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1 Nov. 2003
The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Omi, a young Xiaolin Dragon-in-training, is joined at the Xiaolin Temple by three new students, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay. Initially, they don't get along at all. But when the ancient evil spirit Wuya is set loose after a thousand years of imprisonment...
8 Nov. 2003
Like a Rock!
Everyone doubts Clay's competence. But when Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo are trapped in a magic box, it's up to Clay to save the day, which he does in his own slow and steady style.
15 Nov. 2003
Tangled Web
To wield the latest Shen Gong Wu, the Tangle Web Comb, Kimiko must learn total focus. With her quick trigger temper, that's noteasy. Will Kimiko use the Tangle Web Comb to save the day and defeat the forces of evil?
22 Nov. 2003
Omi and the gang face off against Wuya's latest minion, Katnappe, who holds the Golden Tiger Claws that allow people to transport to wherever they choose. Unable to dominate his opponent, Omi has to change his strategy to defeat Katnappe.
29 Nov. 2003
Shen Yi Bu
When Raimundo loses the Sword of the Storm to Tubbimura, the usually carefree and callous boy must reexamine his methods.
6 Dec. 2003
Jack replaces Kimiko with his Chameleon-Bot, which can mimic anyone Jack chooses. The wicked duplicate steals all the gang's ShenGong Wu. Evil wins, and Jack and Wuya rule the world! Okay, it doesn't get that bad, but it gets close real close.

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