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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

An insult to the viewer

Author: iddt from Sweden
17 June 2006

Can be summarized as the most unreal action movie ever made and with a bad story too. The director must see the viewers as complete idiots. If you like to waste 1,5 hours of your life this movie is for you. This is a movie you should get paid for seeing. An example. In what world can you crash a yet plane with full speed into the sea and then just swim away? And his bullet proof car is really ridiculous. There is no material know to man that being about 3 mm thick and transparent can take hits from machine gun bullets and leave no mark. The same goes to the paint job on the car. Bullets leave marks on every car. But if its a bullet proof car the difference is that they don't get to the driver!

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Video game movie for a Ritalin generation

Author: niangelo from Edmonton
6 February 2006

I didn't like the original Transporter the first time I saw it. It wasn't anything in particular, It just didn't give me that sense of awe and love that one gets when they're exposed to a great action flick. After watching it a second time, however, I warmed to it. Maybe Jason Stratham and that Asian babe had really planted themselves inside my consciousness.

But Transporter 2? I can't see myself ever loving this mess.

Video game movies (not literally film adaptations of video games, but movies that suspend reality to the point of it resembles a video game, a la Charlie's Angels) don't upset me, and it's certainly not the sensibilities of this movie that drive me nuts.

The good things? The outrageous outfits of Lola, the over-the-top fighting and improbable action sequences.

The bad things? Look, I know this isn't a film-school archetype, but let's get real. The acting was horrible. Painful, even. Matthew Modine's performance came off as the most crass paycheck-grab in recent memory. And Stratham? Well, he elevates "emotionless bad ass" to a new level of rigidity. The car chase sequences, particularly involving the one with Lola, Frank running from the cops, was filmed with a disturbing lack of passion - as if the director forgot that close ups, slow motion, or even camera angles existed.

Actually, never mind about the other stuff. Modine's performance is enough to condemn this movie to film hell.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Beyond silly and stupid

Author: johnlnick from United States
20 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Saw it over the weekend with a friend who swears the first one was better. I have no problem believing that, because this one was so awful that virtually anything could've been better.

The acting was cheesy and the beyond-unbelievable plot was the result of a bunch of FX-lovers sitting in a room saying "Ooh, and NOW wouldn't it be cool if..."

Much of the silliness has been covered in other reviews, and if the movie had contained any element of a wink or a hint that it was working towards being a parody of the genre, rather than taking itself seriously, I could've sat back and laughed with the rest.

The movie includes a number of plot elements that are absolutely useless to the movie - including: a fight scene where the villain practices kendo against 6-8 of his henchmen and the psychotic female sidekick to the villain who wears lingerie and must have been in Cirque du Soleil before deciding to join the "dark side."

As an example of the unbelievable action, the movie includes a fight in a pilotless Lear jet. Just as the jet crashes into the ocean, the hero, who is standing in the aisle at the instant of the crash, leaps towards the back of the plane to survive the crash. He then puts a life preserver on the stunned villain and swims him to the surface just in time for a number of rescue boats (who must have all conveniently been right out of range of the shock wave from the plane hitting the water but still close enough to be in the right spot in a matter of seconds) to arrive.

I shudder to think what Transporter 3 will be like.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Transporter 2 Movie Review from The Massie Twins

Author: GoneWithTheTwins from
25 November 2008

Like many sequels, Transporter 2 does not surpass its predecessor in quality or entertainment value, and actually manages to dumb-down the intelligence level and over-do the already obnoxiously exaggerated action. If you've heard of films that are "so bad they're good," this second outing in the series might just squeeze its way into that category. Transporter 2 isn't the worst movie ever made, but it has to be pretty close.

Transporter 2 finds everyone's favorite rule-abiding mover of delicate goods, Frank Martin (Jason Statham), filling in as a chauffeur for the son of a powerful government official (Matthew Modine). When young Jack (Hunter Clary) is kidnapped by a dangerous mercenary-for-hire (Alessandro Gassman), Frank must uncover the nefarious plot behind the crime, rescue the boy, and generally save the day in as outlandish a fashion as possible.

For every well-choreographed, creative action sequence, there are five utterly ridiculous ones that truly epitomize absurdity. An intense duel with a hulking henchman in the confined quarters of a boat make for some unique camera-work and effective combat, and a martial arts-infused fight with a fire hose steals the show for most original and entertaining action sequence. But a dreadfully dull Tarzan-esquire battle with the main villainess, unrealistic bullet dodging, and an anti-climactic airplane crash quickly rescind this action vehicle's license to thrill. And if the majority of these scenes weren't disappointing enough, they're accompanied by awful one-liners and some of the most pitiful special effects in recent history.

The first Transporter movie, while entertaining in its brainless adventure, was wholly unrealistic. The second one practically redefines the word. It's difficult to come up with enough adjectives to describe just how detestably over-the-top every aspect of the film becomes, from the abhorrent, lingerie-wearing antagonist Lola (Kate Nauta) to the badgering use of music and skewed sense of plausibility. Frank retains his use of rules this time out, though the rules of realism have long since been lost. At least a healthy dose of car chases, massive property destruction, and martial arts mayhem keeps Transporter 2 barely watchable. Barely.

- Joel Massie

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Makes "Star Wars" look like a documentary.

Author: fedor8 from Serbia
2 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So many things to learn from a 21st-century Luc Besson action film...

1. If you're fighting a drug cartel, don't ask for aid from the FBI or CIA, because quite frankly the only ones they are ever interested in apprehending are the wrong people.

2. The FBI have never solved a case on their own.

3. High-up government officials are all morons.

4. High-up gov't officials (like Modine) - which are all morons - will not be able to deduce that Statham is not a kidnapper based on the very simple and obvious fact that he brought Modine's son to the gates of the former's villa.

5. FBI personnel will also fail to add 2 and 2, hence not understand the simple fact that a kidnapper would not drive the intended victim all the way to the villa from which he should logically be trying to distance himself - if he really were a conspirator in the kidnapping.

6. The FBI recruits its personnel based on the "we need low IQs" policy.

7. The U.S. government hires people based on the "we need totally clueless, overly emotional in moments of pressure, morons (like Modine)" policy.

8. French directors who cast bad actress-model bimbos in historical spectacles as Joan Of Arc are incapable of rational thought.

9. If your fugitive suspect informs you of his own free will where the kidnappers are carrying the kidnapped person, choose not to trust them.

10. If you are a skinny, ugly 6-foot-3 fashion model, Besson will cast you as a totally unconvincing mob assassin.

11. Having ultra-skinny arms that have neither muscle nor fat tissue will not prevent you from holding heavy guns and then shooting them without missing. Even without looking at the target.

12. Being ultra-skinny and weak from not eating anything for days does not hinder your average fashion model from being the world's most dangerous killer.

13. The FBI and the U.S. police use helicopters that are always greased with oil so that when skinny fashion models shoot at them from a distance they can immediately blow them up.

14. The best way to fight anti-drug gov't officials is to introduce a virus into the world, which will then kill them all. The fact that these people will merely be replaced by new anti-drug gov't officials does not interest you nor does it maybe even occur to you.

15. If you're a Colombian drug dealer, throw a virus into a conference room full of your enemies, then watch as the virus spreads all over the world, killing all your potential customers - and then maybe even your friends and relatives.

16. Colombian drug-cartel bosses are even bigger morons than the FBI.

17. When the FBI apprehends a French police inspector, they let him sleep on a couch right next to dozens of computers with access to top-secret crime data.

18. If you are a super-hero who wants to save the world and are carrying an antidote that might save it, do NOT go to the appropriate authorities, that way speeding up both the investigation and the search for the criminals. Do everything on your own, as much as that might slow you down or cause further complications.

19. When an airplane hits a body of water at full speed, it will not break into tiny bits. Water, as any idiot knows, is too soft to break much of anything. After all, if it really were hard we wouldn't be able to drink it!

20. When an airplane sinks toward the ocean floor at a rapid speed, the deadly increase in pressure does not in any way affect super-heroes and super-villains.

21. All action-movie fashion-model bimbos have flat chests. A lack of an intake of foody substances ensures that no fatty tissues are built up in that area.

22. Casting very English-looking actors as Russian mobsters is a great idea.

23. When you aim a gun at someone who is also aiming a gun at you, neither of you shoot, but instead stare at each other. Why? I have absolutely no idea...

TT2 is strictly for morons.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

crayon actioneering

Author: Autlan
22 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was created, yet I am nothing.

I tell a story, yet I have no substance, continuity or suspense.

Within my domain even sounds are visual.

'What am I?'

'Tramsforter 2,' chirps the annoyingly quirky kid.

'Bingo! You lose!'

I'll start by saying it's a good thing driver doesn't appear anywhere in the title, because driving is only a third of what Frank Martin does. He's a pilot who doesn't need an aeroplane. He's an acrobat in a graviton suit. He's a martial artist with an overactive imagination. He's even a driver in a vehicle without wheels.

Starting to sound like an entertaining B Movie, right? Well, no. You won't find any 'I tried my best, but I guess I just suck' here. It's like someone hand picked the members of Team Fail. A Cinematographer trying to emulate Technicolour; a minimalist special effects troupe, led by an eccentric who never considered life outside his bouncy castle; a truant script girl; a plot jerked along by a piece of toilet paper, snared to King Kong's shoe; and an overactive product placement supervisor.

So what is the story? A well-manicured, ugly South American is hired by some of his countrymen, who are outraged that the Law is eating into their profits. They hatch a brilliant plan involving a Soviet expatriate Biochemist, a green biological warfare agent, a purple antidote, a mercenary, a gun toting lingerie model and the ruling body of the Drug Enforcement Administration. So some bureaucrat gets his coffee poisoned? No. The public are poisoned and the DEA is held to ransom, while a mother-load of cocaine is pushed over the border? Nope.

It's hard to tell if the plot is supposed to remain a mystery until half-way, or if it's just delivered poorly, so I'll reveal it carefully, without any pointers as to the obvious outcome.


The son of a DEA big shot is kidnapped against the best efforts of his school-run driver Mr. Martin, infected with a virus and then bizarrely returned without any of the millions of ransom money being taken. The kid infects his father, mother, driver and half the Miami police department with this highly contagious airborne pathogen. The ugly South American transfuses himself in about ten minutes with what appears to be the only half litre of antidote in existence and tries really hard not to go to the bathroom.

Seems to me an extremely convoluted delivery method and a ridiculous insurance policy, but then I'm not a French screenwriter.

I'd advise everyone to avoid this and watch the original instead. To those people who are now chanting, "Suspend your belief," I say, okay, I've got a great investment opportunity for you. You give me your cake, I'll eat it, and then all you have to do is give it time to mature. Trust me. It's going to pay off!

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Great Movie - If You're 7 Years Old

Author: dgz78 ( from United States
1 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Crappy plot - bad guys and a bad virus; bad CGI, I mean really bad; bad acting - I've built tree houses out of 2 x 4s less wooden than some of these performances.

I like good action movies but they have to at least pretend not to insult my intelligence. This movie makes Gilligans Island look like Masterpiece Theater.

Item 1 - Jason Statham dives out of a 2 or 3 story building, landing on the top of a car with enough force to crumple in the roof. He rolls off like he's getting out of bed in the morning. I thought Michael Douglas getting hit by a car and not getting scratched in Basic Instinct was the worst non-injury scene ever but this one topped it.

Item 2 - He drives a car through a railing in a parking garage, across a street and fits perfectly into another parking garage. The physics are ridiculous. The motorcycle jump into the pool of True Lies was just as impossible but at least in that one the driver could see where he was going.

Item 3 - He goes from a car into the wheel well of an airplane as its taking off and then just pops up into a closet. This was unbelievable in so many ways my mind went numb.

Item 4 - The plane goes into a stall and begins a free fall to the ocean. Jason Statham and the bad guy fight like they are standing on the 50 yard line of the Rose Bowl instead of, oh I don't know, being affected by the law of gravity.

And don't get me started about the fight scenes. He takes on 10 bad guys at once, all of whom are nice to attack him one at a time. When he doesn't have a gun, hey, what do you know, neither do the bad guys. And when they have a gun, they don't shoot him.

Katie Nauta plays a bad villianess. I mean, her character is not only bad, she really is a bad actress. And the evil mastermind is even worse.

Never do you think Frank is in real trouble and that it won't end on a happy note. Most sequels are not as good as the original but this one makes Caddyshack II look as good as the original Caddyshack.

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9 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

paint your bathroom instead...

Author: mr-syfx from United Kingdom
14 September 2005

OK, i watched the first transporter on DVD a few days ago, after seeing this i feel cheated out of my money, the first film was a little far fetched, but it worked in its own typical action movie way, #2 how ever is absolute garbage, how any man regardless of army special forces training can dislodge a bomb by 'BARREL ROLLING' a car up a pipe ramp onto a crane hook and successfully land on all 4 wheels is beyond me, i doubt god himself could do it.

next the car chase with the psycho hooker with the Uzi's leaping a 100 feet into a half built tower block, and ass usually, stopping 5cm before the edge (typical) and then a helicopter being blown up by a few Uzi rounds is to put it mildly, very far fetched... it would been better if he had decided to elbow the crazy lady in the face a few times, knock her groggy, open her door and shove her out. end of movie, what a way to spend my £6 on a ticket :D this film is frankly total garbage, its like Kenan and Kel on acid with a fire arms permit, i SERIOUSLY hope that he was paid well for this rubbish.

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12 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Might end up on the worst of 2005 list

Author: Greg ( from Oakville, Ontario
11 September 2005

Ranking right up their with the audiences yearning for another sequel to the Bad Boys franchise, Jason Statham is back in the very cleverly titled Transporter 2.

Now for those of you who can hardly remember the first film, don't worry. Both it and now its sequel are tailored so that you can waste time inside an air conditioned theatre and forget almost everything you've seen just hours after the lights come back to full illumination.

This time round script writers Robert Kamen and Luc Beeson decided that it would be easier to just copy the premise of last year's Man on Fire and throw our hero Frank Martin (Statham) into the Denzel Washington role. That means there will be a kidnapping of a small child that was under the protection of our hero and there will also be plenty of mindless violence as he searches for the youngin he feels responsible for losing.

Now I happen to like Jason Statham. I liked him in Snatch, The Italian Job and even Cellular. He has a charisma to him. A coolness this side of Steve McQueen. Problem is he keeps picking up scripts that even John Saxon would have turned down.

Transporter 2 has nothing going for it outside of Statham's presence. It's filled with enough bad stunts and even worse cartoonish villains that even the most outlandish of James Bond films would be embarrassed to utilize such farce. Take for instance the scene where Frank must flip his car through the air to hit a suspended wire in hopes of tearing from the autos underbelly a very well hidden car bomb. I watched this scene uneasy in my theatre seat and would not have been surprised if Wyle E. Coyote was shown in the background huffing and puffing as his plan was foiled.

Things do go boom and Jackie Chan would probably be impressed with the fighting contests in particular one clever scene where Frank utilizes a fire hose to engage the baddies. But amongst the few half decent moments there are countless mindless scenes and plot lines that include a virus antidote being stored inside the bad guy (never seen that before!) and a completely implausible ending that takes place inside a private jet.

Transporter 2 may not be the worst movie of the year, but I highly doubt that by the time I get to the end of the calendar for 2005 that this clunker doesn't end up on a few Bottom 10 lists.

Recommendation: Stay away at all costs. It will be on TBS four times a week starting in 2006.

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35 out of 68 people found the following review useful:

The BEST WORST movie ever!

Author: borixxx from Canada
29 January 2006

Wow... just wow... I remember watching the first Transporter movie. I never had high expectations, and I was neither surprised or disappointed. Same thing went with this action flick. It was so bad that it was good! It did not have any real storyline, it was amazingly corny, and so badly directed that it was one of the most entertaining films in movie history! Definitely worth a watch, it seriously should also be categorized as comedy.... The only problem I had with the movie was... "Where the hell did the hot Asian chick from the first movie go? It's as if he dumped her and never spoke of her again...."

Either way, give the movie a shot, you will definitely enjoy it...


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