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Farscape Returns!
praxis-95 December 2004
Having been a fan of this show since I first saw it on BBC 2 in 1999, I sat down to watch PKW with some nervousness, Farscape's characters are like a family in a way. A family who you visited every week, you shared their highs and lows, their loves and hates.

Would Peacekeeper Wars be faithful to the series? Or would it be a hodge podge of ideas and scenes with none of the old humanity?

Happily my fears were unjustified. PKW grabs you by the throat and does not let go.

The acting was, as usual, superb with believable characters, The bad guys do not resort to the cliché of being bad for the sake of it. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do.

The effects were amazing and the story line is a roller coaster ride.

Admittedly, there are times when the compressed season 5 storyline jars. But this is forgivable.

The rumour at the time of filming was that the mini series used up all the available squibs in Australia. After seeing the battle scenes, you realize why!

All in all, a good ending to this part of the story while still leaving a way to make more.

Let's hope Moya keeps flying and we visit her crew in the future.

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Culmination of all that is best in Farscape
jlvov21 October 2004
This miniseries neatly wraps up the plots and characters of the always inventive, wildly funny, and deeply intelligent Farscape. (Check out the first four seasons for proof).

And it does so with panache! It's wonderful to see Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, Chiana, Moya, Pilot and Rygel back, their inimitable selves as usual. And of course the Scarrans, Scorpius, Grayza and a host of other less than savory characters also make their presence keenly felt.

I won't talk about the plot (people have done so already), but the acting and the characters and the plot are all raised to the next level. The wit is just as sharp, the emotions just as strong, and many loose ends get tied up (but not so tightly that there can't be more future Farscape if the creators decide to go that route).

The last hour of the mini is enough to justify it a permanent place on my DVD shelf whenever it comes out. I cried, I laughed, I gasped. I was thoroughly entertained. Truly, some of the best sci-fi out there.
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stephen-damarell8 November 2004
At last Farscape has the ending it deserved. The Peacekeeper Wars did everything I hoped it would, and even more than I dreamed possible. As a long time fan of the show I had waited for this with growing anticipation, to the point where I almost expected to be disappointed.

I wasn't.

It's big, it's bold, it's thrilling, it runs the gamut of emotions and then some, and amidst all the spectacle it never loses sight of the most important component of this brilliant series - the characters. I was reduced to tears on several occasions, particularly during the last ten minutes.

A big thank you to all the fans who got this made, to Ben, Claudia, Anthony, Gigi, Wayne and all the other actors and puppeteers, and to Rockne O'Bannon, David Kemper, Brian Henson et al for bringing us this and four wonderful seasons.

It was one helluva ride.
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shell-2626 January 2005
Farscape was the best and most imaginative of sci fi series. The characters were just that ...characters. Not a cop who gets results through unorthodox interrogation techniques, not a group of American army personnel representing earth to a group of American-o-centric aliens but a group of incredible (meaning unbelievable) characters.

The colours, the shapes.....

John spends the entire series as a mentally ill person warped by his experiences and the brain surgery of Scorpius.

When he takes on a 7 foot lizard creature in a fist fight he ends up smashed and bruised on the far side of the room. When he falls in love she happens to be a soldier dedicated to his own extermination. Nobody gets his jokes and he honestly doesn't know the secrets the others are prepared to kill him for.

Farscape is about a hopeless quest. No Voyager style course plotted in to a computer. Earth is just a dream to be scrabbled after by a desperate loony. He keeps a grip on his own reality by quoting catchphrases from prime time TV and incidents from black and white films. Harvey, the computer program implanted by Scorpius is my favourite. What a wonderful complex character Scorpius is - there is no evil in Farscape, no black and white, only shades of Grey.

I would quite happily have accepted John waking up and believing it was all a dream following some tremendous astronaut accident.

Farscape the mini series is a wonderful finale to the best sci fi series ever conceived.
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ALL Farscape fans should watch this! [Bring back the series!]
Asteri-Atypical19 October 2004
Be happy mine eyes!

At long last, Farscape, the series untimely canceled by the 'wisdom' of the SciFi Channel, has returned in a mini-series worthy of the original series.

In brief, this WAS Farscape! Unlike so many other mini-series which compromise the core qualities which made the series great and pandered to the lowest common denominator, Farscape:PKW has remained true to the magic and charm we so loved and we've so missed, picking up immediately after the cliffhanger at the end of the final season.

The only way this mini-series fell short of the original series was the nature of it being a mini-series. The creators had less time to focus on the interactions of the characters and supply more of the special moments which made Farscape as great as it was. However; surprisingly little was lost. My friends as I, gathered at my house to watch this together, all remarked how it was surprising how much story was told it so little time. The creators did a wonderful job making use of these four hours. Anyway, the only people to blame for only having four hours were the foolish execs who came up with the mistake of canceling Farscape the series in the first place.

Everyone I know is in unison in the fervent hope that Farscape will once again become a series. We've seen here that Farscape is still alive and well. If SciFi Channel is not wise enough to resume it, hopefully another network will. Such a network will earn my allegiance. Nonetheless, if Farscape does not come back, at least we have some sense of completion to our beloved story and characters which was sadly denied us upon the untimely cancellation of the series.

As Scorpy said.... "John Crichton... is alive!" Long live Farscape!
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Far Out!
saprater18 October 2004
Just in case you are not familiar with the back story of this excellent little mini-series: Farscape PKWs is a continuation of a cancelled television series on the Scifi channel. Nothing special about that you say?

Well, what makes this unique is the fact that it never would have been made except for the legions of fans who caused such a ruckus after Scifi made the stupid mistake of canceling. THE FANS got the attention of financial backers who then invested in making this little gem. How amazing is that? In a world where we feel like people crap on us at will and it's us again the big corporations...the little man finally won a small but decisive battle.

As for the show, some die-hard fans, myself included, noticed a few differences in how the mini-series was shot and some character changes...though all the original actors were used. Still, I was almost in tears when I saw my favorite Hynerian in all his squat and toadlike splendor. Definitely not a disappointment to loyal fans and hopefully an eye catcher to those who are new to the series. The humor was there, the dangers were still lurking around the corners, and the chemistry was as sizzling as ever. I highly recommend that anyone who hasn't seen this glorious series go out and rent the first season. You'll never regret it!
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Truly the Best is always the Last, this was the Best!
kastle979119 November 2004
Farscape:The Peacekeeper Wars was truly to the quote," the best is always last." Once again Series Creator Rockne S. O' Bannon and Executive Producer David Kemper, and Henson Productions had returned us to that portion of the Universe far exceeding the limits of our imagination. And also giving closure and finale to many story plots of the previous four year quest of Astronaut John Crichton and his beloved Flight Officer Aeryn Sun. Equally within this final piece the reappearance of other beloved and familiar characters showing solid and firm tapestry. Because in a series like Farscape it's not stand alone character show, but an intricate web of characters and situations that really kept the viewer on edge. Good television is a rare find and this series truly deserved a well resolution to that Cliffhanger of March 21st, 2003.

In all the Mini Series was delightfully entertaining, romance filled, comedic, surprising and, tear jerking in all a well written saga. Also this Mini Series gave hints that nothing really ends. Being if you watched it carefully, seeds for Second Mini Series or possibly a feature film had been planted. But for now I'm comfortable that poetic justice has been done for one of the best new concepts of television.....
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And so it ends...
quitchy18 April 2005
I expected a lot of The Peacekeeper Wars, and I think these hopes were a little unrealistic for a mini-series trying to cover what was intended for a series.

Unfortunately, this very much a full series squeezed into three hours. Many fascinating stories could be discerned, but few had the air time they needed, and many were simply confusing. Characters exchanged meaningful looks, only to never be seen again. The editing process had taken its toll.

For a Farscape "episode" this was surprisingly conventional fare, and in places it did wander into the cliché. But full credit for the minds behind it, they were squeezing in a series (and from the content on display it seems obvious that their claims to having plans for the fifth series were far from insubstantial) and simply didn't have the time. Beyond all this, it was still Farscape. Brilliant acting, fine writing and the age old characters, all a little wiser as they were in series four.

I rather enjoyed the... unconventional end to series four, but it's obvious that many wanted closure, and while it doesn't entirely satisfy that demand, it was good to see the finest sci-fi ever made back on our screens, if only for a little while.
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Excellent ending!
faridalva19 October 2004
For all the farscapers that were left at the edge of their seats from the series' finale cliff-hanger, you will be truly satisfied with how this mini-series successfully ties all loose ends. I was impressed on how the they took a few minutes to summarize the series and quickly introduces the characters, their relationships and the basic plot line to any new viewers at the beginning. After that, the show takes off!

Farscape: The Peackeeper Wars continues to extract elements from what made the series superb in the first place, by relying on characterization and great dialogue. What lies at the core of the Farscape world is their characters, their relationships with one another, their own evolution as a person and their abilities to deal with a harsh environment. All the sci-fi elements, at times, seem almost to be implemented as accessories, an extra-added bonus. The basic story lines and character develop can work in the real world.

With a bigger budget to work with, the mini-series' special effects were very impressive, not to say that the series' wasn't either. The program had it all, space battles, laser-gun battles, worm holes, scary aliens and alien romance! I was kept at the edge of my seat the whole time.

Although I was greatly hurt that the series was cancelled, I was truly satisfied on how Farscape ended, although some out there won't be happy on how some of the story lines and characters ended. For those not familiar with Farscape, the mini-series acts as a spring-board to go back from the beginning watch the series. Your best bet is on DVD, as the SciFi Channel rarely show reruns and when they do, it'll most likely be on in the early morning hours.
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Wow! Absolutely Amazing.
thecyres19 October 2004
I started watching the series only a few months ago and I couldn't be happier to have found it. The series and the mini-series were simply excellent. I am not a big television watcher and I really don't care for sci-fi but this show/movie blows me away. I absolutely love it and that is saying a lot. The plot, effects, actors, & writers are beyond description. It sends you on an roller coaster and has a way of giving you an emotional investment in the lives of these characters. Rarely does a television show leave me craving more as Farscape does. Never has a television show left me wanting to THANK its creators. Give Farscape a try, you won't be sorry.
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A fine conclusion to the Farscape story
Tweekums3 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When season four of Farscape ended it looked as if that would be the last we were going to see of Moya and her crew despite the '... to be continued' ending. If that had been the case it would be a pretty grim conclusion as the last thing we saw was the protagonist and the woman he loved getting blasted into thousands of pieces by an unknown alien! Thankfully even though the fifth series never materialised we got this three hour miniseries to rap up most of the loose ends. After a couple of months they have been able to find all the pieces of John and Aeryn and find a Diagnosan to put them back together again. There is a small problem though; Rygel collected all the parts in his mouth and obviously didn't regurgitate them all... Aeryn's baby is now inside Rygel! It turns out the water planet they are on is the home of the Eidelons; descendants of the race of peace makers encountered in a previous episode. These ones have lost their peacemaking ability though so they agree to take one back to their ancient home to learn the lost art. Needless to say things don't go according to plan and they end up caught in a war that is raging between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers. Before the galaxy can be safe again they will encounter old friends and enemies and Crichton will have to do something he has spent most of the series trying to avoid; creating a wormhole weapon!

While it is a shame that the events shown here couldn't have been spread over a full season this miniseries still provides the conclusion that Farscape deserved and its fans demanded. Crammed into the three hours we get lots of spectacular action where regular cast members appear to be in genuine danger; there is also the usual brand of Farscape humour... sometimes the two are at the same time; seeing Aeryn blasting away with a pulse rifle as she went into labour was hilarious. It was great to see all everybody back again although not everybody was as they were before; Chiana had replaced her eyes so could see again and Sikuzo had radically changed her appearance. By the time the ending comes most of the series questions have been answered although one new one is raised... Grayza is now pregnant but there was no indication as to the father or plot reason I could see... I guess it is just one of those mysteries that keep you thinking about it after it is over! As always the acting was solid, the dialogue sharp and the action impressive... it is something for the fans though; if you've not watched Farscape before you are unlikely to figure out what is going on as no time is wasted introducing characters or their various relationships.
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So good!
jllewell28 April 2012
Thank heavens we had this.

Everything that I said about the series, holds true for this.

Great cast, great writing.

I was so depressed when the series ended. I hadn't realized just how much I looked forward to being amused and interested.

There was absolute garbage on TV at the time, and this was the only thing that wasn't mind-numbing pap for the masses. I remember there being lots of really stupid series bought from America at the time.

This was gold in a sea of crap television.

A great finish for a great series. That's entertainment!
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A good ending.
manwithaplan4225 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A very nice ending to a very nice series. The Peacekeeper Wars maintains its moodiness while still managing to be an out and out sci fi presentation. The plot lines left painfully dangling are wrapped up with no cop outs (ie, lets just forget the whole Aeryn and Crichton being dead thing and bring them back with no explanation, FYI, that did not happen). The only downside is, unlike Serenity, you really had to see the series to fully appreciate the movie (it might have something to do with the fact that Farscape got more backstory in 4 seasons that Firefly did in just 1). This film/miniseries/whatever you want to call it is stylishly done with brilliant action set pieces and heart breaking deaths (telling you who dies might just give too much away and my humble spoiler alert would not be enough) and at the end of the film when Crichton holds up his baby, you can't help but go all warm and tingly inside.
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Satisfactory Ending to a Great Series
mstomaso30 July 2007
NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN "BAD TIMING" DO NOT READ THIS!!!!! Unlike many of my fellow fans, I don't consider Peacekeeper Wars to be among Farscape's best episodes. It is not as rushed as the series' ender - Bad Timing - and it is certainly cathartic to see the final story arc played out and all the original cast members returned to their posts. However, "Peacekeeper Wars" still has a '4th Season' feel to it, and although not as silly as some 4th season episodes, often presents problems for believability. Also, some of the characterization is a little inconsistent with the series..

Remarkably, every major character the fans wanted to see is reprieved for at least a couple of scenes with the exceptions of those who have died (Zahn and Krais). The problems with characterization derive from the script. Crichton - as is true for much of the 3rd and 4th seasons - is written as a manic but chronically aggravated fruitcake who just happens to be carrying around the ability to unravel a significant piece of the universe in his head and who deals with it by cracking corny jokes about pop culture on earth which nobody understands. Aeryn, whose character was written very inconsistently in the fourth season, returns to character about half way through this mini-series, and thankfully does not return to the pleasant but somewhat weak-kneed nice girls she briefly became in the 4th season. Scorpius, though nicely played by Wayne Pygram, is not the ruthless, dominating monster we have come to love and despise in this one, and there are a couple of loose ends involving him that are left loose. Sikozu changes more than her hair style but reaches satisfying conclusions nevertheless. D'Argo and Chiana are very consistent, as is Stark, the brief appearances of Noranti and Jool and the somewhat more elaborate returns of Bracca and Grunchlik.

In terms of acting, Paul Goddard's Stark, David Franklin's Bracca, Anthony Simcoe's D'Argo and Gigi Edgley's Chiana are the stand-outs for this one.

Acting can only be as good as the script and the directing, and there are a few times during Peacekeeper Wars when all three fail to reach the usual Farscape standard. Thankfully, these times are few and far between. There are a couple of rock video scenes involving unnecessary visual clichés and impossible streaks of luck which are the most egregious examples of this. Thankfully, by the time John develops the solution he needs in order to see this thing through to the end, we're back to the show's usual brand of weird, but excellent drama.

Warning - Peacekeeper Wars can not be appreciated without a strong background in, at least the 4th season of Farscape. Without this background, watching it would be a waste of time.

Here is a quick run-down of the situation: John and Aeryn are reconstituted on the water planet where they were crystallized during "Bad Timing", only their unborn child reconstitutes inside of Rygel, instead of Aeryn. It turns out that the humanoid species on this planet are a long-lost race of negotiators known as the Eidelons - legendary for their peace-making abilities and somehow deeply connected to the ancient history of the Peacekeepers. Nearby, the Scarrans and Peacekeepers, lead by Staleek and Grayza, are at war in space. John is presented with basically two alternatives - give peace a chance or end the conflict decisively by doing something merciless which he isn't even sure he can pull off. Meanwhile, he is conflicted by the seemingly opposing goals of saving the universe for its own sake or the sake of his unborn child.

The cinematography is as good if not better than the series' very high standards. The special effects are great,and not at all over-bearing. The script and story founder early on, but tighten up and become very excellent after the first half. And the acting is, as usual, good throughout.

Recommended, but only for those who have followed and understood the show's many story arcs.
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Some things better left finished
Gromit-1618 October 2004
My impressions of the first half: Too many characters. Too much chaos. Not enough soul. Too many deus ex machina rescues. Lower production values (a large percentage of the movie obviously took place in one, large, circular room that was redressed for different scenes) For me, Farscape is about tight plotting: building tension, keeping focus on the characters and the situation, and tightening the screws as one thing after another gets frelled. This was "much ado about nothing".

Chiana now has Matrix-style moves and magic eyes. D'Argo is pretty much scenery. The interrupted wedding gag was stale the first time. Sikozou was so unrecognizable that we thought it was a new actress. The central gag involving Rygel strained disbelief and was itself a distraction. Basically, major characters had no reason to be on screen, and should have been given a purpose; secondary characters should have been denied their cameos. The creators (could it even be the same team that made the series in its prime?) have focused so much on making this "the last hurrah" that they lost site of making it good!

My wife kept chanting "Star Wars Christmas Special" the whole time; gratuitous reunions with characters we don't have time to see. Big explosions. Ridiculous revelations.

The rumors are that they compressed the major arc of season five into the equivalent of four episodes; this seems to be true, and they've jettisoned everything that made Farscape special in the process. I will be watching the second half tonight, but my expectations are low.
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Great Send-Off for a Great Show!
Nicholas Jenkins20 December 2006
Not allot to say other than Farscape was one of a small group of shows (the others being Buffy, Angel, and Firefly) that challenged the format of Sci-Fi Fantasy to be more than just cheeky, lumbering, effects extravaganzas. The Peacekeeper Wars is a great piece of science fiction film-making whether or not you've seen Farscape. It exists as a finale for the show that was unfortunately canceled after it's marvelous 4th season and fandom demanded the sci-fi channel admit to its boneheadedness by giving them some type of finale. Brian Henson, David Kemper, and Rokne S. O'Bannon deliver a wide reaching script (which stumbles a little more on dialog than the show's brilliant banter did) which serves at the 5th season we all wanted. Good stuff here, give it a try.
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End of an amazing experience
jakimiku15 July 2012
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is the conclusion of the amazing show of Farscape which ran for four seasons. The cliff-hangers of the 88th episode needed wrapping up and this is what The Peacekeeper Wars is all about.

I was a major fan of Farscape from the first moment i laid my eyes on it and for that matter, i was very happy that The Peacekeeper Wars did not disappoint. The story ends up all the quests and adventures of John, his love Aeryn and their friends on Moya. This is the conclusion of one of the most brilliant shows which had it all: action, adventure, romance, humor, drama. Many of the questions left from season four get answered here, the writers had so much heart not to leave anything to chance. This is why we owe thanks to this mini-series that did not leave us wondering what could have been, but offered us a deserving ending to the wonderful Farscape.

The story is more different from the previous episodes, even the title points out that we get bigger action scenes and battles never before seen on Farscape. All that, the Peacekeeper Wars still holds true to the show: focus is kept on the characters and the events that happen to them. Acting is again marvelous and the cinematography mind-blowing.

I say a big thanks to Farscape, because it truly has one of the best stories and best characters around. The show provided lots of emotions and i really, really love it. Farscape is amazing.
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Thanks for the closure
kizzy16 November 2004
OK - firstly a BIG thank you to the US fans who made this mini-series happened after the (premature) cancelling of the show. Your actions even made news here!

And also pity us Au fans - where despite Farscape being made locally and full of extras with Aussie accents, it's not even shown here any more. Again it's thanks to US fans (and the wonders of VCR's and the postal service) that any of us have seen past series 2. And it was thru a friend that I was able to watch the Peacekeeper Wars.

OK - I am happy, but yes the narrative felt rushed. Couldn't you just imagine the "wedding interrupted" gag running for a whole season?? *g* Also the pregnancy, most of the mini-series had Rygal pregnant, when it was meant to be only the FIRST "quadmester".

But still, the miniseries held together well, and gave us fans the closure we sorely needed. In fact it was so good (even if it DID skate the edges of "cheesy" occasionally) that I suspect people seeing it for the first time would be drawn to see the entire series. And so they should - Farscape is the smartest and funniest scifi series ever made.

Well done to cast and crew (particularly the writers) and thanks again to you American fans. Long live Farscape - if they EVER get around to releasing it all on DVD here I would buy the lot. It's a "keeper".
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Impressive and astonishing
daniel Carbajo López2 February 2006
Tension inside Crichton's mind is overflowing, will he use his knowledge to do worm-hole weapons? There is war all over the galaxy and everyone is going to be exterminated, it is time to take hard decisions and to use expeditive methods...Farscape is, maybe, the best sci-fi series ever done, imaginative, touching, funny, entertaining, philosophic... It has everything: Impressive charismatic characters, great action and adventure, good special effects (at the end) and a delicious catching story... This story is preciously ended in this mini-series, which is the perfect ending for the series. The main problem is that, if you want to understand the movie, you must have seen the series, if not, you will understand nothing. Totally enjoyable!
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A Sci-Fi Best
Melissa Mendelson12 March 2010
All he wanted was to reach for the stars, break new ground. He never dreamed of finding this place or the ones that he now calls friends. He never imagined discovering her and the love that fueled his heart, but crisis after crisis nearly tore them apart. He always thought that monsters hid in the closet or beneath the bed and never in plain sight, but there he was, the one that would never let go. And he tangoed with death, slipping through enemy hands, but he still remained their prisoner. And all he ever wanted was to reach for the stars and change the course of history, but fate had other plans. And he was sucked down into a portal to an unimagined world that has become his home, and for three years, his journey blazed across the Farscape.

Distant stars shimmered across the darkness, burning with hope. Time melted away into dreams, and the past finally let go. The season of death was over, but lives would never be forgotten. And new beginnings held to the strings of the heart, and bittersweet tears fell like gentle rain. And destiny said farewell, leaving him at his journey's end, but his legacy remains, the story of an astronaut, John Crichton. And forever would we remember a brilliant journey carried over an ocean of imagination, gripping us in suspense, and touching our hearts with passion and love. And we say good-bye to the Farscape.
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No fan should be disappointed! *CONTAINS SPOILERS*
Pankratz11 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this mini about a month ago having no background or previous knowledge of the show. I simply tried to have faith in the good reviews in my local newspaper and by various fans. I wasn't blown away or especially impressed, and of course I didn't understand a lot of the references. But I did enjoy watching it. I ended up buying seasons 1-4 on DVD, and after having watched those episodes, and then watching PKWars again, I must say it's one great mini-series. It definitely was loyal to the fans in that it gave them closure. Something that can't be said for many popular sci-fi shows in the past such as X-Files, Sliders etc. The effects, costumes and make-ups were superb! The dialogue was witty, heartfelt and funny. Of course, the chemistry between Claudia Black and Ben Browder is, in my opinion, unmatched anywhere else.

*Spoilers* Of course I didn't understand why Jool acted the way she did towards Crichton, telling him that she was sure that he'd come back for her because he was in love with her, or something to that effect. The last time we saw her, she had developed feelings for D'Argo. Oh well, it was nice to see her again. I was terribly disappointed though that she barely had a role and was killed about 5 min. after seeing her again.

At first, I thought D'Argo dying was a bad idea. But then having thought about it, I thought it was appropriate. He's come full circle since the beginning of the show, having gotten his revenge against his wife's murderer, and also finding his son. Him, dying a warrior-like death, protecting his friends was an honorable death for him.

Of course, this mini was about John and Aeryn, so I'll talk about them now. Each scene between them is a moment to be treasured by any true fan. Claudia Black and Ben Browder are in my opinion one of the best pairings in TV history! In all honesty, they've had better moments throughout the show, but the scenes in the mini don't disappoint either. This mini also sort of brings Aeryn full circle too. When we first saw her she was a shoot-anything-that-moves Peacekeeper who didn't know the meaning of compassion. At the end of this mini, she was a loving wife and mother. I think Claudia is a terrific actress and she can convey so much emotion just by her facial expressions. Though it was nice to see that Aeryn is still tough as nails when she needs to be. One of my favorite scenes was when she was in labour and blasting the crap out of the bad guys and says something like "shooting makes me feel better!" Also, the scene after John shuts down the wormhole, then collapses was a poignant one. Aeryn screaming with no sound in the background was just really effective. I honestly had no idea whether John was dead or not. I mean if he had died, which I didn't want to happen, but if he had, it would still be a fitting ending. At the end of the mini, there was John, Aeryn and their baby and they were giving him a name. This scene was a little corny, but also touching.

All in all, this was a great mini-series, and all fans of this terrific show should be grateful! It's a wonderful swan song for a wonderful albeit short-lived series. Someone who has no background in the show might not care for this mini, but I'm glad I gave it a chance.
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The Quality of the Show was Amazing
pachin28 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Warning possible spoilers.

In watching "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars" I was thinking that despite the excellent quality of the miniseries, it wasn't much above the great average level of the regular series. Farscape was a tremendous Sci-Fi series that was overshadowed by some of the Star Trek shows but usually surpassed them in quality.

The Peacekeeper Wars continues the saga of John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Chiana and the rest of people on the living ship Moya as they go through their incredible adventures. When last we heard Crichton and the love of his life Aeryn Sun seemed to be destroyed by a weapon that turned them to dust. Obviously it did not.

The story tell of the war between the Hynerians and the Peacekeepers and how both sides want John Crichton because he has the knowledge to build the ultimate weapon. It seems like a typical Sci-Fi movie but Farscape is never typical. It always has twists and turns. It has always been a show driven by the characters, not just by the special effect, which are excellent I might add.

Farscape has always been a show that was tough to follow if you were not watching the previous shows but the mini-series explains the basic plot quickly. You don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this mini-series. Farscape was one the great television shows, not just a great Sci-Fi show. It was a fitting ending.
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Check running times before sitting down to watch.
junk-monkey12 March 2006
Be warned people.

There is a much cut version of the Peacekeeper Wars out there. I'm a bit of a Farscape fan and was looking forward to seeing this for ages. So when it was shown (on Channel 5 in the UK) recently I taped it and watched it. I was appalled. It was plain AWFUL. Characters appeared and disappeared, jumped from from place to place, did things for no apparent reason, seemed to have developed strange new powers with no explanation. It was, not to mince words, total and utter crap. No rhythm no humour just action action action all the way through. This was not the Farscape I knew. What had gone so horribly wrong? Then I realised the version I had watched had been hacked to get it into a 2 hour time slot. 182 minute chopped down to 120 minutes, then, minus advert breaks and the News half way through - call it 110 (and I'm being generous) That's 70+ minutes removed. What was left was a mess.

Check running times before sitting down to watch.
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Excellent Series.
capra26 December 2011
Farscape is an excellent series and I highly recommend it to all sci-fi fans. For various reasons I was not able to see the full series on TV when it was originally shown. I have recently watched series 1 to 4 and PKW on DVD and I was amazed at the first-class quality of the the series. Farscape is the best sci-fi show I have seen. The major characters were all likable, the story lines were fantastic and the FX and makeup were outstanding.

I advise any newcomers to Farscape to watch it all on DVD or Blu-Ray; you won't be disappointed. Some of us yearn to travel the universe, alas it will never be. But shows like Farscape enable us to fulfill our dreams, even if only for an hour at a time. Thank you Farscape.
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