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47 out of 92 people found the following review useful:

Stupid Overdone Action - but still a Guilty Pleasure

Author: zickbert from Munich
28 July 2005

I saw the movie at a pre-screening in Munich - people were cheering a lot but mostly at the (tremendously overdone) action parts.

Less driving, more fighting and lots of matrix-like action - not as good as the first one (it got those bullet air ripples). Although some characters are quite … likable - they are rather poor crafted stereotypes.

I don't want to spoil anything here so I just say that the story clearly plays second fiddle to the action- lots of things are left unexplained or not shown at best. The movie is really fast paced and fast cut so are the fighting sequences pretty similar to "Kiss of the Dragon" for example. The martial arts and action in general is really good but some of it is so far flung from reality that even the action enthusiast sitting next to me suspiciously raised an eyebrow especially at the end - sometimes it felt more like a superhero movie than like an action movie from France.

If you are going to see the movie leave your brain at home and you will have an entertaining time - if you are not prepared to do that stay home together with you brain.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Arguably the Best of the Statham Trilogy

Author: Nexus Engel from Canada
8 August 2014

I didn't enjoy this movie the first time I'd seen it, but maybe that's because I didn't give it my full attention, because upon my second viewing, it was MUCH better than before. In fact, I might go so far as to say this is the best of the series so far. It's definitely better than the third one.

Here we have Statham playing Frank, who's now the driver for the child of a wealthy family in Miami, bringing him to and from school on weekdays. Well, he's asked to drive the kid to the doctor's office for a routine check-up, but that doesn't end well. As it turns out, a bio-terrorist-for-hire is after the boy to get to his father, Jefferson, because of his government job, and although Frank gives them one hell of a chase, they manage to take the kid and hold him for ransom. Frank's determined to get him back, and stop the terrorist plot our villain's got in store for Jefferson and the politicians he'll be seeing at the summit.

If you thought the first movie was ridiculous, this one beats it for sure. It's got ridiculousness in spades; gravity-defying car flips, more one man army fist fights, and one of the most amusingly creative ways to dispose of a bomb on the bottom of your car--while you're driving it.

Seriously, it needs to be seen to be believed.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Original action with lots of variety

Author: phd_travel from United States
20 October 2012

This Miami based action movie is entertaining from start to finish. It's better than the first Transporter.

Liked the clever, funny, original, non gruesome, feel good action sequences. There is action in the water, cars, airplanes, via disease, you name it. No matter how outnumbered he is you know the outcome but it's fun to see how you get there.

Jason Statham is back again. Good supporting cast too including Amber Valletta and Matthew Modine as parents of the kidnapped child.

It's a bit of an Audi commercial in the first part but that's fine. Don't know why there is use of a tinted lens in a lot of the movie.

One of the better Luc Besson movies.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

So over the top it makes the first film look like " singin in the rain"

Author: sean vouriot from Australia
6 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Transporter 2 is probably one of the silliest action movies I've ever seen. This is the kind of movie where your jaw will be hanging open for most of its brisk 80 minutes. Absolutely nothing in this film is even remotely possible. I know, I know the aim for this movie was not to be possible in any way whatsoever. Its goal is to entertain the audience and at that it succeeds. But even action movies have to show just a little restraint in how over the top they go, right?

The stunts involve a speedboat leap off a conveniently placed ramp onto a highway so Frank Martin(Jason Statham)can leap onto a bus and catch one of the terrorists whom he has been chasing. The terrorist is Russian of course and is named Dimitri. Why does almost every action movie have a Russsian bad guy?

Another stupid stunt comes at the end of a car chase between Frank, The terrorist leaders wife: Lola(Kate Nauta, who gives an effective performance) and the Miami police force. The chase was fun until the very end, when Frank drives all the way up a parking garage and(wait for it) crashes through the wall and flys through the air for about a hundred feet before landing on the building across the street (which is luckily under construction, so there is nobody inside) and then skidding for the length of the building until they come to a stop directly on the edge of the building.

You may ask how they would manage to drive the car off the building. Well guess what? Somehow, in methods the movie doesen't make quite clear, Frank manages to get each side of the car onto each side of a building and drive over an alley. A drunk guy looks up and sees the car pass over him. He then looks at his beer and grimaces, thinking he is hallucinating. I thought I was hallucinating too. That had to be one of the strangest stunts I've ever seen. I guarantee you the makers of this film were probably a little more than a bit tipsy when they dreamed this stunt up. Look, I could go on and on explaining the implausibilities. Some of it is even too stupid for Bond, and thats saying something(The CGI is also pretty bad in this movie, which dosen't help it's cause.)

Although on the plus side the acting isn't too bad and the film has a fast, exhilarating pace. Compared to the original though, this is yet another sequel that tried to do too much and just got too stupid. The original had its share of action but it didn't get too out of control.

I don't mind a good dumb action movie with impossible stunts. But when I see something as out of control as Transporter 2, I hang my mouth open in disbelief. Seriously what were these filmmakers thinking??? Do they really think that audiences are that stupid? Obviously they do.

Did I have fun watching Transporter 2? Yes. Could I get my head around all the implausibilities? No.

5 out of 10 because I had a fun 80 minutes

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" That driver can sure drive a car! Yes, among other things. "

Author: thinker1691 from USA
15 April 2012

Reprising his role in the original movie, 'The Transporter' (Jason Statham) returns as Frank Martin in "Transporter II." In this action pact trill ride, the exciting action begins and ends with Martin giving a hands on display of both his driving skills, which are magical as well as his martial arts abilities, which are incredible. The gist of the story center's around the Transporter being hired to drive a 6 year old boy (Hunter Clary) to school and back. Things become alarming when the boy is Kidnapped by an International organization led by Gianni Chellini (Alessandro Gassman) who claims he did it for a large ransom. Although he has a hidden motive, the claim is really a cover for another purpose. With the help of his friend Inspector Tarconi (Francois Berleand) Martain must use his Special Forces training not only to defeat the kidnappers, but also to save the boy without harming him. From beginning to end this is one wild ride of both physical action, intrigue and high flying adventure. The cast which includes Kate Nauta, Matthew Modine and Keith David as Stappleton, give a most impressive performance. This series of the Transporter will eventually include a III addition and one only hope it's as exciting as this one. In any case, this will eventually become a Classic. ****

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Action or Farce

Author: sonobor from USA
29 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well produced and lots of action. However, you must suspend believe to the extreme. Nearly all of the movie is so outrageous you may wonder, "Is this an action movie or a farce? Transporter or Spy Hard?"

I found the movie more cartoon-ish than a James Bond flick. There's a scene where Jason Statham flips his car in the air, scrapes a bomb off the bottom of the vehicle with an industrial crane then lands upright. Amazing precision. Yes it's that silly.

To be fair, Amber Valletta's performance is quite good. Also I'm impressed that Statham never smirks no matter how silly the action. The production values and fight scenes are top notch. Not realistic but top notch.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

A lot like the original.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
2 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Transporter 2 is set in Miami where transporter Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is now living after the incidents of the original film, he has been acting as a chauffeur to Audrey (Amber Valletta) & Jefferson Billings (Matthew Modine) young son Jack (Hunter Clary). While taking Jack to the doctors for some jabs gangsters try to inject Jack with a deadly virus but Frank manages to prevent this, however the gangsters lead by Italian criminal Gianni Chellini (Alessandro Gassman) kidnap Jack for which the authorities blame Frank. On the run from the police Frank is determined to get Jack back but when Jack is returned seemingly unharmed Jack has to convince somebody that he is in great danger as is everyone else from the deadly virus but no-one will believe him & Frank has to go it alone to stop Chellini & prevent thousands of innocent people being killed by the deadly virus...

This French American co-production was directed by Louis Leterrier & has the same sort of tone as the original The Transporter (2002) which no bad thing to be fair, while not a huge improvement on the original Transporter 2 is certainly up there & I would say just as good. Unfortunately while Transporter 2 shares all the positives of the original like the cool action scenes, likable character's, a quick pace (Transporter 2 runs a mere 16 seconds less than The Transporter which may or may not have been deliberate) & an enjoyable sense of fun & adventure it also shares many of the original's flaws with a weak script full of holes & moments that are just plain silly like when Frank spots a bomb under his car he drives off a ramp, does a mid air spin during which the hook of a crane snags the bomb & removes it from the underside of his car before it blows up while Frank just lands the car perfectly & zooms off, also if your going to make a deadly virus & release it why make such a small amount of antidote? Surely if the virus is as contagious as is said it would have the potential to wipe out thousands if not millions across the globe including those who were responsible for it? How did Frank get into the plane at the end? Anyway, once again like the original if you can forgive the sloppy writing & plotting Transporter 2 is a lot of fun, there's a bit more plot here with the relationship between Frank, Jack & Audrey while Jefferson as a politician is the center of a complicated assassination attempt using a deadly virus, I suppose Transporter 2 tries for some darker thriller elements amongst the high octane action. Frank is back with his rules & again those are mentioned constantly, the French policeman is back in a pointless cameo role even though it's nice to have him back although the entire film is shifted from France in Europe to Miami in America.

Again the action scenes are where Transporter 2 shines but they do stretch credibility at times & are often very silly, there's a bit more variety to them this time & they are on an even bigger scale from exploding buildings to car chases to a silly bit where a car jumps from a car park to an unfinished office building (how did they get back to the ground?) to a cool if silly scene in which Frank chases a bus on a jet-ski, the climax is great as Frank & Chellini fight it out on an out of control plane as it does barrel-rolls & some really great balletic fight scenes which go for energy & spectacle rather than brutality as once again Frank uses whatever he can to beat the bad guy's including a fire hose. The film looks great once again, nice sunny bright locations, some really sexy fast cars, guy's in sharp suits & Lola the female assassin who doesn't dress in much & wields twin laser sighted sub machine-guns. The whole film has a clean, bright, colourful & sharp look about it. I suppose Transporter 2 is pure spectacle, apart from the dazzling action scenes & bright colourful look the plot is a mess & not that much is going on. I did like it though, hell I'm easily pleased I guess.

With a supposed budget of about $32,000,000 this was made because of strong DVD sales of the original apparently, filmed in Miami in Florida. The production values are good & you get plenty of action for your money although the CGI computer effects are poor at times & I mean really poor. The original had little CGI while this one has a fair bit like Frank falling out of a window ten storeys high or a car jumping from building to building or the out of control plane at the end & none of it particularly impresses. The acting is alright, again Jason Statham proves to be a likable hero.

Transporter 2 basically shares both the positives & negatives of the original & is pretty much more of the same although this one is maybe a little bit too silly at times for it's own good. Great action & a really nice colourful look to the film help disguise the plot holes & lack of a story, overall I enjoyed it for what it was. Followed by Transporter 3 (2008).

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Driven to tears...

Author: Benjamin Wolfe from USA
16 July 2009

In time, many a studio attempts to capture the 'magic' of the Original. From the sexy little beast girl, that was long and lean that took out the doctor and even with the hallway shoot-em'-up and the exploding tank that sends her to the floor, with incinerator power scorching almost everything in that front office way, yet with her doctor's coat burned by her neck and head, she and her platinum blond locks, unscathed! On top of this, with the police baring down on her in the street as she has lost sight of the 'transporter' she has enough silence after the police give her a command to drop her weapons, she takes a call on her headset and takes an order, hangs up then proceeds to, in one sweeping motion drop the empty clips, not just one but both and re-load then turn with two non verbal police officers, apparently they didn't have anything else to say to a half naked woman in the street, that has fired at least 150 rounds. She is holding two automatic weapons that could cut them in half and they have had tactical training, from the academy...but she is simply too much for them and in a second guns down two officers standing with the squad car doors as Shields. Talk about escape from reality. There seem to me to be too many things that would not work out ...unless your 007. Maybe this is just a poor attempt at making a professional driver Bond film. Who knows? In addition, it has a look similar to an episode of C.S.I: Miami, which I am a fan, but it has definitely departed from the first film and it's feel. And the situation with the marina, and the goofball he's chasing? What in the heck was that?? Too much unguarded stuff, to be a place that I can jump into and simply believe. and of course the phone call at the end, while he is sitting in his Audi to summon yet another adventure.

The first in 2002, was an escape surely, but this was that now, pushing the envelope way too much for me.

I would recommend if you are looking for a real Hollywood action flick, to check this feature out...if not well. Sometimes a sequel just is not the answer. (**)

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Mathew Modine: World's Worst Actor?

Author: davevine from United States
21 February 2006

Is Mathew Modine possibly the world's worst actor? I had to sit through this movie the other night at a friend's house and thought I would explode with disgust at the bad acting. I have seen Jason Statham in some decent roles, but the writing, acting and silly scenes in this Eurotrash movie were really bad. I wonder why they think something like this will really work. The French need to stick to doing what they do best, small art films that nobody but the French care about. And please, please for the love of all that is good in this world, stop giving Matthew Modine work. I have seen better acting in Elementary school plays.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Action forsaking logic, and it works!

Author: Mr_Censored from Maine
20 August 2009

Jason Statham reprises his role as Frank Martin in "Transporter 2," directed by Louis Leterrier ("The Incredible Hulk") and written by Luc Besson ("The Fifth Element"). Retired from his previous day-job, Martin is now living in Miami and is relegated to playing driver for a wealthy couple and their young son, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He lives a nice and stress-free life, playing somewhat of a nanny by day and enjoying a beer or two on his time off. All of that is put into a tail-spin – naturally – as he gets tangled up with some biological terrorists who plan on infecting the masses with a deadly new virus that kills in just four hours. It's a race against time for as he finds himself once again embracing his talents and matching wits against an Italian with a mean-streak (Alessandro Gassman) and a sexed-up but lethal vixen (Kate Nauta).

"Transporter 2" is the best kind of action film you'll find these days. When you want to turn off your brain and simply soak up as much high-octane action as you can, this is exactly the kind of movie you should be searching for. The action is outrageous and defies physics, but none of that matters in a movie like this. If you can check logic at the door, the film will reward you all the more for it. You also don't need to be very well-versed in the previous film, as not only is the character of Frank Martin re-established well enough, but also because Jason Statham plays essentially the same role in every film he does. As always, he is in top form, charming and intense as the hero du jour. The film is host to some over-the-top performances from its villains and some ridiculous action scenes (get a load of how Martin rids his car of a bomb!) but is brilliant, stylish and energetic. In the context of the film, you buy the silliness at hand and just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you want a film that respects all you learned in science class, then you have made a wrong turn, my friend. If you seek a thrill-ride of epic proportions, however, you've come to the right place.

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