King of California (2007) Poster

Plot Keywords

spanish treasure
dream american dream
mental institution quest
chuckie cheese heavy digging equipment
cello lost treasure
building construction lawn turf
party dancing
dancer burlesque
orchard stone carving
inner title card christian science reading room
christian science fast food restaurant
car surveying equipment
telescope torture
teacher school project
classroom class
girl map
freeway cat
rain christmas tree
mental patient chandelier
hanging urination
cafe restaurant
researcher research
suburb police car
arrest sulphur
pursuit chase
tears crying
internet computer
teenage girl flashlight
diving suit tug of war
policeman metal detector
black american african american
alameda california no opening credits
sledgehammer thief
chinese boat people
santa clarita california telephone call
head wound blood
alarm system credit card
marijuana petco
reading book
heretic husband wife relationship
mother daughter relationship record player
recording drug use
friendship breaking and entering
flashback within a flashback prologue
tied feet state name in title
ranting golf course
job interview tragic event
obsession ex convict
bassist foreclosure
eviction artifact
dysfunctional relationship heist
animated sequence high school dropout
trespassing suicide attempt
flirtation police chase
unemployment los angeles california
premonition loner
burglary title in title
vomit volleyball
undocumented immigration unconsciousness
tied up thong
theft swinger
sewer sewage
scuba diving scuba diver
ruse repossession
propane ocean
night motorcycle
mortgage coming due knocked out
journal jazz music
jazz musician jazz band
jackhammer immigrant
illegal immigrant hot tub
hidden treasure gold doubloon
gift farewell scene
farewell gift facial bruise
diving equipment diary
chinese immigrant child as adult
buried treasure bruise
bikini beach
swimsuit barbecue
waitress volvo
used car teenager
station wagon southern california
musician mental illness
friend father daughter relationship
dirty dishes costco wholesale
beard warehouse
walkie talkie voice over narration
underwater scene treasure hunt
subterranean store
shovel psychiatric hospital
police mcdonald's restaurant
madness key
gold coin flashback
dishwasher digging
california burglar alarm

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