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A dismal sequel but not as horrible as the next 2!
Darth-Helmet13 November 2017
Six years after Tiffany (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) gave birth to a baby doll at the end of "Bride of Chucky", the offspring who was taken by a ventriloquist (Keith-Lee Castle) whom the offspring would later be called Glen/Glenda (voiced by Billy Boyd) who is basically transgendered when it has two souls of different sexes in him/her, as he/she discovers where his real parents are especially Chucky (voiced by Brad Douriff) are in Hollywood on the set for a horror movie called "Chucky goes Psycho" where Jennifer Tilly plays herself besides voicing Tiffany. Glen/Glenda goes to Hollywood where has the amulet "Heart of Dambella" with him to bring his parents back to life, as they are reunited Glen/Glenda is unlike the two of them as he/she thinks killing is wrong and Chucky wants to set a good example for his son. Tiffany comes up with a plan to impregnate Jennifer Tilly with Chucky's semen so that she can give birth to a baby, so that way Tiffany can transfer her soul into Jennifer as Glen/Glenda can transfer his/her soul into the baby and Chucky can find a human male host for the soul to be in.

Co-starring Redman with cameo by John Waters, this 5th installment of the franchise which is written and directed by Don Mancini is terrible but not as god-awful as the 6th and 7th movies. After development hell since 1998 after the success of Bride of Chucky when Son of Chucky was being written, Universal passed on to it and waited until 2003 when Universal's Focus pictures which made a horror division called Rogue Pictures bought the script and filmed it for a November 2004 release. The film did badly at the box-office and got bad reviews, i agree with that as i was curious about this movie seeing it in theaters and what i got was a pile of horse crap. Not scary and not funny at all as it's trying to be funny but becomes a pure failure at attempting. This is the movie where you get to see Chucky wack off which is something fans don't want to see! The characters are unlikable especially Glen/Glenda whom is an irritating character despite Billy Boyd did a good vocal performance which is funny how he and Douriff were from the Lord of the Rings films.

The humor is too meta and knowing about itself as it's trying to be New Nightmare on aspects but fails at that. Don Mancini at this movie made his directorial debut and seems very amateurish as he feels bad as a director and poor as a writer as he seems to lost his touch after Child's Play 2 or 3 as CP 2 was better written than this piece of crap especially Fitting Punishment on Tales from the Crypt which he co-wrote. Mancini thinks he is funny to have Tiffany flash her doll knockers or Chucky jerking his chain, nice try to be funny Don but you fail at humor as your writing is very poor here. Tony Gardner's puppet and practical effects are some of the saving graces of this cluster-screw of a sequel yet that karate fight of Glen and Chucky was unbelievably lame/dumb and a poor attempt to be funny plus there's also the idiotic ending.

Then we have 2 more awful sequels to come.
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Weakest Entry!
gwnightscream4 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This 2004 horror sequel stars Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif and Billy Boyd. This picks up shorty after the last film where we meet Glen/Glenda (Voiced by Boyd), the offspring of killer doll couple, Chucky (Voiced by Dourif) and Tiffany (Voiced by Tilly). He resurrects them and they head to Hollywood terrorizing the set of a movie depicting their recent, murderous events. Tilly also portrays herself who is the film's lead star. What can I say? This is the weakest entry of the series in my opinion, Chucky and Tiffany's child is strange and the film aims a little more at dumb humor.
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SnoopyStyle2 November 2017
The child of Chucky and Tiffany has been used to perform for ventriloquist Shitface as Psychs in England. It is haunted by murders and has become a pacifist. It escapes from Shitface and heads to Hollywood to find its parents. Chucky and Tiffany are being used as props for a movie with Jennifer Tilly. She is desperate to be in Redman's next movie and is willing to do anything. Chucky and Tiffany is reanimated and reunited with their child Glen/Glenda. To Glen/Glenda's horrors, they have a disturbing plan to procreate. Joan (Hannah Spearritt) is Tilly's assistant. Pete Peters (John Waters) is a spying paparazzi.

There are some hilarious stuff going on but there are also some very twisted disturbing stuff too. I do love the comedy but the disturbing story is very uncomfortable. It's not horrifying as much as awkward. First off, Glen/Glenda is creepy as hell. Chucky has a cuteness to his design but that's not close for the androgynous Glen/Glenda. Pulling down the pants is hilarious but the face is disturbing. I get the sense that this franchise is going experimental to see who is willing to follow it. I'm maybe half in. I can't condone where this is going. The franchise is going off in weird directions that may be story dead ends.
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Full comedy version of Chucky as he grows his family
swilliky30 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The murderous doll Chucky (Brad Dourif) procreated at the end of the last film so this film picks up with the ugly result Glen (Billy Boyd). Somewhere in England, the ugly doll has nightmares of killing a family and is used by a British ventriloquist to scare crowds and tell crude jokes. In Hollywood, the lifeless Chucky and Tiffany doll are used to make a Chucky movie. Jennifer Tilly voices the Tiffany doll while also playing herself as a struggling actress trying to land a big role. Glen escapes his owner and jumps into a garbage truck. He catches a fly across the Atlantic and arranges a delivery to the Hollywood prop room. He discovers his parents but they are lifeless so he reads the back of his necklace and brings the two murderous dolls back to life.

The first thing the Tiff and Chucky do is kill a prop manager. Tilly tries to land a role as the Virgin Mary by seducing the director Redman. Once Tiff sees Tilly, who discovers the body, she knows she must get into the actress's body. Glen is unsure of his gender so Tiff refers to him as Glenda since he doesn't have any genitals. He does pee his pants whenever he sees violence and wants to know why his parents kill people. Tiff makes Chucky promise not to kill anyone but he crosses his fingers. The three dolls sneak into Jennifer Tilly's limo and ride with her back to her house where she prepares to seduce Redman. The dolls come up with a plan to artificially inseminate Tilly and to take the two bodies for their own.

Check out more of this review and others at
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Chucky's at it Again!
dcarsonhagy13 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Aside from the original, I have not been that big of a fan for this franchise. I always liked Brad Dourif's voice (as Chucky) and thought he got a lot of mileage out of basically a one trick pony. And then I discovered this On-Demand.

I will have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't know if it was the acting, directing, or just the complete story, but I really enjoyed this one. It seems a psychiatric patient just could not comes to grips with the fact Chucky had offed her family; she thought she had done it. While she is being rehabilitated in another hospital, she has an unforeseen visitor, soon the little lady is going down the path to loony-tunes again! Won't give any more of the plot away, but I will say this: I was surprised on the amount of gore in this film!

Not bad for a film that was not that heavily promoted. You can't judge ALL books by the cover. Give this one a peek!! Rated R for strong gore and language.
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Jennifer Tilly is the best thing about it.
Scott LeBrun1 October 2017
In this fifth entry of this ongoing series, the creator, Don Mancini, directs for the first time. His story picks up a few years after "Bride of...", and Chucky's and Tiffany's offspring is working as a ventriloquist dummy. He tracks his parents down to Hollywood, where filmmakers are busy making a fictional "Chucky" movie. Once the family is reunited, Tiffany figures on giving up the act of killing for the sake of setting a good example. Of course, Chucky will have NONE of that, and she can't exactly quit murdering people cold turkey, either. Meanwhile, actress Jennifer Tilly is so desperate to escape her typecasting as bimbos, that she'll get it on with hip hop artist / debuting filmmaker Redman (playing himself) in order to secure a role as the Virgin Mary.

At this point, this series had become much more dark comedy than true horror, and as such, it's not always terribly funny. In fact, it is tiresome at times. Mancini goes quite heavy on the self- awareness, albeit more through plot and situation than through dialogue. He does give Tilly a chance to portray herself in an over the top manner. It is great that the veteran actress, known for many sexpot roles, is so willing and able to poke fun at herself. She gives "Seed of Chucky" its principal value, although the in-joke regarding the gender-confused childs' name is pretty clever.

The first entry in this franchise to feature nudity, this also doesn't skimp on the gore, so it may appeal to some viewers who aren't particularly demanding; it does have a decent body count, and a little variation in how characters die. It is kind of mean spirited, so people may appreciate that aspect.

There's also some fun in seeing filmmaker John Waters in a supporting role, as a stereotypically sleazy tabloid journalist. "God bless the little people," he quips. Brad Dourif once again rips into the scenery, voicing the psychotic, bloodthirsty toy that he's performed since 1988. Makeup effects veteran Tony Gardner plays himself. Billy Boyd, who'd made his name as a cast member in the "Lord of the Rings" features, is amusing and rather endearing in the role of the conflicted doll offspring.

Chucky does have one great moment late in the picture where he actually stops to assess his situation, and ponders the futility of it all. This viewer had to give "Seed of..." some credit for that moment.

After a break of almost a decade, Mancini brought the series back to its serious roots for "Curse of..." in 2013.

Six out of 10.
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mikegsi8 September 2017
The worst movie I think I've ever seen.

This movie may be worse than adam sandlers "Jack and Jill." This movie was very hard to watch. I have been a huge fan of the Childs Play franchise and I have loved most of the movies, but this movie is an abomination. When the series went from Childs Play to Of Chucky the series has never been the same. I really hope the new movie doesn't end up like this.
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I f****** hate this movie abomination the worst sequel and a failure
ivo-cobra819 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers

So today I re watch both of these movies thank god there are only 6 movies and one more film I have to watch then I am done with this franchise.

What I can I say about this film? This film f***** sucks!!! This film is the worst horror film ever made! Far worst then Bride of Chucky and the worst one in the entire series! Whoever says this movie is good must really be damn insane! This movie is un watchable, this movie sucks so damn much I hate this movie! Far worst than Bride of Chucky!

Jennifer Tilly is far worse in acting than she was in Bride this movie is not a horror movie is not good is not Chucky. This is even worse it is not scary, it is not well acted it is so f***** peace a sh*** lame asshole STINKER movie I can't even describe!!!!! This movie is stupid in every way retarded. I can't believe that Tiffany betrayed Chucky on the end and wanted to go in Jennifer Tilly!

Jennifer Tilly acted her self, well kiss my ass actress! New Nightmare kicked the s*** out of this f**** movie out! Heather Langenkamp acted her self and that movie was a classic comparing to this! I will not buy this movie I will stay away from this from now on! Seed of Chucky is the fifth movie in Child's Play franchise and the worst one.

This film for me personally is one of the worst films I've ever seen and I have seen a lot of stinker movies but this one is the bottom of the line! It's one of my most hated sequels ever. It's painful to sit through. The "comedy" could be the worst I've ever seen in a movie. The stupid ideas continue from where bride of Chucky left off. I can't stress this enough, Chucky having a kid is a STUPID idea! I sound like a broken record here. I hate this movie with a passion! F*** this movie and Don Mancini, f*** you too!

To me Child's Play 1,2 and 3 is the trilogy and Bride, Seed and Curse of Chucky are spin offs because they don't have anything to do with the original 3 movies. That's why I call them spin offs and call the first 3 movies a trilogy.

Seriously, you go to IMDb and there are people who likes Bride and Seed better than Child's Play 2 and 3 are you f***** kidding me!!! This movie is better the 2 and 3? How? Why? There is no way that this movie is better then those 2 not even close, I call bull sh** on that I really do.

The only likable is Hannah Spearritt as Joan she is the only likable in this movie and she did nothing wrong when she tried to help Jennifer Tilly I like her only her but that's my opinion.

This is a crazy train wreck Don Mancini sucks he stinks in this film Jennifer Tilly sucks in this. She is unlikable, irritating unlikable she is awful her voice is horrible. Chucky is jerking his dick off, Tiffany showing her awful bops horrible. I hate this film I hate it so damn much!!!!

Child's Play 1 and 2 are the best one Child's Play 3 is superior than this awful crap and honestly in my opinion this film is not funny. This film is damn awful movie and I am tired of sequels after sequels after sequels. Billy Boyd you are horrible as Glen, Glenda you keep piing your pens. How does Chucky drives a car and kills Britney Spears when in Bride of Chucky couldn't drive a car? makes no sense!

This movie made me really tired and exhausted and very angry!!!!!

F 1/10 avoid this movie like a plague uncles you like this film I don't!!!
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Help! I'm being accosted!
DreamOWD16 August 2017
What a bad film. What a bad, bad film. They basically took a horror film character and made it into a joke. More of a joke than it already was.

This movie includes lines that aren't at all funny, clichés, old hat Hollywood references out of date in just a year. Tiffany and Glen's incessant yelling and nagging. Tiffany had no edge in this movie, she's not who she once was.

And it's way too gross. In fact the movie spends more time, and I believe Tiffany gets more lines that you have to wonder why they even called this a Chucky movie.

The only thing I can say is the soundtrack was good and the cinematography was good. But the script the story, the characters, all of that was pure trash. It wasn't funny, Don. It's just not. It's just camp, uninteresting, unscary and boring. That's why this movie removed these Chucky movie from theaters permanently. It's like you just gave up on the franchise with this one. Such a disservice.
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The worst sequel for Hybristophilles
KillerRomance11 May 2017
Charles Lee Ray is lost as a family man. Should not have married her, it's gone soft - where is my Stallion?

No plot to the movie and there is pretentiousness​ evolving around Jennifer Tilly, she is okay in other movies but she is no firecracker to keep you awake. Weak and lame movie and I am a Chucky fan
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"Seed of Chucky"- An ambitious mess.
MaximumMadness11 January 2017
You've gotta give "Child's Play" creator Don Mancini some credit. The man is a risk-taker to a remarkable extent, and even when it hasn't served the series, he's tried to push boundaries for good- old Chucky in different ways. After injecting a clever, postmodern riff into the popular slasher franchise with 1998's drastically underrated "Bride of Chucky" by incorporating elements of comedy and romance, Mancini takes the helm for the first time in his directorial debut. An attempt to satirize and pay tribute to classic domestic dramas like "Kramer VS Kramer", "Seed of Chucky" has plenty of ambition and nothing but the best of intentions. But sadly, it all-too-often falls prey to an unfortunate sense of self-indulgence and the clear signs of a first-time filmmaker in just a bit over his head. It's a mess... but at least it's an ambitious and wickedly creative mess.

Some time after the events of the last film, the living-doll child (voiced by Billy Boyd) of Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) has been kidnapped by a "punk ventriloquist" who exploits him for fame. After seeing the inanimate bodies of his parents on the news, being used as props for the production of a horror film based on the "urban legend" of Chucky the killer doll, the child escapes and makes his way to Hollywood. Using a voodoo amulet, he brings his parents back to life (I guess the dolls being used in the movie were the real-life dolls that were found at the crime scene at the end of "Bride" according to the in-movie logic?) and shocks them with the revelation that they are now parents. Tiffany and Chucky are dumbfounded, especially as Tiffany decides it's time for them to hang-up the knives and stop killing (rationalizing it to be a bad influence on their child), while Chucky still wants to carry on his old "hobby." They also quarrel over whether their child is a boy or a girl, with Chucky calling him "Glen" while Tiffany refers to him as "Glenda." At the same time, the family decides it time to transfer their souls into human bodies once and for all, setting their sites on actress Jennifer Tilly (also playing herself) and rapper Redman, while also scheming to impregnate Tilly to create a baby which Glen/Glenda can inhabit.

To give credit where it is due, Mancini does craft an often entertaining and sometimes genuinely hilarious tale, even when it frequently goes off the rails. The general premise of following up a romantic-thriller with a domestic drama is an inspired concept, and the film's numerous layers of subversion and fourth-wall breaking meta-humor are often amusing. I particularly liked the idea of Tilly playing herself and becoming the target of Tiffany's affection and fascination. I also have to say that the "human storyline" involving Tilly as a down-on-her-luck actress is often genuinely well-told. It almost would have made for an interesting film itself without being part of a larger "Child's Play" storyline. And of course the voice-acting from our three leads is just fantastic. Dourif is amazing as always, and it's honestly a ton of fun to see the character being put in a more comedic light than usual. Tilly does great work as Tiffany and gets some of the film's biggest laughs. And Billy Boyd is a very welcome addition.

Unfortunately, the good-will earned by the excellent concept, humor and casting can't quite save the film as a whole. As I said above, Mancini is a bit too self-indulgent, and by the time the second-act rolls around, the constant gags and levels of irony start to wear a little thin. Jokes start to seem forced around the time Chucky murders a Britney Spears look-alike (that's not spoiling anything, don't worry) and a paparazzi photographer played by the delightful John Waters begins making non-stop wisecracks while stalking the Tilly residence. What was clever at first becomes a crutch by the film's midway point and eventually the film loses focus in its attempts to generate non-stop laughs and the occasional jump. There's also a marked step-down in terms of production value and I can't help but feel that for a first-time director, Mancini might have bit off a bit more than he could chew. From the general structure and flow of sequences to the basic facets of visual storytelling like composition and movement, you get the sense that Mancini might have been a bit in over his head. For how inspired the storyline might have been, the same inspiration is not present in his visual direction. Thankfully, this seems to have been a good learning experience for Mancini, as he did an absolutely excellent job helming the follow-up "Curse of Chucky"... it's just a shame that he stumbled so badly here.

While it is a mess and without doubt one of the low points in the franchise, I can't help but still see some value in "Seed of Chucky." Call me a pushover, but I'll take an interesting failure or an ambitious mess any day of the week... if for no other reason than to support the creativity that went into it. Just because a film doesn't work, doesn't mean it didn't come from a pure place. And if you watch the behind-the-scenes footage, you can tell that Mancini, Tilly and everyone else involved had their hearts in the right place and were trying their best to make a fun and entertaining follow-up. It didn't work, but they tried and you can feel it in just about every scene.

I'm giving "Seed of Chucky" a sub-par but very watchable 4 out of 10. It's an interesting and highly ambitious mess. And I get a feeling that the open-minded will find a lot to like, much as I have. Just don't go in expecting perfection.
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Not terrible but no longer as strong as it could be
Very few horror franchises have been able to balance dark humor into their grizzly pictures. Of the most memorable, Freddy Krueger and Chucky were the main two to do it. Out of these two, Krueger was changed over time because producers realized how quotable Krueger had become with his one-liners. Chucky had somewhat of the same knack but creator Don Mancini had been apart of each production every step of the way. As much as a failure Child's Play 3 (1991) was critically and financially to most viewers, Bride of Chucky (1998) spun that table around with a divisive decision to make itself a self-aware horror comedy. Whether it was wanted or not, Don Mancini's choice to do that was rather ingenious. It was a ridiculous concept that fit a ridiculous horror icon in a good way. Chucky was still Chucky, except this time his wisecracks were funnier. This also didn't mean sacrificing story over comedy. So obviously with a better reception Mancini would continue in that direction for this entry. Problem is he took it a little too far.

Don Mancini takes full control of the production this time as writer and director. In some ways, this is a blessing and a curse. If you know how to do both really well then you're set. But if you don't, both tasks can be grueling. For Mancini, it seems like being writer/director was no problem. The issue was that he took the concept from the last film and cranked it up too much. Picking up somewhere after Bride of Chucky (1998), viewers are introduced to the offspring (Billy Boyd) of Jenn and Chucky. Wanting to find his parents, he travels to Hollywood to find his them on a studio set getting ready for a movie. The movie stars actress Jennifer Tilly. After bringing Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Jenn (Jennifer Tilly) to life, they decide that all three of them need to acquire new bodies. The people in mind were Jennifer Tilly, and a director named Redman (Redman). But to help their child, Chucky and Jenn need to inseminate Jennifer Tilly. All the while, their son is having trouble figuring out whether he's meant to hurt people or not.

Unfortunately that said, much of the writing here is incomplete. Right from the start there's a big question as to how Jenn and Chucky became movie celebrities. For the past four films all their murders were unconfirmed. Plus from Bride of Chucky (1998), who recovered Chucky and Jenn's bodies? If not, who made new ones? The continuity and explanations toward these questions remain unanswered. The story is meta now and no longer self-aware. Meta can be funny but here it gets too silly. For Bride of Chucky (1998), it was comedic to give a wink and nod but to fully make it obvious to the viewer that Redman and Britney Spears were in the same universe. Also having Jennifer Tilly play along side herself is odd too. Viewers really need to suspend their disbelief that the Jennifer Tilly from Bride of Chucky (1998) is a different person from that of here. Making that clear, the comedy is a hit and miss. There are a number of scenes that are funny and others not so much. Also Chucky and Jenn's son has an underdeveloped arc.

Also character motivations randomly flip throughout the story. This doesn't mix well because it feels out of character in some cases. But even with all these problems, the film proves that it isn't terrible. All the visual and audible aspects to the film work tremendously too its advantage. All actors from Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Billy Boyd, Redman and Hannah Spearritt all act passably. Of the bunch Dourif and Tilly are the best. Brad Dourif still knows how to get the best laugh. Jennifer Tilly still knows how to sound sultry, even through a doll. Billy Boyd is best known for playing Pippin from The Lord of the Rings franchise and Hannah Spearritt is from the S Club series. Boyd as the child of Chucky and Jenn plays it up on both sides. Sometimes Boyd plays it soft spoken while other times he can be deranged and unstable. The practical/special effects look great, especially the doll effects. The facial movements look legitimate and lifelike; it's impressive.

The gore is also handled well. Very little of the violence is CGI and that's good because it's more believable. Since the concept has spiked in it's ridiculousness, the violence has done so too, which is fine. The cinematography by Vernon Layton is acceptable as well. Best known for working on Under Suspicion (1991), High School High (1996) and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998), Layton shows he can shoot a scene with a good-looking perspective. The music by Italian composer Pino Donaggio is another interesting pick. Donaggio's composition to this entry switches between synths and regular orchestra. The synth cues are more drawn out, while the orchestra sections involve the usual horror strings. There's also a main theme for this entry, which is nice. However the franchise should stick with one and call it a day. Donaggio's also known for his music to Piranha (1978), Carrie (1976), Tourist Trap (1979), The Howling (1981) and Body Double (1984). It's the weakest of the series but still not awful.

The writing unfortunately is quite messy in its storytelling even though writer/director Don Mancini knew what he had in mind. The music, cinematography, effects and actors all do their job respectively. It's just that they're restricted by a confusing entry.
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The worst 'Chucky' thus far
Leofwine_draca11 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well I've seen plenty of bad movies in my time, but this HAS to be one of the worst. While the previous film BRIDE OF CHCUKY was a ho-hum entry in the long-running CHILD'S PLAY series, SEED OF CHCUKY decides to do away with the horror entirely, becoming a self-referential post-modern spoof of the series itself – or maybe it's just rubbish. It comes across as a silly, plot less piece of drivel, with lots of different sub-plots, none of which make much sense. Don Marcini, who wrote the previous four films in the series, decided to have a go directing and he makes a right pig's ear of it. This is never anything but cheesy, stupid rubbish, the stuff a five-year-old could do better.

Saying that, it's surprising the amount of talent they've got in front of the cameras. Brad Dourif once again found himself unable to say no, so he supplies Chucky's foul-mouthed voice. Jennifer Tilly returns from the last film, and she's by far the best thing in this one: sexy, funny, and more than willing to laugh at herself. Tilly earns the rating a whole extra star, she's that good. The new addition to the cast is Billy Boyd, playing Chucky's offspring as a gender-confused youngster. I'm not sure what the heck Boyd's doing here, other than having a laugh, but I did kind of like him in this. There are lots of odd cameos as well, including Jason Flemyng playing Santa in the opening sequence. The oddest of them all is shock director John Waters, playing a sleazy photographer who meets his end in his own dark room in the film's gruesome highlight.

I won't even go into the stupid body-swapping storyline, involving people possessed by dolls, dolls possessed by people, artificial insemination (by doll), and family relationships. The jokes are resolutely bad, and even the dozens of references they throw in – from ED WOOD to THE SHINING and everything in between – can't sweeten the experience. There is some gore, but it looks cheap and rubbery for the most part, thrown in because it has to be rather than fitting into the story. Even if you're a fan of this particular franchise – although I can't see why you would be – I'd recommend giving this monstrosity a miss!
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Ridiculously funny
Carlos Perez Miquilarena31 August 2016
This is one of those films that are terribly ridiculous. Everything's so tongue-in-cheek and over the top, but, it is meant to be that way, I love films that are like this on purpose, films that just don't care about being serious; I don't know if all chucky films are like this because I've only seen two, and this is the only one I've seen more than once. Anyway, it is fun, glen/glenda is so cute and hilarious, Billy Boyd was the perfect choice for him, his accent makes glen so unique and funny, and I love to hear him talk; and is such a delight to watch the dolls', especially tiffany's and glen's facial expressions, it's just so funny. Jennifer tilly does a great job playing, well, herself, and it is beautifully shot, i don't know, everything's so colorful, it's hard to find a film that looks like this nowadays, they all look so bland these days; overall, ridiculous plot and situations, great production.
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Bad seed
Realrockerhalloween17 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Glen a doll for a sideshow act always wondered where he came from and how he got here.

When he sees a commercial for a new movie based on the legend of Chucky and Tiffany's murder sprees he sets off to Hollywood to find them.

This was more of a satire on the culture that exists in the east coast with a few body thrown in to keep appearances this is still a horror franchise.

When Glen takes a clue from Norman bates to kill in drag or when Chucky is quoting Brittany lyrics it's hit rock bottom.

Jennifer Tiffany spends most of her talents on acting fake and over the top like the rest of the picture. Still I give her props for taking all the jokes at her expense.

What amazes me is that it had all the ingredients to be another bride from special effects, good acting and gory deaths with an ensemble caste. It just forget suspense, scary and sexy imagery that helped make it a success.

I did find the ending a bit chilling as Tiffany finally got what she wanted to be a star and it was the only twist I never saw coming.

In the end I felt bad for Glenn who only wants acceptance from his parents and the ordeal Jennifer went through instead of horrified.

While I had many problems with this sequel I still prefer it over the third installment.

If you can borrow from a friend.
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In a word - terrible. In two words - extremely terrible.
Nitzan Havoc31 March 2016
Congratulations, Don Mancini. Until now, I have prided myself for never giving up on a film, for always giving stories and plots a fair chance, and for being able to find the minute positives even in films I did not completely enjoy. But Seed of Chucky has defeated me. I have managed to survive 33 minutes of it, and I've had enough. Please, please no more!

It appears those in charge of the Chucky project insist on digging their own professional graves deeper. After succumbing to Chucky's status as a joke, they have decided to capitalize on how bad everything about these projects is, and turn themselves into an ironic parody of everything they'd used to stand for. After stealing from slasher classics, Mancini now steals from Pinocchio (only his name is Glen, or her name, the doll is too gender-less and androgen in the same time, showing just how desperate for support the cast is...) Also, it appears the worst "Horror" film ever has decided to steal from the worst action film ever, and now actress Jennifer Tilly plays as herself playing Tiffany playing herself playing Tiffany playing whatever the heck that is... You deserve better, Tiffany. Much better.

I do not know how the story continues or ends, and I couldn't care less. Never in my life have I been exposed to such a terrible pile of cinematic rubbish. If you're a Chucky fan, of course you'll love this film. Then again, if you're a Horror fan, run before Mancini destroys all your appreciation for the genre. I've never before rated a film 1, but this film deserves a blunt 0. God, I hope none of you paid to watch this...
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The Seed is Planted.
Python Hyena14 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Seed of Chucky (2004): Dir: Don Mancini / Cast: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters / Voice: Brad Dourif: One of the better in the horror series about a possessed killer doll named Chucky. This time the plot centers around the offspring of Chucky and Tiffany who is named Glen who is peaceful. When he locates his parents he discovers their plans to kidnap actress Jennifer Tilly along with rapper director Redman in order to become human. Tiffany struggles in changing her ways for motherhood but Chucky prefers his murderous nature and even runs pop star Britney Spears off the road. Effective setup with detailed structure despite its preference for gore. Well directed by Don Mancini with a production that caters to the earlier films. Hilarious performance by Tilly playing herself and mocking her own career by allowing herself to give birth to killer dolls. Redman is amusing as a director whom Tilly attempts to seduce into casting her over Julia Roberts but he ends up being part of Chucky and Tiffany's screwed up ritual to become human. Hannah Spearritt plays Tilly's abused handler who is set in flames before her character really comes to life. John Waters steals scenes as a paparazzi who catches a glimpse of Chucky and suffers consequences. Chucky himself is voiced by Brad Dourif. Disgusting and pointless improvement at best. Score: 6 ½ / 10
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A step back for the franchise...
Paul Magne Haakonsen22 December 2015
"Seed of Chucky" isn't the strongest of the movies in the "Child's Play" franchise. Why? Well, because they tried a bit too hard to incorporate way too much comedy. Don't get me wrong here, it is still an adequate movie, and the other "Child's Play" movies also do have elements of humor in them, but it was just a bit too much in "Seed of Chucky".

As for the story in "Seed of Chucky", well I will say that it overall felt like the soup was a bit too thin, and they should have stopped the franchise a while back.

The acting in the movie was good, though, as it has been in the many previous "Child's Play" movies too. But there is no doubt about the fact that it was Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly who carried the movie all the way.

Director Don Mancini had cut down on killings in "Seed of Chucky" compared to the previous movies, and instead putting most of the focus on the dysfunctional relationship between Chucky, Tiffany and their odd son Glenn.

While it is still an entertaining movie, it was just lacking the elements of the early years in the franchise, and you can say that "Seed of Chucky" sort of is a light variant of the "Child's Play" movies. As such, I am rating it a mediocre five out of ten stars.
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Funny, entertaining enter in the series
GL8423 October 2015
Realizing the truth about his family heritage, a living doll reunites the pair of dolls like him only to find their murderous tendencies are still influencing their behavior and tries to keep them in line while finally trying to rid their doll-like state.

This is one of the better films in the series and really comes off nicely. The storyline here is one of its most appealing parts, which is pretty clever and new. It isn't a typical outline for a film's fourth sequel, and it serves as a double blessing by not following the norm and giving us a traditional film, and also by the different elements that can be added to the plot. Several of the story lines are quite good, as the main one here of wanting-to-get-off-murdering-others for their child's sake is nicely handled, and the weaning for killing delivers some of the movie's best scenes. The comedy is another really enjoyable aspect that has been added to it. This is probably the most out-right comedic movie of the series, and is pretty hilarious in most aspects of the film. The early bickering done between Chucky and Tiffany about family life is some truly great lines, and a later exchange gives some real gut-busters. Even other instances are pretty funny as it has its fair share of gags that are both really funny and pretty creative, from the situations presented here coming from living murderous dolls trying to teach their gender-confused son about their lifestyle and how to come to terms with one's self in life, the outrageous situations that pop up here requiring one-off murders of the photographer, the stage-hand and the publicist in particular graphic means and how they've finally come to terms with their condition as a whole that are not only truly funny in themselves because it's about killer dolls but also because there's a lot of funny material springing from these scenes. The only time we get suspense in the film is an impressive opening, and it is some really juicy stuff. The stalking and the extremely odd camera angles add to its effectiveness, and the pay-off to each of the sequences are nicely timed to get a great jump, while the final redemption battle in the hospital gets some nice fun in as well as delivering some solid gore which are provided elsewhere through this with some fine, brutal kills delivered here. These are good enough to hold this off from its one really defining flaw. By veering far off into the comedy angle, this has left the horror category completely. There is nothing here that would produce any sort of thrills beyond the opening scene, but after that there's nothing. The suspense is also gone, leaving us with no real chances to become scared at what is going on, as even though we really weren't supposed to, as it's still trying to be a horror film an attempt could've been made here with several of these scenes potentially being quite thrilling. The only other flaw is that the film is also tremendously cheesy, being packed to the brim with sleazy goodness from the characters to the actions and even set-ups reek of cheese, and that may be something which won't sit all that well with fans of the more serious original. Still, there's a lot more to like here that does help this one more than hurting it.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief doll and female Nudity and brief doll masturbation.
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The worst Child's play movie
jacobjohntaylor131 August 2015
This is the fifth Child's play movie and it is awful. The original Child's play is very scary. Child's play 2 is very scary. Child's play 3 is very scary. This is just awful. The fourth Child's play movie The bride of C.h.u.c.k.y is better movie and that was awful. The sixth Child's play movie The Cure of C.h.u.c.k.y is a better movie and that was very awful. This movie is not scary. It just vulgar and stupid. The story line is awful. The ending is awful. Do not wast your time and do not was your money. Do not see this awful movie. Brad D.o.u.r.i.f is a great actor. He wasted his talent being in this awful movie. Jennifer T.i.l.l.y is a great actress. She wasted her talent being in this awful movie. Billy Boyd is a great actor. He wasted his talent being in this awful movie.
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Terrible piece of digusting trash!
Davis P24 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This film is just nasty. It's not scary, funny, or even mildly entertaining. It's wayyy to gross, heartless, cruel, awkward, and poorly acted! I have absolutely no clue why Jennifer Tilly would agree to have any part of this garbage, maybe she lost a bet or they offered her a crap load of money. Jennifer has made some good movies, but this takes last place, hands down! The writing sucks, the acting is mediocre at best, it's wayyy to sexual, and most scenes are nasty. There are scenes that ARE way too gory. There are scenes that are just very cruel and too heartless, one scene chucky almost kills a newborn baby, and he misses and kills an innocent guy. Just the whole concept of this movie was and still is awful in every sense of the word! Oh my gosh this is one of the worst movies ever made. It qualifies for my list, for all those reasons I just laid out for you. 1/10. It deserves NOTHING more.
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66616 January 2015
Seed of Chucky For a pair of toy dolls, the hardest part of having sex is being able to copulate before both pull-strings retract. Miraculously, the pull-strings on the plush pair in this horror movie lasted long enough to inseminate. When Glen (Billy Boyd), the sedate son of psycho dolls Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), revives his parents from a supernatural slumber he unleashes their bloodlust on Hollywood. Glen's disappointment in his murderous parents' behaviour, however, causes them to promise their pacifist progeny that they won't kill again. But that promise won't stop them from possessing the bodies of actress Jennifer Tilly and director Redman. Meanwhile, Glen struggles with his sexuality. The fourth sequel to the original, this installment may be one of the weirdest yet. More laugh-fest than fright-fest, Seed of Chucky's meta mentality is confusing and devoid of authentic jolts. As for infertile toy doll couples, there's always Build-a-Bear. Red Light
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One of the worst movies I've ever seen
Ben Davis14 December 2014
This film is awful. Seriously this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Alright lets start listing the problems because I had a lot of them. OK, Chucky and Tiffany are back! And being nice to one another! Even though both of them ended up dead in the last movie and they spent the second half of that movie hating each other, but whatever! Who cares!? The screenwriters couldn't think of a reason so why should I? Anyway, they also have a trans-gender kid (I don't know why, just go with it) and somehow it managed to survive being stranded and alone for who knows how many years. This film is filled with stupid crap like that by the way. The story is about this kid trying to find Chucky and Tiffany and then it becomes the standard Child's Play story: find people to transport their bodies into. Boring, been there done that, but they managed to make it worse than the last four times they used it. I think it had something to do with the fact that at the end if the movie, Chucky decides to stay a doll! Really!? REALLY!? You just wasted so much of my time! I've watched five movies of him trying to become human again and this is what I get? It's disgusting and a terrible decision. There are even more problems if you can believe it, but this movie is making me sick to my stomach so I'm going to stop talking about it.
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