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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • There are tiny changes in certain story arcs as well as an addition of filler episodes that usually take place after a canon story arc. or sometimes within a story arc. Occasionally some of the manga material that is removed is due to the material being inappropriate for the anime. However the plot and flow of the anime remains true to the original manga's plot and story.

    There are rare moments when a plot element in the anime contradicts the material in the manga but that is usually before the manga chapter to where that plot element becomes known is officially released, so there is no way for the show's production crew to know of this. This consisted of Zoro's ability to cut steel prior to the release of the Alabasta Arc chapters and the limit to Chopper's Rumble Ball consumption prior to the manga chapters of the CP9 saga.

  • One prime example, is that throughout the manga on the cover pages for the chapters there are what is defined as a mini-arc, that has a character that the Straw Hats encountered before (Usually a defeated villain) having their own adventures. In fact some of these mini-arcs do affect the main story later on. While a few were used in the anime, many were not, which led to some unexplained occurrences in the anime's plot (such as Jango becoming a Marine, or Hatchi opening his takoyaki stand). Several characters that appeared in the later chapters and the anime were originally introduced in the cover arcs such as the Marine's Vice Admiral Garp who was the first character introduced in a mini-arc and was later added to the regular story.

    One example of the anime's plot contradicting the plot set by a manga mini-arc plot is where in the manga Iron Fist Fullbody was demoted from a Lieutenant to a Sea Man Recruit as a condition to allowing the former Black Cat Pirate Jango to join the Marines. In the anime he was demoted for tarnishing the image of the marines for his humiliation when he was beaten by Sanji. This was mentioned when Fullbody and his men encountered the Straw Hats shortly after Luffy's first bounty is released in a scene that did not occur in the manga.

  • It was hinted that it takes place in the year 1522 in one episode. But please note that it's an alternate time period in an another world.

    There is a point where there is a time skip to two years later making the year: 1524.

  • No, once a person eats a certain devil fruit, there won't be another of the same fruit again until that person who holds that devil fruit power dies. As revealed in the Punk Hazard arc, when a Devil Fruit user dies their Devil Fruit is reincarnated into a nearby fruit that is the same type of fruit when it was first eaten by the user allowing someone else to inherit those powers when they eat it. The only known character to eat a reincarnated Devil Fruit is Luffy and Ace's childhood friend Sabo, who ate the reincarnated Mera-Mera Fruit, allowing Sabo to inherit Ace's former Devil Fruit powers. Only Blackbeard's fruit has the ability to consume a devil fruit from a dead body which prevents it from being reincarnated.

  • They'll die, which this fact was revealed in Chapter 385 during the Enies Lobby arc. However, in the manga Chapter 577, Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard), was able to use an unknown procedure to gain the ability to use the Devil Fruit Powers of Edward Newgate (Whitebeard), though the manga hasn't explained how this happened yet .

  • According to Oda-san here is a list of the crew's age group: Monkey D. Luffy: 17, Roronoa Zoro: 19, Nami: 18, Usopp: 17, Sanji: 19, Tony Tony Chopper: 15, Nico Robin: 28, Franky: 34, & Brook: 88

    When they are reunited two years have past, so: Luffy: 19, Zoro: 21, Nami: 20, Usopp: 19, Sanji: 21, Chopper: 17, Robin: 30, Franky: 36, Brook: 90.

  • Monkey D. Luffy: 5'7.5" Roronoa Zoro: 5'10", Nami: 5'5", Usopp: 5'8.5", Sanji: 5'9.5", Tony Tony Chopper: Between 3 feet-7 feet, Nico Robin: 6'2", Franky: 7'4.5", & Brook: 8'8.5"

  • After Zoro defeated Daz Bones, Smoker tells Tashigi that Daz Bones was killed after Zoro's final blow. However in the Miss Goldenweek Mini Arc in the manga it was revealed that Daz Bone is alive and was sent to prison along with most of the Baroque Works members. The reason for Smoker to say that Daz Bones was killed is likely that he was misinformed about Daz Bones after the Alabasta incident concluded with the Marine arresting all of the members of the Baroque Works Syndicate.

  • When the Warship Island Arc was almost entirely skipped, they remove the episodes that explained why you can't just sail into the Grand Line. This story arc is also an anime filler arc and did not originate in the manga.

    Laboon Arc. was the second to be excluded which removed the true meeting of Mr. 9 & Miss Wednesday(Vivi), which in the 4Kids Version the Straw Hat Pirates first meet Vivi at Misty Peak(Whiskey Peak). With Laboon excluded, this would of excluded the reason for why Luffy wanted Brook to join the crew. Crocus also excluded was the person who inform the Straw Hat Pirates about the use of Log Pose and the name of the island where One Piece is suppose to be located. Crocus would later end up being revealed to have been a member of Gold Roger's crew.

    The Little Garden Arc was the last major story arc to be excluded in the 4Kids version. Meaning the encounter of Broggy, Dorry, Mr. 3 & Miss Goldenweek were taken out. Without the encounter of the giants, it wouldn't be possible for Ussop to have convinced Oimo & Kashi that they were deceived by the government about Dorry & Broggy being imprisoned. Without the encounter of Mr. 3 on Little Garden, the Straw Hat Pirates in the 4Kids version act like they never met him or Miss Goldenweek before. Plus it wouldn't be possible for Luffy to know Mr. 3 by the time he encounters him again at Impel Down. The true first appearance of Crocodile was the removal of the scene of Sanji talking to Crocodile on the Snail Transponder under the alias "Mr. Prince" as this also led to the removal of Mr. 3 not knowing about his "conversation" with Crocodile at Little Garden and later Crocodile realizing Mr. Prince (Sanji) was the one who answered Mr. 3's Snail Transponder. Mr. 3's role was rewritten explaining he's been spying on the Straw Hat Pirates since Louge Town(Rouge Town) except the Baroque Works had no knowledge of them until Whiskey Peak. Nami's bug bite was re-written as "Grand Line Fever" when she actually got it from a prehistoric bug on Little Garden. The origin of how she got the fever resulted in utter confusion in the 4Kids version.

    These plot holes would of effected the 4Kids version if they continued on.

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