one of his crew, he gets highly infuriated and fights like a madman.) But he must find One Piece, the legendary treasure of Gol D. Roger, the last pirate king. For he said, "My fortune is yours for the taking, but you'll have to find it first. I left everything I owned in one piece." They say that One Piece is in the Grand Line (similar to the Equator), because there are terrible dangers only a true pirate could face. He faces countless pirates, marines, and bounty hunters along his journey. The English dub is a major disappointment though, including almost all blood being removed, things not as dramatic (in Japan Kuina died and Bellemere was shot before her daughters eyes), and almost all drugs and alcohol are removed, including Sanji's cigarette turning into a lollipop, Captin Smoker having his two cigars removed and having his named changed to Chaser, and altering all weapons other than knives or swords (including firearms) to become either toys (like Naval Marines' rifles) or odd contraptions. Even with all the editing, it still is a very good show. It is my favorite!
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Best Series Ever.
yamamoto199520 January 2012
This is simply the best anime TV show or comic out there. In my opinion, it is also better than all non-anime TV shows. I am American, and I do watch almost all the shows produced here except crap like Jersey shore and 90210 and and stuff like that.

Do not be scared off by the length of the show, every single chapter or episode is good. It will most likely go on for a few hundred if not one thousand plus chapters. Give this show a try, it will change your life.

You will be absorbed by the story and the characters. It will teach you lessons in life, such as chasing your dreams and the value of friendship.

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My favorite Manga and Anime ever!
pillsdude716 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One Piece, what a simple title for a manga. You first read that name and wonder what's it about a bathing suit, a place, your not sure. You then open the pages or watch the first seconds of the anime and learn that the story is really about a world of pirates and that One Piece is actually a treasure that once belonged to Gold Roger (later you learn his real name is Gol D. Roger and that he is connected to something call the Will of D. good stuff) who was considered the Pirate King, the dream of all pirates to be. HE was executed 20 years before the story began and before he died told the world that his treasure was waiting for whoever could find it at the end of the Grand Line. You then come to the story of Monkey D. Luffy (wink wink maybe there is a connection between the two). Luffy is a naive, happy, curious teenager with a body of rubber which he got from eating a devil fruit ( a powerful fruit which gives the eater amazing powers but robs their ability to even swim, drowning them if they even try to swim, you find out there are hundreds out there and each with different abilities) Luffy dreams of being the pirate king and to be better than his mentor Red Hair Shanks one of the most powerful pirates on the sea. Luffy on his adventures meets new and exciting people and his crew gets larger along the way first his first mate and swordsman Roronoa Zoro, the sniper Ussop, the cook Sanji, the navigator and thief Nami, the doctor Tony Tony Chopper, the archaeologist Nico Robin, the shipwright Franky, and the musician Brook. One thing that sets this crew apart from all other pirate crews is not only is there crew much smaller then the others but also that each has their own special dream and are the best at their specific job. As you read the story you find out that each crew member has their own strengths and weaknesses but that they also wouldn't be around if each crew member wasn't their to help, making each person invaluable to the crew. Also you find out that unlike what many people believe Luffy is not your typical pirate he doesn't go from port to port robbing and pillaging the innocent people he actually has helped many people with problems with other pirates and can't see a friend hurt. Whats also interesting is while their are good and bad pirates the World Government which are the leaders of the world, which who are suppose to help the people are also bad and good and that the leaders have a dark secret that you begin to learn about much later. All in all the story is so well done not one arc is wasted, not one character is wasted, even minor characters get their story told and you learn of their dreams. Eiichiro Oda brings so much emotion to this story. You will cry I promise you even the toughest of guys will cry in some arcs. You will laugh there is no doubt about it the crew is just to crazy for you not to laugh. You will cheer for the crew and hiss at the bad guys. There is nothing more I can say about One Piece it is an experience that will touch you and make you rethink mangas. You will soon love One Piece as much as me and thousands if not millions of others do to.
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About One Piece
Shan Mugam28 September 2014
One of the extraordinary shows of the world.When I started it I didn't realize that this show will have a effect on me.But I was wrong.Guys if you think the show is only about pirates,then you are wrong guys.

And also i have a request.Can you increase the number of episodes of the show per year.Because at this rate the show will end after 10 to 15 years only.I know that I am being selfish here,but Guys(the creators of the one piece show and Eiichiro Oda)i think i don't have that much time to live in this world.I think you can understand it guys.Before i pass away i like to see the grand finale of the show guys.

But in its core, One Piece is about something else: it's about nakama. Nakama, a Japanese term generally referring to comrades, receives a completely new feeling in One Piece. Stand by your nakama, believe in them no matter what happens, no matter what anyone does or says about them. Help them in any situation, even if it means putting your own life on the line. With you nakama, you can do anything. And it is this extreme sense of comradry that makes you fall in love with the characters and wish you could be a part of the strange little group.
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Greatest Form Of Entertainment A Living Creature Can Ever Witness
Senor Pink11 March 2016
One Piece, what can I say? It has become a part of my life, wait no, One Piece is my life. It is the most beautiful thing mankind has ever created. All thanks to mastermind Oda. Starting off with facts of it being the highest selling manga and being in the Guinness book of world records, also having an extremely dedicated fan base which no community can ever have. It's simply the greatest story ever conveyed and portrayed in a comical form. As I've seen many movies and TV shows(which includes American TV Shows, Indian cinema.) Read thousands of books, no story has ever enlightened and amazed me as One Piece did, I personally feel it to be on par with Mahabharata, Ramayana & Shakespeare's works. 732 episodes, 819 chapters still looks fresher than ever, without being monotonous, not only it entertains you, it scars you for life. A show so strong, that it changes your life. A show so good you can never stop watching. It's more addictive than any drug in this world. Coming to the characters, Monkey D Luffy, even people say he is typical Shonen material, he is the greatest protagonist a story can possibly have. He goes from dumb & funny to badass & idealistic. He's like a brother I never had. Roronoa Zoro, a lad so influential with his quotations, you start following his mannerisms in real life. With many characters and their unique personalities. I don't want to spoil anything for you, get amazed by the characters by yourself, I'm sure Oda will never disappoint you.

Coming to the story, as I've already mentioned, it is the 8th wonder of world. What amazes me the most is, Oda is so legendary that he depicts real life events from this world through his manga. He's also a conspiracy theorist. With psychologists and business strategists watching One Piece, to learn more about leadership, makes it far superior than any anime or TV show or novel or anything.

There a lots of things I wanted to say, I'm bipolar, I don't remember anything I've watched, I'm very lazy since I've always been under heavy medication. Watching One Piece makes me happy. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. Just imagine what it takes for a lazy person like me to write a 300 word review. That is how much One Piece moved me.

For me the animation of the anime was always consistent and I personally recommend you subbed version, don't even consider the opinions of people who've just watched 30 or 40 episodes or so, or people who are extremely ignorant. One Piece will change your life and I'm pretty sure it will be the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Thank you.
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The greatest adventure ever told by man!
cvaly1825 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was a big fan of naruto before one piece and when the whole filler part began i quit on naruto and began to search for something else.I had heard from a friend that one piece is truly phenomenal and i gave it a try..the first thing i noticed was the original style of animation and the lovable voice luffy had..and then the story got to me,and the characters,and places,and music,and here i am 285 episodes later craving for the next episode.The scope of Monkey D Luffy's and his nakama's(friend or more exactly comrades)journey is amazing.The characters are the best i have ever seen in an animation..the story is really good and the fight scenes really pack a punch and deliver that WOW effect that is missing in other anime.The adventures can be unbelievable funny and at other times incredible sad..i had never cried because of an anime but this got to me..some of the backstory of the characters is really really sad.The interaction between these incredible characters is just as good as the fight scenes..i will stop here with the ranting and say that is without a doubt the greates anime i have ever left me speechless the first time i saw it and it leaves me speechless now..truly a masterpiece..i highly recommend it. PS I am talking here about the Japanese original show,the subed One Piece and not about that horrendus thing that 4Kids has made out of One Piece.You just have to get your hands on the sub from various places and enjoy the greatest adventure ever speaks to your inner child like no other story.
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Japanese, yes - American, NO.
sanjisangel10 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'd give this anime a huge, whopping 10 if it's rating the Japanese show. The American "kiddy-cartoon" though...can we give half-negatives? -_|| Please? Darn you 4kids. More than 30% of -their- show has been cut and changed. The names, the attitudes, the actions. Entire episodes and arcs have been taken out. Was it worth it to make a show, 4kids, that was NOT INTENDED for the 6-11 yr. old demographic and force it into that category? Haven't you squeezed enough $ out of this wonderful Japanese phenomenon? Yet the Japanese anime... Oh goodness yes. I couldn't rate it enough stars! Comedy/drama/romance, whatever you want it has it, along with a fabulous music score and marvelously innovative characters. There's something for everyone (even an anthro that isn't a let-down like some anthro characters are in anime shows.) I just can't stress enough to people: buy the Japanese DVD's! If you complain that this show is annoying and you can't stand it, more than likely you're watching the hack job that 4kids produced. I'll admit some people just can't stand Oda's odd style of elongating people, and his very unique styled characters no matter what. But you can't say it gets stale fast. I'm up to episode #160+ and it's still going strong...past 260 as far as I know.
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Master Piece
Victor Silva26 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Shonen manga is a really biased genre. Not only for people who only see manga as "japanese cartoons", but for people who only like Naruto or hate all shonen too. One Piece, however, is so original and deep that any art critic could look at it as a romance book rather than plain entertainment. The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year old boy who consumed a mysterious fruit which made his body have rubber properties and his dream of finding a legendary treasure called One Piece, thus becoming the Pirate King. My description sounds dull, because it is really hard to explain even one percent of the complexity of this show. It is about dreams, about promises, about the value of life and about so many things that every new arc becomes a new life experience. Of course, the quantity of episodes may scare people, but after some few arcs, it makes the viewer feel every single message transmitted through the story. The storyline is really surprising, and every new episode can change what you thought to be certain. The details are not spared by the author, and are commonly used in further episodes. This attention to small things make the story progress in a beautiful and quick way. The character roster is rife with complex personalities/back stories, and it is really hard not to love them (with the exception of Donquixote Doflamingo). If you want some good story to laugh and have fun, you may like it. If you want adventures, art and romance, you will love it.
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A great anime!
danmanultra14 August 2009
One Piece is epic, epic fun. Everything is big, loud, and exciting, but not without the finer details.

The world of One Piece is truly a unique one, and we get to discover just how amazing it is with the awesome Straw Hat crew. Every character in the crew stands out with bold personalities and detailed and interesting back stories.

The show has so many facets: amazing fight scenes, adventure, "magic" and mystery, character drama, political and social intrigue, and a wacky, over the top sense of humor. This is one of the few shows out there where I can really say I laughed and I cried. Laughed, and laughed, and laughed.
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A Pirate Fantasy series beyond your wildest dreams!
Orpheum100028 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One Piece is an anime about pirates, but these aren't your normal scurvy ridden swashbuckler, nor are they the flashy and charismatic talkers like Jack Sparrow. No, the pirates of One Piece are a whole different breed.

For nearly four years, the series was in a sort of hell. 4kids entertainment released a dub of the series that not only tarnished it's great name, but also made a complete mockery of it's story, characters and action. But in late 2007, the rights were turned over to FUNImation, better known for their handling of the Dragon Ball Z anime series.

One Piece follows a similar formula as DBZ, but at the same time adds more depth and character growth than the iconic franchise. Luffy, a carefree wannabe whose determined to become the next Pirate King, or die trying! By eating a magical food known as the "Devil Fruit", Luffy has become a 'rubber man'. With his new powers, he'll beat down any and all who stand in the way of his dream.

Season One ~ First Voyage presents the series as it was meant to be seen, Uncut and Unedited. All the violence, action and drama have been wonderfully restored and backed up by a new cast that once more shows FUNI's amazing talent since Fullmetal Alchemist. If you love pirates, anime, and a fun time, then come aboard this ship and sail the seas with Luffy!
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One Piece of greatness!
CCharmanderK6 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
One Piece is one of the best animes, if not the best, I've ever seen. It's filled with spirit, charm, wit, and some random comedic interjections from the perverted cook, Sanji.

One Piece is a story that follows the dreams of a young 17-year-old pirate wannabe by the name of Monkey D. Luffy. He was inspired by his childhood friend, a pirate named "Red-Haired Shanks", who is a great character.

Joining Luffy is Zoro (or Zolo in the English dubs), a man destined to become the world's greatest swordsman, Nami, the navigator who wants to make a map of the world, Usopp, the dim-witted marksman, Tony Tony Chopper, the doctor, and Nico Robin, who recently joined as the crew's archaeologist.

Overall, One Piece is a great show that I strongly recommend to any anime lover. Set sail for One Piece!
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