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Ctbf names John Brabourne winners

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Ctbf names John Brabourne winners
Nine recipients, including the editor of The Goob [pictured], to receive financial boost.

The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (Ctbf) has revealed the recipients of the annual John Brabourne Awards (JBAs), dedicated to providing invaluable financial assistance to individuals that have faced difficulties in progressing their career.

The 2014 awardees will be honoured during a formal reception at BAFTA this evening.

A record 184 entrants applied for consideration, a 50% uplift on 2013, with the successful candidates receiving a grant ranging between £1,000 and £5,000 towards the development of their careers in the film and TV industries. Nine awards were made this year, with an industry committee finalising the list of recipients.

Awardees being recognised at tonight’s reception at BAFTA include: Charlotte Hudson, a comedy writer with a number of film and TV projects in development, and one half of the double act, Two Left Hands; Adam Biskupski, an award-wining shorts editor whose debut feature The Goob recently premiered at Venice Film Festival
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Watch Now: Awesome action flick ‘Slug Street Scrappers 3′

Written, directed and edited by Micah Brock, and inspired by the beat em up games of the early 1990′s such as Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Double Dragon, Slug Street Scrappers 3 is a fantastic independent action movie that features a whole wealth of martial artists including Shaun Charney, Katelyn Brooke, Micah “Kwonkicker” Brock, Anna Ranoso, Tess Kielhamer, Dominic Sherman, Andy Le, Brian Le, Mari Saito, Rocky Chavez, Maggie Clarke, Narayana Cabral, Mason Sharrow, Joe Clarke and Blake Lindquist.

Bruiser Bom-Bash, a man who holds the coveted Scrapper title of, “Toughest in Town”, is well-known on Slug Street… and well-loathed. He is particularly hated by former title-holder, Peaches Powers (who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend). To this day, Peaches has never learned why she was dumped by Bruiser, and has never forgiven him for it. But, when new facts about the purpose of the Slug Street Scrappers come to light,
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Martin Freeman: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

A funny thing happened when Martin Freeman was cast as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit: almost everyone on the Internet went ‘Well, obviously he’s the right person for the role’. Rarely do you get such a consensus online: when any classic role is cast there’s usually a cry of ‘he’s too young/old/English/Bolivian/short/tall/funny-looking/normal-looking/Un-Bolivian’ but almost the entire population of the world simply nodded and admitted – yep, Freeman is Baggins.

It’s more than just the fact he looks, well, quite Hobbit-y, he has a body of work that has made him one of the most likeable screen presences Britain has produced in a while. Early reaction to public and private screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are that he’s playing the role perfect, but until we can judge for ourselves with the film landing in cinemas today, here
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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #17

This edition features another arty, short film sitting proudly at the number one spot. I bet you’ve been dying for another one. You have? See, I knew it!

Apart from the short-film we have the cooking guide to top all cooking guides, a topical prank, material from an under-appreciated comedy show and some more from a wonderfully appreciated comedy show...

As always, enjoy!

5. The only way to reheat Pizza.

I believe that this clip will not only brighten your week, it will brighten your hangovers forever-more!

The narrator instructs you how to reheat pizza in a fashion that recreates the pizza’s original texture and flavours. No more soggy micro-waved pizza, no more burnt oven-heated pizza!

All together now... nom-nom-nom!

4. Black Friday Shopping Prank

This short clip had me in stitches. The two protagonists of the clip are challenged to enter a supermarket on ‘Black Friday’ and ask for items on their shopping list.
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Top 10 screen computer geeks

Just who are the geekiest computer geeks of the large and small screen? Here’s Michael’s list of suggestions…

Jim Carrey had a point when he said, “Free cable is the ultimate aphrodisiac”, as frankly, anyone who can hand out free cable is going to be popular.

However, even The Cable Guy might find his social influence supplanted these days by the nearest computer geek. Gradually, computers have developed from a niche interest into something that everyone depends on to get through life. As a result, the computer geek has enjoyed a transformation from outcast to linchpin.

The geek is a stock character of both the big screen and the small. A character such as Garth from Wayne's World doesn't fit into our narrow definition of a computer geek. Does he use his Amiga to create a colourful poster for his friends’ rock concert? Yes. Does he put a
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David Mitchell under the spotlight

Peep Show star and Observer columnist David Mitchell tackles questions from our readers

Can I be the first female to ask the obvious one: will you marry me? Susan Bradley, Iowa

No, I won't. It's very kind of you to ask, but I make it a rule never to marry people I haven't met. I don't mean that in any way to cast aspersions on various customs in other religions. I think that's an absolutely bang-on way to go about arranging society.

What is it that you most love about Britain? Katherine Curran, Dublin

I think the thing I'm most fond of is our self-criticism. Whenever people say: "We don't like winners in this country…" I think: that's great – it puts life in balance. They've got their winnings; why do they have to have the adulation as well? In America you have the relentlessness of a culture that believes so
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