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Entertainment Weekly
One of the most revelatory rock portraits ever made.
If you've seen the Beatles documentary "Let It Be," you know what four men who are heartily sick of one another look like, and in 2001, Metallica had been recording twice as long as the Fab Four.
Chicago Tribune
A counterintuitive, riveting documentary so honest that it will either become a rock movie classic or a severe embarrassment for the heavy metal band.
The Hollywood Reporter
These are rich, aging men in a young man's game, and the discrepancy between image and reality, captured by the filmmakers, makes for engrossing material.
Chicago Sun-Times
Doesn't require you to know anything about the band Metallica or heavy metal music, but it supplies a lot of information about various kinds of monsters.
Don't let anyone spoil the surprises of this thrashing, thrilling chunk of cinematic gold. It's one for the time capsule.
A revelation: funny, fascinating and insightful.
Isn't about rock music or even the people who make it; it's about people, period, and the myriad ways they mangle themselves and each other.
New York Post
Metallica brought back the rights and funded the project, and it's their honesty and willingness to front the cameras, warts and all, that makes this well-edited, often very funny, documentary so compelling.
Baltimore Sun
You don't have to be a Metallica junkie to get this film.
New York Daily News
I'm no psychologist, but it took about half this film's overlong running time to figure out that Metallica's problem is that Ulrich is a major pain in the butt.

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