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Entertainment Weekly
One of the most revelatory rock portraits ever made.
The A.V. Club
It's a measure of the film's brilliance that it strips away the trappings of superstardom and allows audiences to see these men as flawed human beings first, musicians second, and rock gods a distant third.
You realize you are witnessing a psychodrama of novelistic intricacy and epic scope.
The Hollywood Reporter
These are rich, aging men in a young man's game, and the discrepancy between image and reality, captured by the filmmakers, makes for engrossing material.
What's most captivating about Monster is that the camera never looks away and Metallica never hides.
Pic itself is a long haul, at nearly 2½ hours; yet one needn't be a fan of Metallica or heavy metal to be engrossed throughout.
Film Threat
The result will stand as one of the most intense, in-depth, warts-and-all rockumentaries ever made.
The quartet appears to be mightily lacking in the brains and judgment departments, but at least it tries to do something about its failings, employing a traveling psychotherapist whose interventions and ruminations provide some of the film's most unwittingly amusing moments.
Village Voice
Much of Monster is just a two-and-a-half-hour puff piece about how "important" Metallica are and, worse, how much "integrity" they have.
Film Threat
Simply put this is a TWO HOUR AND 20 MINUTE long documentary that consists of nothing more than millionaire rock stars bitching, whining and complaining about their problems.

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