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Season 3

11 Nov. 2005
Mark's manhood is threatened when he is embarrassingly mugged by a couple of teens, which later affects his ability to get aroused when trying to get intimate with Sophie. Jeremy plans to get back with old flame Big Suze, but this is made difficult by the fact that they're both already in relationships.
18 Nov. 2005
Mark and Jeremy's old friend Merry, who doesn't seem to be in the best state of mind, gives Jeremy and Super Hans ownership of a pub, and Super Hans has some very radical ideas about how to run it. Meanwhile Mark's relationship progress with Sophie is stunted when she has to start working in Bristol.
25 Nov. 2005
Jeremy hopes to hold a magic mushroom party in the flat whilst Mark's away for work, but Mark's illness complicates things, and so Jeremy must find some underhanded way to keep him out of view for the duration of the party.
2 Dec. 2005
Mark's sister comes to stay, and Mark is outraged when Jeremy tells her that he loves her in order to get her into bed. However, Mark begins to repay the favor by spending a lot of time with Big Suze, who Jeremy is still extremely interested in.
9 Dec. 2005
Jeremy is called up for jury duty, and breaks all the rules when he meets the defendant in a café and unwisely starts seeing her. Sophie drags Mark along to a gay club with her friends and he isn't comfortable with it at all, especially when ecstasy starts being handed out.
16 Dec. 2005
Mark takes Sophie away for the weekend with the idea of proposing, but finds things don't go as well as he hoped as he and Sophie don't have that chemistry. In the same hotel, Jeremy has trouble getting rid of a rehabilitating Super Hans so that he can finally hook up again with old flame Big Suze.

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