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11 Feb. 2006
Chucky Choo
Chucky Choo, Dojo's old dragon buddy from his youth who has turned into his foe, shows up one day.Chucky immediately wins over the monks with his funny personality, but Dojo wants nothing to do with him.He sees Chucky as a flimflammer, a con artist, "matchstick" dragon.The young monks try to help Chucky and Dojo mend their strained friendship, but what they don't realize is that Chucky is on the run.It seems that he recently ripped off some evildoers selling them counterfeit SGW.
18 Feb. 2006
Wu Got the Power
The young monks must use their Wudai powers in order to master and absorb their Elemental SGW.Omi is so anxious to prove himself that he decides to learn not only his own Elemental SGW, but the others also.As a result, he "short-circuits," overloading himself with powers that he has no way of controlling.His energy force is so extreme that he becomes a menace to anyone near him and is forced to leave the Temple until the others can figure out how to bring him back to his old self.
25 Feb. 2006
Hannibal's Revenge
Evil in the world has grown so widespread, it's almost impossible to follow.Kimiko uses her ingenuity to come up with a way to monitor the various evil fronts by using the Mind Reader Conch.But in doing so, she accidentally allows Hannibal to learn Chase Young's one weakness.Master Fung worries that if one evil force dominates and takes over the others, it could grow too strong to ever stop.
6 May 2006
Time After Time: Part 1
Time is drawing near for Master Fung to determine which monk will be the leader.Master Fung assigns each a quest to complete.But part of the quest is for them to pick their own quests from which a leader will rise.Not to be outdone, Omi secretly takes on the greatest quest of all. He's going to use time travel to travel into the past and stop Hannibal before he can turn Chase to the dark side.

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