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Manly is as manly does?
Havan_IronOak14 April 2004
When young Paulie's father observes him hosting a pretend tea party in the back yard, he decides that it may be time for some manly father son activity.

What could be more manly than than the ancient sport of Ferreting? Get a ferret, have it flush rabbits out of their dens and then bash em! But as their project proceeds the father has qualms... Ferrets have very sharp teeth!

This very well made short is enjoyable to watch and is beautifully filmed in hi-definition but surprisingly doesn't have quite the same bite as Dignam's earlier works. This film is still certainly worth the watching but Dignam's earlier works, Dream Kitchen and Chicken are still my favorites.

I can't wait to see his next film.
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Over-familiar territory
russwong200320 August 2004
I found this film disappointing after the director's previous short, 'Chicken'. Dignam might be working his way around the animal kingdom, but his film-making has taken a step backwards. The story of childhood sexuality seems far too familiar - the kind of territory we've seen over and over again at gay film festivals. If I watch another film with a small boy dressing up in women's clothes and playing with girls' toys I am very likely to scream! The film-making style is also disappointingly pedestrian. The film is not helped by so-so performances all round. Granted, I hadn't seen a ferret before in a gay film, but I really had expected more than this. Barry Dignam, if you're reading this, please re-visit the style and sensitivity of 'Chicken' - that was a real winner.
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