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24 Nov. 1999
Morgan vs. Luffy! Who's This Beautiful Young Girl?
Luffy destroyed Captain Morgan's statue and unlike the selfish sorry-for-an-excuse son: Helmeppo. Morgan is a giant paranoid, ruthless tyrant with an ax for a right arm. You mess with him, and he messes with you. The captain is ferocious that his own statue is damaged. And without hesitation he ordered his marines to execute Luffy, Coby, and Zoro. Luffy uses Helmeppo to guide him to where Zoro's swords are. He found them only when Coby was caught untying Zoro's post. Luffy got there in time thanks to his "Gum-Gum" abilities. And the bullets deployed from Luffy's ...
5 Jan. 2008
Can We Escape!? God's Ordeals Are Set in Motion!
While the crew is preparing to leave Skypeia, Luffy, Ussop and Sanji go back to Pagaya's house seeking food and materials. The ship is trapped by a giant crab, and carried to the Upper Yard.
12 Jan. 2008
Trap on Lovely Street! Almighty God Enel
Conis reveals her true intentions and Enel unleash his rage. Luffy, Sanji and Usopp sail towards the Upper Yard.
19 Jan. 2008
Go Forth, Little Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar
Luffy, Sanji and Usopp sail along the Milky Road and face different kinds of traps. The rest of the crew is caught at the Sacrificial Altar, where Chopper repairs the Going Merry while Robin, Zoro and Nami go into the sacred jungle.
26 Jan. 2008
Survival Rate: 10%! Priest Satori with the Power of Mantra!
Luffy, Sanji and Usopp meet Priest Satori and his balls. The crow boat is lost and the crew must defeat Satori and find the boat before is too late.
2 Feb. 2008
Peril of the Ordeal of Balls! Fight to the Death in the Lost Forest
Robin finds a trail hidden under the moss, while one of the Sacred Priests visits Chopper at the Altar. The fight against Satori continues.
9 Feb. 2008
Chopper's in Danger! Former God vs. Shinto Priest Shura
Gan Fall arrives to rescue Chopper from evil Priest Shura. Robin finds a pit within some ruins. Satori prepares a great surprise for Luffy.
6 Jan. 2008
Venture Into the Devil's Sea! The Mysterious Skeleton Floating Through the Fog
The crew is surrounded by a dense fog and they meet skeleton Brook, who tells them his sad story.
3 Feb. 2008
Nami in Big Trouble! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man
Nami, Usopp and Chopper meet Dr Hogback and they spend a crazy night in his castle. The rest of the crew is crossing the forest in order to rescue them.
22 Jun. 2008
Invisibility Connection? Sanji's Stolen Dream
Sanji finally gets to the chapel where Absalom is about to marry Nami, where he reveals his dreams. Usopp is still trying to catch the Ghost Princess, while Luffy can't get rid of Moria's shadow.
29 Jun. 2008
Saving Hero!? The Enemy Is the Invincible Princess
Usopp evades Kumashi and keeps chasing Perona, but she seems to be untouchable. Sogeking comes to help him and together they discover the Ghost Princess' weak point.
6 Jul. 2008
Perona's Terror!? The U in Uso Is the U in Usopp
Usopp defeats Perona using his negativeness and his lies. Sanji and Luffy's zombies finally surrender to Moria. Battle between Zoro and Brook's zombie seems to be through.
13 Jul. 2008
Slashes Dancing on the Roof!! Finale - Zoro vs. Ryuma
Zoro defeats Ryuma and the former samurai gives him his sword. Oz is approaching while Luffy can not find a way to attack Moria.
20 Jul. 2008
Chopper's Rage!! Hogback's Demonic Medical Practice
Dr Hogback tells Chopper how he met Cindri. Chopper goes mad and bids Cindry to rebel against her zombie nature. Robin fools Hogback so he makes Sanji and Zoro's zombies fall from the tower. Luffy finally faces Oz.
17 Aug. 2008
Absalom Knocked Out! Nami's Lightning Bolt of Friendship
Absalom is about to kiss Nami when she wakes up and suddenly Lola appears and pretends to fight Nami so she can escape. Absalom falls under Nami's lightning bolt while the rest of the straw hat crew is gathering to stop Oz.
23 Aug. 2008
Take It Down!! Sure-kill Straw Hat Docking?
In order to fight Oz, Franky summons the docking strategy, but Robin won't cooperate. The crew must find a way to take down Oz all together. Perona's zombies find an unknown Kuma man in the Sunny.
30 Aug. 2008
An Invasion Without Footsteps/A Mysterious Visitor/Bartholomew Kuma the Tyrant Bear
Battle to knock down Oz continues and Luffy finally realizes he was pursuing Moria's shadow. Nami meets Kuma the tyrant.
7 Sep. 2008
Oz + Moria: The Worst Combination
Figth against Oz continues while Luffy is returning to the mansion yard. Kuma tells Moria about the new Shichibukai Blackbeard. Moria joins Oz and he demonstrate his intelligence. Brooks appears carrying salt.
14 Sep. 2008
A Crazy Strategy to Turn the Tables Nightmare Luffy Appears
Luffy is returning to the mansion when he is stopped by a group of shadowless survivors. The straw hat pirates are in trouble while Moria seems to be winning the battle. Nightmaere Luffy must come into action.
21 Sep. 2008
The Annihilation of Mugiwara Crew. The Capacities of the Shadows Liberated
The crew makes its best to defeat the Special Zombie but they are overpowered by his force. Chopper finds a weak point when he deduces how Oz died. Only Zoro, Chopper and Nami are still standing.
28 Sep. 2008
Transcendent Battle Start! Luffy vs. Luffy
100-shabow man Nightmare Luffy appears to save Nami and Usopp from certain death. He has only 10 minutes to defeat both Oz and Moria or otherwise the shadows will leave him. Kuma watches the battle in silence.
5 Oct. 2008
The Outcome Approachs! The Last Blow Inflicted
Oz stands up once again just to feel the power of the whole straw hat pirates. He is defeated and now the crew must face the power of 1000-shadow man Gecko Moria, while the sunrise is approaching.
12 Oct. 2008
The Bodies Vanish! The Sunrise Shines on the Nightmares Island!
Luffy prepares his last attack against Moria and the shadows begin to abandon him. The first sun beams catch some pirates and the crew is running out of time. Final Gia Sado defeats Moria but it seems to be late.
28 Dec. 2008
The Great Treasure Contest! Collapse! The Spaland
In order to rescue Lina's sister, the crew destroys the Spa Island and look for the hot cross which is the clue to make the gems of Lina's father.

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